Shuabby, facing a bleak decision, and I need your guidance.

  • Hi Shuabby,

    You are one of the first few I approached and I would like to seek your help once more.

    What i had with B was indeed very promising. We were doing very well. But I didn't expect him to completely stop contacting me. He's put up walls all over again and even ignores me when I text him (which I hardly do now). I haven't interacted with him in 2 months...

    Wise dear, it's almost Christmas, and I've been crying... I cannot help it. I don't understand what happened, and why he pushed me away - and unfortunately I'm now in love with him. I wanted to be both his best mate and love. Should I initiate something - is he waiting for me to do so? Or is this lost cause and he's no longer interested?

    Even though it hurts, I know I am strong. There is a decision to be made... I just really need guidance now..

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