Please someone help!

  • I have a person who meet another online and since then things have started to go haywire(crazy), this guy has kept saying this girl he loves her etc but i am afriad he is only saying that and it isnt true and that he is playing mind gmaes on her and making her look like to be the bad person when in fact she actually has gone thru a breakup and needed a friend to help her thru a rough time and support which she thought he wsa giving but time has told a very different story which is that he has stalked her, hacked into her pc and spied on her without her knowledge until recently, made it hard for her to go out and meet other guys as every time she does its a setup from this guy and now has somehow alienated her from her family and friends and now hes demeanding her about what she is going to do about 'them' whilst also saying if she says or types anything that reveals what is actually going he will have her killed(he apparently knows people in the govt, lawyers etc) and can actually do this to her. Now from what I have observed about her she is getting over her ex and is continually harrassed by this guy whom has majority of ppl spying on her and watching her every move and really has no friend to rely on since he'knows ppl' and every time she does something not to his liking he'll go and hurt her deliberately to make her not do the same thing again. She loves this man alot and feels as though its meant to be and has done since they both met online and since them have been honest when she said she was going to have a one night stand as they have a long distance relationship and it so happened she told him she was going to do this so that he'd know exactly what she was doing and so she is honest with how she was feeling and he took that a step further and got his best friend to sleep with her to teach her a lesson and was she furious to say the least and there is a lot more to it and also he had said to her that he couldve met her that night and didnt just to see if she would or not and coz she did he has now turned around and is blaming her for what she has done when in the begining it was a not sure if they was in a relationship and that she could go and have one night stands jsut not that many and now since that night thigns havent been the same and he is now demanding to know what is going on between themselves and she replied come meet me here and there to which he never visits and this in turn has made her realise he was playing her heart all along and has decided to end it with him. I would like to know whether this lady must wait for this man or leave him? I am asking this coz she is waiting for him to make his mind up whether or not he will with her or if he is playing with her. She is serious and is wanting to know if he is as well, she receives many mixed messages from around concerning this, wants to know whether to wait or not? If this guy is for real or playing her?

  • This guy terrorises, sets her up with his friends, and threatens her - and your friend still loves him and wants him? Does she think abuse is love? She should run away as far as she can from him and set the police on him if he stalks her. It will not end well for her if she stays - I feel he will kill her one day.

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