Help with X Lover Spread

  • Hi I have been Using Tarot cards since I can remember but this evening have completed a reading using an X lover spread that I could use help with. The spread is as follows:

    1. Past History of the querents relationship

    2. Where the Querent is now

    3. Where the Querent ex is now

    4. What the querent really feels about getting back together

    5. What their ex really feels about getting back together

    6. What or who apposes what the querent wants

    7. Who or what can help the querent get what they want

    8. Something the quernet may not know about the situation

    9. Outcome

    Card Layout






    Cards Drawn

    1. The Empress

    2. The Star

    3. The World

    4. Knight of Swords

    5. The Hermit

    6. The Lovers

    7. Wheel of Fortune

    8. 6 Cups

    9. The Fool

    I have never seen so many Major Arcana in one reading and all help would be appreciated.

  • It appears as though your ex is in another relationship (and is happy). You are being advised to surrender, release, HEAL, and move on....

  • Sorry I forgot the card orientation

    1. Reversed

    2. Reversed

    3. Reversed

    4. Reversed

    5. Reversed

    6. Reversed

    7. Upright

    8. Reversed

    9. Reversed

  • Ah! Well, that changes things, but it still doesn't look like this is a good relationship for you. You might want to ask for a reading - having someone else pull the cards. Emotions can taint the cards in a way - your desires/intentions can come through.

  • Yeah I felt my emotions may be tainting although we are 9 weeks seperated after 12 years marriage so I thought I had given long enought to give a valid reading as knowing somebody to trust to do a reading is hard and was bought up old school where the cards had to touch the querent so virtual out of question. Thankyou for all your help you have my upmost appreciation

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