Some advice needed about a Virgo man.....

  • Ok, so first off, hello everyone who is reading this. This is my first post on here and some advice is greatly appreciated about some recent events involving a Virgo man I have met. Let me start from the beginning. (Apologies that it is long, but the more detail, the better)

    We used to go to the same gym, and I noticed him straight away from across the way, subtly looking at me, and lets face it, I was guilty of the same thing- something about him intrigued me and he's incredibly good looking.

    Anyway, it got to the point, where I passed him filling up my water bottle and as its a very tiny gym, I decided to strike up a conversation with him, and introduce myself, I mentioned about his tattoo's, (as i have quite a few visible tattoo's myself) despite his appearance which seemed intimidating before we got chatting ( he is 6'2, amazing physique,shaved head) we had a great little chat and he was subtly flirting with me. Being a Libra, and an exact replica of my sign, It's part of my nature to smile a lot when talking to people and some have mentioned it may look as if i'm flirting, when i'm not.... (I'll admit, I stand out a fair bit in places, as I have many visible tattoos and long dreadlocks, always a great convo starter)

    Anyway, I let him get on with starting his work out and was pleased with myself for making a move like that, as it's not me at all to try and catch a guy's attention in such a obvious way, especially somewhere like the gym. So for the next week or so, having a good grasp on the fact that I now knew his name (jason) and that he was in training for something (although i hadn't yet asked) I also knew his routine in the gym, simply because, as I say, its a tiny gym and i knew what times h came in etc. At this point in time, I was about to be made redundant from my job within the building the gym is located, long story short, the gym is free and only available to those employed in the building (strange, I know) so, I had a week left before I could no longer use it, meaning, i only had a week to find out if he was single and to go from there.

    Over the next week or so, I made a point (which is definitely out of character for me) of heading to the gym earlier, so as I was warming down AFTER my workout, he would be just coming in, giving him the chance to get changed and have a chat, before he started his workout (subtle much?) hah. I can honestly tell you, i've never gone through so much effort, to get a guys attention.. I would be warming down in an area where I could make it obvious I was busy, but still found a moment to speak with him when he came through that door, and little things I noticed about his behavior, told me that he was interested in me, and also waiting for the chance when I wasn't busy to chat back.

    My second to last day at the gym, I was warming down as usual, I noticed that he had changed into his work out gear (of course) and coincidentally, sat down on the floor on the other side of the room, to tie up his shoes, facing me. This is an area that you can still see the other side of the room, and since there are mirrors everywhere, I noticed him taking his time tying his laces, and his position was angled, so he was directly in my eye line if I turned to my right.

    He usually started off on weights, which was on the side of the room he was tying his laces in, but he made his way over to me and struck up a longer conversation that lasted 30mins. Oblivious to the fact he was eating up his workout time, not that I was complaining. The day before, I had very casually asked him what he was in training for (he does cage fighting) I wanted to ask if he was single, without making a dick of myself, especially as it got fairly busy in the gym that day... so i said " Doesn't your girlfriend or wife mind that you partake in such a dangerous sport"? His cue to either say, i'm married etc..... His reaction? He looked away from me, while putting his weight gloves on, and hesitated, before saying, " She doesn't mind, we have an understanding.." and left it at that.

    Of course, I didn't let on that i was extremely bummed he indicated he was involved with someone, and continued the rest of the conversation, before going off to get changed.

    A lot of my friends had been hearing about the little back and forth's between me and jason, and were eager to know what the result was, the easiest way I could sum it was, was by saying, "He's married" I shrugged it off, thinking, oh well, he was just a lovely, interesting guy I just met, no real loss.

    Cue to the following day, after our longest convo to date, I could tell something had changed..... he came very close to me as we chatted and said to me " I've been meaning to ask for a while now... is it real? (Referring to my dreadlocks) I said yes, and gave him the invitation to touch them if he liked (fascinating to a lot of people) we chatted some more and talked about the magazine i'm editor of... as I was wrapping up the conversation and heading towards the changing rooms, he asked for my email address...

    At the front desk, I'm writing my address on some paper for him after getting changed. He's standing pretty much next to me while i'm doing this, chatting to the personal trainer about going out and having a few drinks, and I notice that what Jason says, are things that sounds like he's trying to impress me, because I was standing right there (Something I noticed a few times in passing him talking to other guys in the gym, when I made it obvious I was walking past him)

    I also noticed (because we women aren't as oblivious to everything, like some men think) that he was definitely checking me out as I was writing my details, and smiling to himself (maybe because I was dressed to start work, make up etc) when, every other time, we've chatted, im in gym gear, no make up, sweating like a pig)

    Gave him the paper and casually said to both him and the trainer "see you guys both tomorrow" walking out the door.

    Didn't expect to hear from him for a couple of weeks, but that night get a casual email from him, simply saying, 'Now you have one of my many email addresses- hope you find another job again soon, see you soon. Jason.

    We emailed back a forth a few times, and he casually said that we should catch up for a beer or something sometime. We didn't make plans, I simply replied back, sounds good.

    Shortly after, he gave me his number and there was a flirtatious vibe to the next couple of messages... but nothing straight out sexual... if anything it was just some slight suggestive innuendo.

    Our texts back and forth since have been intriguing, but also, fustrating. I found out he is 37, which surprised me as he looks only 30, but then again, he takes care of himself tremendously. He wasn't suprised to find I am 25 years old, as he said 'he put me at around that age'

    I of course, wanted to starting knowing more about him, but it seemed every question I asked, he was VERY vague, or changed the topic, or didn't respond. I first of all wanted to clarify, if he was in fact single, i asked him STRAIGHT OUT in a text and I got no response, so I let him be.

    Another week on, I still have no clue as to what his real maritial status is, because he is extremely private. in fact, he told me straight out he doesn't give much away, but i did get out of him that he is a virgo ( he simply said, he has been waiting for me to ask what sign he was) confusing?

    I'm very very curious about him, but at the same time cautious because he is a virgo, and its very much one sided sometimes when asking him something... his response will be flirtatious, with no particular topic, and most of the time it seems as if he's disinterested....

    Anyway, cue the week i wanted to have a catch up and get to know him more, I happend to be fighting off a typical cold, and we sort of decided on a day and time, but he said he will only 'catch up, if you're completely better" which suddenly struck me as pretentious, but I wasn't offended, just assured him, I was feeling well enough to meet up (or I would have waited if i hadn't been)

    Now this is the confusing/curious part- He texts me yesterday saying, lets meet outside blah blah at such time in town. So, i'm nervous going to meet him there, because its xmas next week, mad rushing crowds. crazy. and we kind of have a time limit on this catch up because he is on his lunch break. so i spot him, and i'm kind of suprised he's talking to this woman, who looks around my age as i rock up and stand next to him. He spots me and says hello and I say hello to the mystery woman standing there also. She can see we're about to go somewhere, so she says bye to him and walks off. Straightaway, he's either nervous or anxious, or stressed, maybe all three, because we head to a local cafe for a coffee and it just seems all rushed, like it was bad timing or something. we're chatting over coffee, and its fine, we get along great, there some slight flirtatious banter happening between us, but he talks about himself THE WHOLE TIME. I think he asked me maybe two questions and nearly everything he said, he seemed to be trying to impress me.. I didn't really mind, I held my own, was relaxed, just myself, but i'm observant to it.

    20 mins goes by and suddenly he jumps up and say he's got to get back to work, he seems nervous again and i walk with him in the same directions. Busy as street, smack bang in the middle of the street,and I say my thanks and im heading off to this store, to my right. he says ok, and comes at me to give me a hug and something I wasn't expecting, a kiss on the cheek, 2 seconds later, he's gone. He seemed really edgy because of all the people around us.

    Since then, I've casually texted him, but i'm really wanting to see him again. I don't know how to take how our meeting went. He's very vague in his texts and when i said, let me know if you want to catch up again soon, he simply said ' Meh:P' but then went on to say, if there hadn't been so many people about, i might have been luckier' (meaning the kiss on the cheek) wtf?!

    I'm really intreiged, but dont know how to react to him- is he interested in me or what? I asked him later today that I was going to be out and about in his neck of the woods at a gig tonight, and he should give me a text if he's about, but i made it clear that if i dont hear from him, its no biggie. five hours later, still no reply. he seems to be just extremely vague, not answering any questions and acting cold and disinterested to texting me when he feels like it. I'M CONFUSED!

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