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    Im wanting to learn and understand how numbers work and their meanings.


  • The heart and soul of Numerology lies within the that means of Numbers. the fundamental cycle of numbers in Numerology repeats the sequence of one through nine, there's no zero, and every variety has its own effects on your life.

    However there are special cases during which eleven, 22, thirty three and forty four come back up. These are known as Master Numbers and have a wild result in each positive and negative ways in which.

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  • Numerology 1 is commonly said to symbolize aggressive life methods and of a yang selection. folks within the one class are typically born leaders, freelance, bold and really driven. Negatives to observe out for embody being self-centeredness, egotism and a demanding temperament. Political leadership and head positions are typically sensible career decisions.

    Numerology variety 2 is claimed to be a peacekeeper temperament and of the yin selection. Optimism, sensitivity, honesty and balance are variety 2’s strongest traits. they will typically see all viewpoints in things. Negatives to watch out for embody over-sensitivity, simply hurt feelings, shyness and also the concern to talk his/her mind. the most effective career methods sometimes carries with it counseling, teaching or any field in client relations.

    Numerology variety 3’s life path includes a lot of communication and self-expression. Generosities, moreover because the tendency to measure within the moment, and extreme optimism are common in 3’s. They typically have charismatic personalities and create folks feel terribly comfy around them. Professions fairly often embody writers, musicians and artists. watch out for procrastination and a scarcity of direction in life.

    Numerology variety 4 is commonly thought of with creation in mind, as these folks are terribly arduous employees. Terms used to explain this life path embody determined, practical, all the way down to earth, organized, loyal and honest. watch out for unhealthy traits like stubbornness, and turning folks off by being overly blunt. Careers are in hardworking fields like scientists, mathematicians, or in business.

    Numerology variety 5 is commonly related to action, progress, spontaneity and journey. folks during this class place a high worth on their freedom. Jobs requiring travel or modification are an honest match, though most jobs are compatible with 5’s since they're terribly versatile and self-reliant. be careful for restlessness which will get overwhelming if you are feeling tied down, moreover as a scarcity of direction.

  • Numerology variety 6 finds folks jam-packed with real compassion and caring. they're typically thought of as charitable, happy and understanding. A life full of home and family is needed for real happiness. robust parenting instincts are common. Careers in teaching and also the fields of care giving (doctors and nurses) ought to be sought. watch out for judging others harshly, turning into self-righteous, meddling or turning into an enabler for somebody else.

    Numerology variety 7 life methods are typically thought of as truth seeking, wise, and dignified. These folks tend to love the quiet life and sometimes take into account themselves to be perfectionists. they're typically terribly religious and get careers in science or investments. take care to not enable yourself to become too isolated, overly eccentric or too important of others.

    Numerology variety 8 is commonly thought of as a robust and authoritative variety. These folks are self-confident and are sometimes sensible judges of character. Leadership skills plus broad visions sometimes result in material success. Ideal career methods embody business, politics, and realty. watch out for turning into a workaholic and living on top of your suggests that. Not showing enough affection to your loved ones may also be a vicinity of concern.

    Numerology variety 9 is related to humanitarians. those who are 9’s are compassionate, idealistic, creative, and understanding. several create it their goal to form the globe a stronger place. an inventive aptitude is also prevalent during this class. Career choices are several together with teacher, minister, artist and even presumably a healer. watch out for over extending yourself, losing focus, and turning into bitter. If 9’s don’t pursue their goals for the bettering of mankind, they will feel an extreme level of unhappiness.

    This is simply scratching the surface of true numerology variety meanings. to be told a lot of regarding numerology numbers, moreover because the master numbers, get a free personal reading today!

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    Am i right in thinking, to work your own personal number, you have to break down your birthrate?

  • I love numerology too and no to get your personal number you simply have to add your birthday up into one number, unless it is a master number like 11 or 22. For example 07/09/1994=7+9+1+9+9+4=39



    So this person have a personal number of 3. I hope that helped.

  • Thank you 072089

    I guessed that how you did it, so i am a 3, sounds about right.

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