Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman - Good Match?

  • Hi all - I always get great advice here...So I am back. I often read that Cancer and Scorpio are a great match. In October, I was introduced to a great Scorpio man through a dear couple that are close friends, and that I love and trust inherently. They have known this man for about a year. I am very much a crab - I feel and bond with everything, but keep my shell in place out of fear, most often. This Scorpio guy has a little baggage - He's moved to my area about a year ago to work a new job and get a new start on life. He has a large family and all his childhood friends back home, about an hour and a half away. He also has a daughter there, whom he adores and shares custody of. When he is here near me, we spend a lot of time together. We have fabulous conversations, see eye to eye on many things, and I feel like we've really gotten close. Once I feel comfortable with someone, I want them to know it, and I do many things to show I care. I may not always SAY how much I care until I feel it's safe, but my actions will always show it. There is a definite passion between us. With him, it's like trying to open up a rusty can. He has moments of sheer vulnerability where he will offer up any information and feelings/emotions - but just like "that", they are gone. He's told me how special I am to him, how he can't wait to see me at the end of a hard day, and he's high affectionate (not in a sexual way, just affection) He appears to be a little moody, but never mean, just quiet some days and I can te he's mung something over in his head. Like I said, he's travelled a rough path in recent years - seeing his best friend die in a car accident, having major reconstructive surgery himself after the same accident, and battling emotional demons and a little substance abuse afterward.

    He has expressed to our mutual friends(but not directly to me) how very much he cares for me, how I came into his life at the perfect time, and that he is SO afraid of screwing things up with me. He's gotten teary eyed when talking about me to them, and as I said, he has moments of greatness, where I truly feel like we were meant to be. I haven't laughed with someone like that in years. And there's also the smoldering physical attraction (which has not developed into sex at this point)

    When he goes back home to spend the weekend with his daughter and to rehab a house he purchased, I rarely, if ever, hear from him all weekend. We do text a lot when he's here in my area, and we see each other almost every night. He is only gone for the weekend and he IS with his daughter. I know for a fact that there isn't another woman back in his hometown. What I don't understand is the silence from him. I know he still suffers a little depression, and I know that he keeps himself busy with friends and family when he is back there, but I can't help but wish he'd say SOMETHING to me during these weekends. I want to share everything with him - and I feel that he should want to do the same - am I wrong in that expectation? The cell coverage isn't always the best there, and he doesn't even respond to our mutual friends when he's there. Is this mystery and silence part of being a Scorpio? It's like he's only letting me in a little at a time. Is this a game to him? It's like when he returns to his hometown, he shuts down to us down here. I've mentioned it to him before, and he has told me that he always thinks of me, that he feels like I"m always there with him, yet he's usually crazy busy and occupied with his daughter, work and family when he's there. Am I just being silly, or is this nagging doubt something to consider?

    Thanks so much for your thoughts!

  • Bearyloving 76

    You are a smart intutitive woman and the inner questions you have about this man are ones in which should be answered before entering into a deep relationship with him. He has a past that he does not want to share. He does as you said come with baggage. You are wise to be his friend first and learn if you can cope with his moods and daughter in which you have not met yet.

    We meet people to learn from them. I feel that he should contact you when he is with his daughter , yet he does not. My 6th sense tells me that you need to keep your options open and not build a foundation with him at this time. I know all of the feelings you have tell you to try to make him a marrigae partner. It is possible if you are willing to first give up a lot of yourself to him, in which I don't feel you are at all ready to do.

    I do feel that there is a man that has light hair and eyes coming in around you over the holiday being introduced by friends in a social way. Please keep your antenna up and use your psychic radar to read his signals which may be more inviting and interesting than you could ever imagine in a good way.


  • Thank you Shuabby! For fear of being more wordy that I already was in my post, I didn't give all the details. My Scorpio's daughter is coming to his house for a week at Christmas, at which time we'd planned to take her sight seeing, spend time with her together, etc. He has also invited me to come to his hometown with him twice, once about a month ago, and once in the future, after Christmas. I couldn't go the first time. I'm hoping to go the second time. The other times he's gone back he's been working on remodeling the house he bought to rehab and sel, it wouldn't be any fun for me to go with. He has told me many little things about his past - and we've only known each other for 2 months. there's a lot on his plate and I'm sure he doesn't want to unload it all - being a secretive Scorpio maybe? Or doesn't want to scare me away with every detail the dark periods of his life? When he does let me in, it's seems to be a relief for him. I don't know. I feel we definitely connected, we have a great time together, and I feel that the timing was right for us to MEET - not necessarily pursue a relationship right now. I just have to wonder why it's so easy for him to be so quiet, not even a text, for days at a time? Do Scorpios hide when confused or confronted with big struggles/feelings, in order to process?

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