What lies ahead?

  • Hi i was just wondering if anyone could help me with a situation I'm in. a few months ago something happened with a taurus friend of mine, that has resulted in him being in prison and facing a long spell inside, with me being the one that has got the charges, although the crime wasn't against me persay but someone in my family. Im getting hassled by his family and friends to drop the charges, and as much as I hate knowing where he is and why I know he belongs there and should remain because he needs to be there.. but I can't seem to change how i feel about him. and what will happen to the leo guy im with as hes his friend?? x

  • What has the Leo man said to you regarding his friend in jail? Does he think he is innocent?

  • He hasn't said anything at all really. Understandably he was in shock, the same as I, but I haven't really heard from him since. The few times I have spoken to him he was more interested in his friend. I'm just being stupid anyway, I knew leo never liked me in that way, I was just a play thing. Its just a shame its taken 3 years and something bad to happen for me to realise that. from what I think I know hes already moved on! men, ay! x

  • Yes, other people will come and go in your life - that's why you have to be the best friend to yourself, because you are always with you.

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