Would Like A Reading

  • Hi All,

    I seem to be a crossroads with many things in my life right now and would like a reading. I don't know if I have to ask a specific question but I would like to know about love, my current financial situation and will I finally be able to do what I'm passionate about as a real career.

    I have met someone I feel I share a deep connection with. I am about do something that I have putting off for a very long to free myself of tremendous financial burdens. And I am at my wit's end working jobs that have no fulfillment. I feel a little lost on all three subjects.

    Thanks in advance.

  • ok- both of you can join me on my blog and I can help you there- if you like.

    see the details under the topic free reading. Of course unless you want to wait here for someone else to help you.

  • Hello...I would very much like a reading. I am in a very difficult time in my marriage.


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