Help with a taurus man

  • I want some advice i think i've pushed my bull away because i can be very persistent but i don't understand him!!!!He wants to work things out but as usual theres an excuse every weekend for not seeing eachother. I feel like giving up! but my sister reads cards and said he is a good man he is just very angry at me. She said he does love me but i guess i have pissed him off that he doesnt want to see me!!! how in the heck are we supposed to work it out if we hardly see eachother and now he ignores my tex!!! I keep thinking maybe he has found someone else and if that is the case then i would like him to come clean but he swears nope he hasnt and my sister said no he hasnt that it's all in my head and that i need to treat him good or i will lose him. What do i do in the mean time just stop texing and leave him alone??? HELP PLEASE AND CAN SOMEONE PLEASE DO MY READING AND JUST TO BE SURE TO KNOW IF HE REALLY DOES STILL LOVE ME AND WANT ME OR DID HE FIND SOMEONE ELSE SO I CAN MOVE ON!!!!! THANKS

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