Dear Blmoon

  • Hey Blmoon, i hope that you are doing well, its been a long time since we last spoke.

    but in the mists of things im still hunting for a job, when i dont get distracted from that, i have a new relationship at the moment, im not sure what to make of it yet, but i hope its good. I gave up on the idea of talking with alyson, before when i last discussed it with you. Recent, events let to the fact that our family are not friends with hers anymore, involving recent conflicts, between sorting out her daughter, well my mum trying to help her daughter. Anyway its a long story and rather not go into that right now. I would love to know what you make of things for me at the moment, as for the job thing, im in volunteering work, when i can be in a charity for the time being, but still looking for nursery jobs with children. Im even thinking of volunteering for that If i have too.

    My health is on and off, i went to the doctors to get some blood tests before, they said thyroid problems, and is on borderline, so no need for tablets. just to keep an eye on it. But didn't recommend me to anything else. I still have occasional dizziness, and light headedness. on and off. Which i cant seem to shake, but trying to ignore it. Id rather not take tablets anyway's as they make me feel sick. or worse more often. I just was hoping if you could perhaps give a reading, or lend some advice. not sure where i am spiritually yet, but its slow going so, ill just go slowly for now. Thanks again Blmoon. I hope you can help me some. Also forgot to mention still been getting strange dreams too, most nights. i get a lot and they take a lot of energy from me too.

    Love and Light

    Bee/lLotus xx

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