What will the outcome bring......

  • im dating this new guy,seems very charming but the thing is-is that he lives with his kids and baby mother.He tells me they are not together and she will be moving some time in the spring.i mean i want to believe him and he does help me with me and my kids but im just not sure how this thing between us will work out.i like him and we have not yet to sleep with each other,i just want to know if anyone can see if i should take my chances with him or just play safe....please help me ....he's a virgo and im a cancer he is 42 yrs old and im 30yrs old..if that helps.

  • Best advice from one woman to another.. run from this one.. seriously.. run and do not look back.

    Never wait for any man especially if he is living with the woman, you have "cheater" written all over that one.

  • sooo funny I was thinking the same thing and i have mention this to him but he just does'nt seem to give up and i do need the help but im not willing to give anything in return.There are people that can be in these shoes and really not have nothing with the other person, but im just one that cant get comfortable with someone in those shoes.if anyone else care's to comment on this topic please do so,the more information i get will help me decide what will be my best choice for me.

  • I want to know if anyone out there was ever in these shoes, if so tell it here i would love to hear your story

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