Feb. 17....

  • As some may know, I just got out of a relationship with a Gemini that went sore fast and ended with what I call my 'digging myself out of the pits of hell' phase. (Pretty dramatic description but I like it!)

    So at the moment, I only want to DATE! DATE! So I revamped my online dating profile and been talking to many men, non that I have actually met yet. But one guy goes out of his way to chat because he is outside my dating location range but low and behold, lives near my beach property. How nice! To have a male friend when I go to the beach.

    We talk for a few days, text ect and he is making plans for me to come see him New Years Eve. When common sense kicked in and I told him that there is no way I am coming to his house, he basically got a serious attitude. Then he shifted and said fine, just friends, call me when you want to hang out (said with sarcasim). With in half a day he was sending nasty texts that I was a disappointment, posted stupid crap on my facebook wall which I deleted anyways, ect.

    Now I wonder if I have to worry about this man continuing with this behaviour??? Is this typical for someone born Feb. 17???

    BTW, I am born on May 15, 71.

  • It's typical of meeting people and "dating" online.

  • Really? I can't say that is typical of what I have come across in the many years of off and on online dating. I have actually met some very nice men, just none that were 'it'. This is the first time someone got so intense over a few phone chats in 2 days.

  • You've been lucky! The online world of dating can be tricky. A lot of times, you are only getting to "see" one side of the person - or just what they want you to see or think about them. Things get hidden and other things are fabricated. Other times, it will attract people such as this Feb. 17 man who may only be out to connect in one way - and not the way you are looking to connect. It's pretty easy to sniff out these ones as they do exactly what you just experienced - move way too fast. Unfortunately, a lot of women fall for it because the men tell them what they know they want to hear - woo them. I'm not saying that people should not use the online dating as a way to meet people - just that we all still need to keep our wits about us and not do things we would not do if we were face to face. Do you have any idea how many women would have accepted this man's offer and gone to stay with him?! My point to you was that it wasn't about his Sun sign or birth date -- it's just an example of what you might attract when meeting men in this manner.

  • That is very true. I do not mind moving fast as far as meeting in person but surely not at someone's home! I prefer to meet face to face quickly as that is the only way to get a true vibe on another person.

    Online dating is tricky. For sure.

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