Cancer woman and Aries male ??? Do I let him rescue me or hide in my shell ??

  • I have been divorced for a year now and have dated, but not seriously. I met a guy through a dating service and we seem to hit it off. I am wondering if he might not be to emotionally needy/clingy or if he is just lonely, or perharps knows what he is looking for )as he has had to have girlfriends that have not worked out in a short amount of time) and has found it in me ?? ( not holding my breath though). He often states that he misses me about 15 minutes after we have left each other, he lives two hours aways and drives to my town to see me. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on what to look out for? My dob 06/25/1971 his 03/21/1962.

    I told him right off I am not heart broken that my marriage ended and that I am perfectly fine being alone, being in a relationship is by choice for me not a necessity. I hear Aries like to swoop and and rescue laides, but I can see my stubborn streak about doing things on my own might cause a problem. Do I let him rescue me or hide in my shell??

  • From my experience with Aries men, they prefer to chase.. The more you remain obstinate, the more they will enjoy the thrill of this chase.

    So, Cancergirlfromtheheart...

    This looks like a Catch22!

    My advice-

    Wait to see if his intentions are genuine. They tend to lose interest once the chase is over. They're impulsive. So ignore the overwhleming interest they have to you initially. From what I know about Aries, they're drawn to individuals who are attractive, strong and intelligent. But they're also drawn to a little mystery. Someone who offers them a challenge. They need to be challenged constantly. The see life as one big adventure.

    "Do I let him rescue me or hide in my shell?? " (Posted by the OP)

    Only you can answer that question.

    Are you currently in a place in your life right now where you want to be rescued and be adventurous? If so, an Aries man is for you.

    I'm a Taurus, so I may find them to be a 'bit much' for me. LOL!

  • Thanks TaurusFemmeFatale,

    I sense he is more interested when I do not make myself available everytime he wants to see me, this is interesting, hmm. I do wonder what will happen if we were able to spend more time together regularly. I did some research and found he is on a cusp of Pisces/Aries, not sure if this is a good thing or not. Adventure would be great, but seriously do not think I need rescuing, lol. Thanks again for the advise because I was overwhelmed at first with constant texting and I miss you's.

    Happy Holidays !!!

  • Do not make your self a damsel in distress.. he will just play then get bored and move on.

    Give him something to work fore.. yes we love chase, play a little game .. but just be who you are deep down.. Aries just like fight to get what want, and you have be sure of his intentions too .

    Just dont give everything about you away straight away, give a bit of mystery about you.. he will keep interested.. ignoring him will work too.


  • Thanks Scully,

    I am trying to keep my head on straight with this one and my heart in line, just feel weary that he is into me as much as he is already..... making me wonder what his intentions are like you and Taurus have said. Makes me feel better that I should be cautious about not letting him in too fast or letting him know what I am doing 24/7 lol

    Thank you both


  • Oh could either of you give me any ideas on what to look for to tell if he is genuinely interested in an "us" or just someone to do things with????

  • ooops sorry lol, and what do I do with the Piscese side of this man???

  • HHmmmmm, I got a heart necklace and beautiful pair of earrings from him for Christmas. I was not aware we were exchanging and feel like a heel because I did not get him anything.

  • Update*** I have ended this relationship as I was finding him not very supportive. This was an eye opener on first impressions and the saying leopard can't change their spots :((

  • how was he not supportive?

  • Well, for starters if I told him that I needed to spend time doing something with the kids he would get angry or try to make me feel guilty (or maybe I just did) by saying things like. "oh, I get it you don't want to see me." or he would make me feel really uneasy about spending time with my friends. I think I have a pretty good sense of humor, but some of his comments I just didn't find funny. I was straight off the hip when I told himI was going through some stressful financial issues and all he could do was tell me that I should have saved better. ????--- really, I wouldn't be in this mess, Buddy if I had. While, sorting through all of this I didn't return his texts within half an hour and got the ,"Are you ignoring me or giving me the silent treatment" ...... and yes, I told him I was really wanting to focus on what I was doing and I would text him the next day, and was met with, "Well, text me when you have time for me" ..... So, that's what I mean by not being supportive.

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