Bizarre Cancer Behavior and Disrespect

  • Hi All,

    Well I have tried to get insight on my situation to no avail.. I am new on this site... So here's my story.

    Got a new client in February 2007... This young Cancer Guy...and I got very very close over the next 12 months. He was in upper management. He pursued me throughout my time there. We fell deeply in love.... I knew it and he did too. We knew what each other was thinking without words being spoken. We could finish each other sentences... I knew stuff about him... I should not have known... I wrote it off to us being together in some former life...or separated twins.. or whatever... It was just too strange.

    A year later... I called his bluff which he had stated a number of times... that after we get through blah blah blah... We would talk about our relationship. He disrespected me.. by stating.. "I don't know where you are coming from" I walked and kicked him to the curb that day.

    A little more background... We have never been sexually intimate... however we have been verbally intimate in stating what was on our minds.... We have not kissed or even held hands... We just knew... that there was some cosmic magnet pulling us together... We went through all the intimacy cycles...without getting physical.

    Fast forward now 4 years later.... He has called me around his birthday every year since I left... He never leaves a message. I have Questioned this action... however got no response... I have kicked him to the curb... more times than I can count on two hands.... due to his bad/disrespectful behaviour. I had not spoken to him since March 2008 which was business stuff.... However I have sent him e-mails in response to BS calls he has made to me... Yes he heard my Leo ROAR loud and clear. I have been very open with him... in my communications... Some loving and some NOT so loving...Direct and to the point.

    I had not communicated with him in over 1.5 years... and had moved on with my life.... On Christmas day 2010 at 9:02 am... I received a TEXT... I don't do texting crap.... It came in from an unknown number... I just knew it was him... I let it go. I suspected he would try again on New Year's even though he had covered that the week before. Yup it came in around 11:00am. I still did not respond..but still knew it was him. The next day Jan 02/2011 I sent him a cryptic response which I knew he would remember... Hence I had him by the B@lls... so to speak. Yup it was him.

    This year we have had a number of chance encounters... which I refer to divine intervention.... He picked up the phone once after he received a text stating "Meow meow Purr" I know he is afraid of me... Most likely due to the intensity of our connection to each other.... We I have seen him.. we never talk about us... but he will tell me everything about what is going on in his life within less than 15 minutes. Yup his grandma just turn 93 lol.

    I have been patient, loving, pi$$ed at him at times.... but what I don't understand ... is why he even bothers to contact me... if he had not made a decision to move forward in the 1st place. It like he take 1 step forward.. and 100 steps backwards...

    I have always had the attitude of show no fear... and say whatever I really feel. He was already accustomed to my Leo Roar... since 2007.. hence he already knows.. that it is short lived...

    What to do with this Child in Man's clothing????

  • ChouChou

    I sense that he does have feelings for you and he NEEDS the truth that you tell him. That is why he keeps returning to you to gain more knowledge of what it takes to live life on a higher thought plane. You can continue to hang up or reject him or you can choose to make him your friend with no higher expectations than just that. You are a teacher for him, it is up to you if you take him on as a permanant student.

    Have A Wonderful Holiday Season


  • Captain... feel free to add you coments... to this... I find you to be very enlightning.

    I told him in July after his usual BS birthday calls... from obscure numbers... that I did not want to here from him unless he is prepared to come clean and have a real conversation.

    I have also told him over the please take it elsewhere.... ie.. get another women... I told him that at least twice this year... after he pi$$ed me off.. with his nonsence... Just saying...

    I really do not care which way this goes.... I just want him to make a decision and follow through with it accordingly....It is almost like he is fence sitting..or something. Don't know... I'm assuming... this at the moment... Since he can't seem to communicate his real feelings...

    BTW... this year.. he started leaving me with "Talk to you soon" The last time I saw him at the End of September... after he said this... I turned and asked him "Would you define Soon?" His response was Whoaaaaaaaaaa.... It can be. WTF.. I now refer to this as mental masterb@tion... all at my expense. Just saying.

  • Shuabby

    Yes... I know.... that ... our relationship in 2007 early 2008 was based on me propecting him at all cost... He learnt a lot from me during those 12 months... Our relationship is on record as being a magical one... I have never is all my years... had such an intense connection to anyone before.

    I sort of believe that he needs me somehow... in his live... To continue to protect him... I am much more thorough about legal document stuff... and being able to discuss with Lawyers, Accountants and Government Agencies... I know their lingo...

    All of that tho does not take away the fact that he actually drives me crazy..... lol.

    OK... Maybe I know what I need to do... because I surely know he will be back.

    Thank you for being so kind in your response... So I am not totally loony... HA!

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