Need some Aries expertise, please

  • I'm a Cancer married to a wonderful Aries....and he's a very stereotypical Aries. Fantastic provider, hardest worker I know, competitive, headstrong, stubborn, passionate, protective, loyal, fun-loving, adventurous, and tenacious. We are a second marriage, with me bringing two girls into the marriage. We have his first and only child together: a boy. So we are a blended family.

    Here's my constant, constant dilemma. My 14-year-old is a very stereotypical Aries, too. They butt heads practically every single day. Both stubborn, unwilling to see the other's POV. I love them both dearly, but they are two peas in a pod. I very often am the mediator, and the one they seem to put in the middle. My husband has had to cope very quickly with not being the center of his universe anymore, that the kids come first. My daughter has had to cope with having to "share" Mom and doesn't understand that as a crab, I have tons of love for lots of people, especially my family.

    I have tried practically everything for the past seven years to figure out how to get my harmonious home and have everyone happy simultaneously. My home life is extremely important to me.....duh! LOL I realize she is a child and should respect whatever he says. I realize he is the adult and should act like one. But I have seen firsthand lately that both of them push the other's buttons and manipulate or exaggerate a situation so that I get "angry" at the other one.

    Do any of you have suggestions as to how I can get everyone to just get along? Not trying to force any loving feelings -- heaven forbid with these two -- but would like some peace. I am to the point that I stay away from the house as much as I can because I simply cannot handle the tattling coming from both sides.

    Thank you so much in advance!! 🙂

  • clawriter67

    I have the perfect answer for you. Tell them that they have to slove the problem themselves, that you have been placed in the middle for to long and with the New Year you will be hanging the In The SPA sign out when they begin to butt heads. They have to learn how to communicate with each other without you so much doing it for them.

    Tell them you have to have time for yourself and take it without running away from home forever. I am married to an Aries and I have to tell him that he is acting to self centered and that the world does not bow to him and neither do I . I'm rewarded with him getting humorous and than telling me that he loves me dearly. I know you love deeply and you will be receiving more respect and love from those around you in 2012 simply because you will ask for it.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and I know you will have one of the best New Year's of your Life


  • This is an excellent suggestion, thank you, Shuabby. I have told my Aries hubby same thing you tell made me giggle to read that comment from you.

    Yes...I don't enjoy leaving the house for peace and quiet. I am a home-loving crab. I'm going to create a ME SPA room in my house. Thank you for your well-wishes. That meant a lot to me 🙂



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