Older women and younger men relationship 2009

  • Older women falling in love with younger men and how long is the relationship going to work. Okay, can a older woman trust her young man to really love her or is it conveience.

    This is the year 2009 and it is about older women dating and having relationship with much younger men and what kinda future will it hold for them and their intimacy. It is not looked at very difficult as a Older man with a young woman .... it is acceptable but a older woman is down for dealing with a man younger than her children.

    Does it matter if she is really happy and the young man is really in love means well and want a future with his older woman. Or is it possible because the older woman wont be able to have children in the relationship and a older man would have children with a younger woman.

    Does it matter alot about the age difference between older woman and younger man.

  • No it doesn't matter about the age difference. Same rule applies in all relationships, regardless of age and age difference - there has to be love,respect,loyalty,same values,deep interest in each other. My ex husband was 4 years older than me but he remarried a woman over 20 years younger than him. To be honest, I don't quite see the attraction...but there you go!!!LOL. I remarried and my husband is 3 years younger than me ...we have lots in common..admittedly not too big an age gap. I came into the marriage with 3 young kids ...my hubby had none....yet we have a family of our own now (I was 40 & 41)....I had no problems conceiving whatsoever! A healthy older woman can be just as highly fertile as her younger counterparts!

    There is no written rule to how long a relationship can last. I would say grab the moment,cherish your love and live each day as it comes. There are younger men just out to "bed" an older woman to make him look good in front of his friends....unless you're really naive you can spot these types a mile off and whether you indulge them is completely up to you.

  • What about love? Love does not ask to have a baby machine or anything else. I have been involved with a man much younger than me for many years and I can tell you, if it is truly love, not sex or a pale imitation of love, or for external attraction, a marriage of convenience, for children or for money or just because two people fit well together and are prepared to accept a quiet sort of love, etc., etc., as long one does the right thing - as with everything else and every other situation - NOTHING else matters.

  • I normally dont post things but this caught my eye. I just want to tell every older woman to just go for it lifes to short to weigh all the odds. I am thirteen yrs older than my husband we have been married for 9 yrs now but togeather for 11 yrs total. I had 2 kids from previous marriage but my youngest was 14 at the time we met. He didnt want children so that was a plus for me not wanting any more kids my own self. Sure we have our ups and downs but what relationship doesnt. It will keep you on your toes and helps make you feel so much younger ...LOL

    I have no regrets and would do it all over again at the time we met I was 41 and he was 28....I'm 52 now and he is 39 I'd rather DANCE TO LIFE then be setting in the corner knitting sweaters for some old fart....WINK WINK!

  • Wow!!!!!!!..you guys make me feel so good and I needed the uplift because he constantly tell me he loves me and I know that I love him but am scarred to really and trully let go and sometimes he feel my hestitation with him because of our age difference. He surprises me with the mature mind and his interest in me ....I love him so much now and I believe that he have a lot of patience with me because of the way I am. He is the first man that I have ever decided to love and is so much younger than me.

    We have discussed our future together and I have met his family and they are wonderful to me and still am nerve about the whole thing. I dont want to stop loving him and I have told him that he is all that I have and want in a man. Sometime he even tell me how nerve he is when it comes to me loving him and I let him know right away that the love is real. I know that I want to be with him no matter what as long as he loves me I will be there for him and he reassure me as well that he is there for me.

    Thank you all for your passionate experences and loving stories and I love them all. May God bless each of you for gift of encouragment.

  • I had a younger man too, 17 years younger. In the beginning the age was never a question with us, we were bothe struck down by that four letter word and went with how we felt. Had some major issues with my kids, but he stuck by me through all of the bad times, that was the only proof that I needed that he loved me. He made me feel young, even though I've always been young at heart anyway, I act young, dress young, so that wasn't an issue with us. I felt awkward with his family though, especially with his mum at first. But in the end they came around and accepted me, though deep down I know that they were just doing that, for his sake. That made me clam up. Went quiet on his mum, though tried not to let it bother me so much. Love, doesn't matter who its with, how old they are, what they look like, or what their beliefs are. When you find love, you just 'feel it'. You know. Not just in your heart, but everywhere you look. If you're happy, enjoy it. Don't listen to pessimists who point the finger, telling you it won't last. Stay strong as a couple, be together, share together, and live each day with as much unawareness and spontaniety as you can. If you have issues, talk about them. Don't let minor worries get in the way. Having a younger man isn't a crime, shouldn't be treat like a crime, because at the end of the day, we're all human with the same wants and needs. Good luck, and GO for it!! 😉 xxxxx

  • Hi, Count your blessings or at least don't consider it a curse.

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