Dream interpretation help Anyone?

  • Hi there,

    Was hoping someone could help me interpret this dream i had last night.

    I can only remember fragments of it though...

    In one scene, I was in a Chinese restaurant with a few unknown people at my table. There was a Chinese lady, like a hostess, and she was singing. I remember feeling like she was owned by someone - not sure why. But she sung well and I liked her performance.

    Another scene, my brother was sitting next to me and he had our cat on his lap. Only the cat is different - it had an american flag design coat, or something like that. I sat down beside my brother and we tried to shift the cat from his lap to mine. My sister was somewhere in the area, I remember her presence.

    Next scene, I think I was drying out clothes indoors - just hanging them by the clothes hanger on some kind of structure. There were many men's t-shirts. And the feeling was one of choice - it seemed like I wanted to be chosen in some way. Don't know how that relates to the shirts. Even earlier with the Chinese restaurant scene, there was a sense of choosing someone or something, or wanting to be chosen.

    Last scene, I know I'm in the bathroom, and sorry to be a bit graphic, but it seems there was tampon changing situation. Only difference is that I think I was holding a vessel and when I opened it, blood just flowed all over the cistern. I was taken aback, didn't expect that. My immediate thought was to wash it away but I didn't get to do that before I woke up.

    Would love to hear your analysis. Thanks!

  • Since no one has answered, I'll give a try only because a lot of things in your dream seem obvious in an objective sense and others probably would see the same associations. As to how it pertains to you specifically though, you may just need to sit down with it and consult a few dream dictionaries. I don't have any "powers."

    Overall, weird as it seems, there's a lot of China vs. US sentiment in your dream; i.e. being in a Chinese restaurant but admiring the singer (although you felt she was owned... by her country), cat with american flag being shuffled from lap to lap (like the debt being bought by other countries - notably China - and the reluctance of the US to do much to take responsibility or handle the problem realistically), the shirts (which may or may not symbolize Made in China products), and lastly, the gushing red blood (self explanatory).

    Did you fall asleep watching the news the night before you had this dream, lol? Think it may be reflecting apprehension about the global economy. You prefer to belong to one team but are feeling ambivalent about which one you'd want to associate/do business with. It'd be easier if either team made the decision for you. Does seem like many economies are being "left out to dry" whereas China is doing really well. Not sure where you're from or how your employment is but that's the general gist I got. Maybe worrying about rumors that a company you work with or for or feel close to will start doing business internationally for the first time?

    Don't know if that helps but it's a start.

  • Hi tenchi2go,

    Haha that's an interesting interpretation. You seem very well read and have a keen intellect 🙂

    Think the economy is on everyone's mind to some extent, but no I don't think it's related to world affairs or the economy.

    I was a bit thrown off by the Chinese singer and restaurant and the cat with the American flag design coat. But I'm pretty it has nothing to do with either China or the US. Could be random elements.

    Seems to be a dream about choice but I don't really know what exactly.

    Thanks for giving this try!

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