Astraangel, could you help me please?

  • My ex and I have been hanging out again.

    I guess I would say we're back together, but I'm not sure what he would say. Things have been amazing, but suddenly i feel like he may be mad at me or something. I dont know what it is exactly, but i have this weird feeling and im not sure what its because of. Im worried and its bothering me a lot. Can you read for me on a few questions?

    What does he consider us right now? Friends? In a relationship?

    Where does he see our relationship going?

    Is he mad at me?

    Is everything okay between him and I?

    how does he feel about me ?

    What's next for us?

    Is there another girl or other girls in his life?

    I'd really appreciate it. Thank you so very much

  • Could you also tell me if I bother him? Like is he annoyed with me? Or is he sick of me? Am I doing too much? Should I back off?

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