Future love?

  • My brother (Born on 7/9/1991) has come so far in his life, and has done so well. BUT he hasn't found the right girl for him yet. He's dated a few girls in the last couple years, but nothing that has seemed to last. He doesn't usually admit it, but I know he really wants to find that special someone. I'm wondering if anyone can see love in his near future, and what his best matches would be, or what she would be like? I'm really wanting to help him find the right girl for him (Secretly of course!). Can anyone please help me with this?

  • LoversCancer

    It is very nice of you to be concerned for your brothers love life. I feel that he is really not quite ready fro that special someone as he does not at this time feel settled within himself. He still wonders about the world and how he will deal with being married and having a family in which he will and I feel a boy and girl around him in five years could be twins.

    I do believe that he wants a well spoken woman and one that has manners at the same time. She will have to like the water or sports as I sense this around him as a personal interest. She can be a natural beauty and I feel she will be medium to dark haired an green eyes and has and L in her first name. She will be a jewel in the rough and with time a diamond in his eyes.

    Have a Wonderful Holiday Season,


  • Is there any way to know what sign placement with will fall under, or anything else about her appearance? Like if her hair color will be died or natural and hints like that? Or of when he may meet her in his life time? (Or where) I know I should not mingle in on this, but I have been pondering this for a while, and it's always nice to get answers to questions when possible.

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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