Celtic Cross confused help !

  • ok ... now Im confused......... Please help the hanged man is scary

    situation: 5 Pentacles

    challenges/opportunities: Judgment

    foundation: 1 Wands

    higher power: 6 Pentacles

    recent past: The Hanged Man

    near future: 1 Swords

    advice: Knave of Wands

    allies: The Fool

    blocks: 9 of Swords

    long term: 3 of Wands

  • The hanged man shouldn't scare you - on the mild side it just means a pause or standstill in a situation that creates space for thought and reflection. On a different level it actually can mean release of a sitution or relationship altogether. Also a sacrifice. That can be troubling I guess if what you are giving up is important to you. In such a case you have to accept that it is time for you to give it up, it has run it's course. Another layer of meaning is "surrender".

  • hanged man is not scary- it means sacrifice and is in the past anyway.

    I see travel- movement towards something and starting up fresh. You have 2 ace cards.. which is good for beginnings and new opportunities. There is some money coming to you or people coming to you for advice.

    Your conclusion is 3 of Wands- success in business affairs. Your patience has paid off and "ships" are coming back.

    It will be more specific if you would have posted the question you asked Tarot.

  • Hi sagprincess

    The hanged man for your recent past to me would mean a period of waiting where you have had to stop and re-evaluate a situation, where you have had to mull things over for a while. Then with the ace of swords for your near future this to me shows that the time of waiting and thinking will shortly be over and that you will have reached a decision and that you are going into the future with a clear mind, knowing exactly what you want to do and having a clear plan of action.

    hope this helps


    love and light


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