Would someone be able to give me a reading please?

  • Hi. Not sure if the recent full moon lunar eclipse has anything to do with this, or maybe it is the coming holidays, but I am lately wondering if anyone sees true love in my future? (11/22/1968) It has been so long since I've been excited about anyone.

    The last guy I was really excited about was the Virgo (8/24/64) but it's been about 2.5 years since we dated. Lately he has been contacting me on and off via text, some of it flirty, but hasn't asked me out again. I actually would like to see him again to see if anything is there, but not sure if I should initiate anything. I'm not sure if his reaching out to me is just as friends, or if he's possibly interested in something more. Thoughts?

    If not him, will I meet someone exciting that I really look forward to spending time with? My life is good and I am blessed in so many ways. I know I am fine on my own - in fact I have often been told I am a little too good at it - but part of me longs to find someone that inspires and challenges me.

    Anyway, as always thanks in advance for thoughts

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