Please Shuabby or Blmoon can you help me?

  • Is there anyone on this site that could help me? My father passed away 11/11/11 and I would like to know if there is anything he would have liked to tell me. Things left unsaid and I need some closure. In case you need it: Virgil 10/4/31 me 5/4/62. As I stated in another post, his mother was born 11/11/1900. His brother died 11/11/2009 and then he died 11/11/12. Lots of 11's in there.

    I have come here for help because I know how wonderfully gifted everyone is.

    Thanks to any and all that respond!!

  • bump for Shuabby and/or Blmoon and anyone else who would like to help!! : )

  • bumping again for Shuabby or Blmoon

  • I haven't seen both online these couple of days much. I think since we are heading up to x-mas everyone is busy with their private lives.

    So you would advised to be patient and bump this a couple of times up until on gets back on here.

    All that are able to give divination aren't online at the moment. If you are lucky you can get an answer before the end of the year ...if not it will be somewhere at the beginning of the next.


    • you would be advised to be patient and bump this a couple of times until one getbs back on here.

  • Thanks Flowsco.

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