Please please help my direction

  • I met this man a year ago I was interested in some else! My friends got me pychic reading for my b day frm this great lady who was so right she ask the name but I never mention him we became romanticly involved till he had to leave out of country. I said goodbye he said I'll c u again! Then contacted me asking to come out I said yes but I had to go later he said give him a few days and now I've heard nothing for awhile ! Is he right 4 me what did the lady what to say because I fell in love please help

  • Be careful - Pisces people tend to rush into relationships, then regret it. Make sure it's reality and not a fantasy you are seeing here. How well in fact do you know this man?

  • i really have tried to get to know him his intrestes.but there is a lot that i dont know & didnt have the time to find out.what he has shared with me i love but the unknown right know scares me.he said he got hurt & now is not repliying. my heart says have have faith for the first time ive had a hard time beliveing people & let go of that & my normal is Run. Ive grown up alot taken on leadership roles at work bought a place & know if hes not the one that i will take time off of love. i do live in reality now but do miss my dream world just looking for a clear perseption with my future with this person or does someone see something i dont. ive alway been scard of lyers & cheaters . or does this what looks like a blossoming relationship turn in to one. & what did the lady mean that day did she have a measage i know she did please please

  • You should not think with your heart (emotions) but with your gut (intuition). Intuition has no emotion one way or the other - it just tells you the objective truth.

    You say you've always been scared of liars and cheats - that's why you attract them and have come to expect them. We attract what we fear so that we can learn to deal with it. When you expect to attract only good decent honest people, you will.

    I can't tell what the psychic meant unless you reveal exactly what she told you.

  • THank u

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