Aquarius boy and cancer woman

  • okay , i'll apologise for my bad english cause i won't born to speak that .. as you can see from my title.. in this r/s , im like a boy .. she's like a woman. I usually vent my anger towards her and i said "break up" quite often as even though i don't really mean it , it will at least keep her quiet when we quarrel. Just 3 weeks ago , i quarrel with her and accidentally use " **** off " and text her to break up and take it SERIOUSLY. yeah , we broke up .. and after this broke up , i realise i can do nothing without her .. she's like my everything .. i talked to my buddies & my family .. they suggest me to move on but my uncle told me , " if you really like her , try your best again." and im going after her again .

    She has a new boy friend , not boyfriend but boy friend. Not really sure wether she's using him to make me feel bad or anything .. she will answer my call even though she will be giving kind of cold tone but im sure she stil likes me .. just that she's utterly disappointed in me .. help 😞

  • Sounds like she has tucked herself away into her shell out of some hurt feelings. Please don't throw out the threat of breaking up...unless you truly, truly are going to act upon it and follow through. The fact that she's taken your call is a good sign. Now, kill her with kindness. Let her remember why she chose you to begin with. She needs some TLC from you to get back the trust she had in your relationship. Be patient and understanding if she doesn't spring back immediately. If she's worth it, do not give up.

  • thanks buddy.. i never know what's patient.. i called her like 20 times in 4 hrs and i think she's going to ignore me for life .. but like what u said , if she's worth it , do not give up. thank you once again.

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