Please get a reading

  • Please do a reading on us?

    My bday- 9-7-1981

    His bday- 6-8-1982

    Thank you

  • Astrologically, this relationship is not recommended for love. If a love affair develops at all, it can lack the tenacity to grapple with its problem of duality - confusion can emerge because of the variety of different personality aspects involved here. You are usually inaccessible to your friend, who won't understand your mixed signals and puzzling responses. Although excellent at formulating verbal language, he may have trouble translating your silent, highly personal language. Marriage here would face a similar problem of miscommunication. You two really don't 'get' each other very well emotionally. You may be on the same mental wavelength, but you both control your emotions tightly. Should you withdraw into a depressive slump, your friend will leave you alone to work things through, unsure when to jump in to help. A lot of instability and mood swings are common here, making a balanced or close relationship well nigh impossible to attain or sustain.

  • Ouch! I so appreciate the response. Thank you very much!

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