Captain please

  • Hi Captain

    Just have a quick question please. Dont know if you will be able to answer it if not its OK and I

    do appreciate it.

    How long will the marriages of these 2 couples last?

    1. HE - 5-14-? - I think he is 34 years old

    SHE - 11-14-79

    2. SHE -6-30-77

    HE - 3-18-? - I think he is 42 years old.

    This is just for my own info.

    I read your advices & I like your advices. They are right to the point. Some gives to much hope that it hinders

    the person to see clearly and just keep hoping and hoping which becomes so

    frustrating to them at times.

    Many blessings to you.

  • I feel uncomfortable giving information about anyone other than yourself. It seems like prying into other people's business.

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