Captain can you please do a reading for me?

  • Hi can you please tell me what the compatbility is for myself and a guy im interested in....My bday is 5/23/1985 and his bday is 10/15/1983. Thank you in advance 🙂

  • Love here is unlikely to be primarily romantic. This relationship works best when it is free and easy, without too many demands and with few responsiblities, so marriage is not especially recommended. If a love relationship ends (if it ever starts in the first place, that is), it may not be entirely abandoned - the two of you work best as a platonic couple or good friends, developing strongly protective and supportive feelings about each other as passions decline. Justice and fairness are strong values here and the two of you can exert an influence in your social, occupational, and family circles. Critical attitudes are not suspended, however, and disagreements are to be expected. Your friend's strongly developed ego may force you into playing a subordinate role, something you may not be ready to do. But your friend can usually bring you into a more meaningful relationship with society in general, and the professional world in particular. In this way, he can become your teacher. In one-on-one personal involvements however, you would be the one who has much to show him. Social and universal issues are your common interests so a working friendship that promotes humanitarian causes and helps the disadvantaged is the best of all possible relationships here.

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