• 2012 Continued

    a message from Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates

    Beloved one, we will continue speaking of the year that has been prophesied to be a great shifting year, a year of great change, the year 2012, and the prophecy that by the end of the year there will be known in reality and in awareness the collective and individual shift that truly is in process right now and has been for some time.

    In the year called 2012 you are going to continue to see a good bit of divisiveness. People are choosing their camp, which side they want to be on, what they believe because of generational teaching based upon past histories and completion of past histories.

    So it will be interesting in the coming year to see what will be happening. It has not been written yet. It is very fluid now and will be for a good six, nine months yet, very fluid. You are going to be asking questions, you are going to be listening, wondering, “How is this going to affect the overall; not only for this geo-political grouping, but also for the world, the global impact?” because you have already recognized that this geo-political grouping is part of the global manifestation of issues and resolution of those issues.

    With the isolation that was known before your technology and your means of transportation evolved the way they have most rapidly in the last five decades, there was a possibility that each country could be on its own, but now there are ties where if there is a ripple in one geo-political country, it ripples out and touches the others as well. It is part of your knowing of Oneness, how there is truly no separation.

    But meantime the way it plays out and the way it appears is rather chaotic and rather disturbing if separated ego gets in there and starts giving a message. Your job in all of this is to hold the highest vision, to look at every happening and ask, “How does this serve the Atonement, the realization of at-One-ment?”

    Much is going on in other geo-political countries which is influencing what goes on in this country as well. So when you do your visioning you are going to include all of holy Mother Earth and all of the peoples, because you are the One expressing as the many, and there is no separation. What happens in another geo-political grouping affects you, and what you choose, what you envision spreads out and touches other ones as well.

    So your purpose, your mission, should you choose to accept it, and you have already decided that you will, is to hold the highest visioning and to know that truly everything does work for the realization of at-One-ment.

    There is coming a knowing of the Oneness, and it is a bit like birthing the physical. There is the labor and the energy that has to go into birthing something new, and what you are seeing now is the birthing process. Some of it is painful. Later the painful part will not be remembered, the same as with the physical birthing. At the time, it is not too pleasant, but afterwards the pain is not remembered, but the joy is there.

    That is what is coming to be, and how you get there depends on how you decree you will be with this new birthing, how you will look for the best and highest and the reasons that things are happening. Look to what could be possible reasons that certain things are coming up to be looked at, for there will be much that is going to be changing. There is going to be much of upheaval in the process.

    And yes, holy Mother Earth is going to aid in that, as you have seen with the storms that have come and the earth quaking in various parts, even where earthquakes were not expected to be. Holy Mother Earth is going to help with the changes as well. Count it all as good, even if it comes to your doorstep and then you no longer have a doorstep. Count it all as good, for truly the changes are bringing you and the brothers and sisters to a place of understanding manifestation and the spirit energy that manifests everything.

    You do manifest everything that is in your reality. Watch your thoughts. Watch the process of thoughts. If you find a thought that is fearful, that is leading you downward into a place where you feel like you could give up, watch the journey of your thoughts and catch yourself and choose anew.

    It is very important to be aware of your thoughts. Always this has been true, but it is even more true and important in the next twelve months. So watch what you say, because your words carry energy. Your words carry the energy of what your thoughts are, and thoughts are powerful. Speak always in a positive way. Always look for the good, even if everything looks like it is going to be a muddle. There is purpose, divine purpose in every muddle, every upheaval, every conflict.

    This lifetime is a culmination of many other lifetimes you have lived where you have been asking the question, “Who am I? Why am I? Why are certain things happening?” So you are getting the answers, and it will become clearer and clearer for you as the time goes on.

    Choose anew every time news comes to you. Think of someone or something that you love when you are in a space where it looks like a possible disaster and it does not make you feel too good in the solar plexus perhaps. At that moment take the deep breath and think of someone or a pet perhaps that you love, and be in that space of love.

    All of you have something or somebody that you love very much, and as you will choose anew on the emotional level—that is where the power lies—on the emotional level, find, feel, live in the space of loving someone or something and you will see changes immediately in the outer; maybe not big changes that you would like to see, but every change will lead to the bigger change that you have been praying for.

    So allow yourself to be of good cheer. That is most important, because many of the brothers and sisters are looking at appearances and finding themselves frustrated, sad, wondering. You can turn that around for yourself and you can put hope out to the many, because there is no separation.

    As you live and breathe and feel the love of whoever you choose to be your symbol of love, you put out hope to the other ones who may not think that there is a possibility for hope. You put out a little bit more Light. Now, you are all light-beings, whether you see it or not. The brothers and sisters are light-beings as well, although they see it not. They are too focused right in front of the nose to see any farther than that. That is not said in judgment, because there is much in the human condition that has to be attended to, and so they are busy attending to the family and the dwelling place and the employment or the non-employment, depending on what is happening in their life.

    So it is not said in judgment, but for you who now are awakening, allow yourself to live in love. Feel that love. Know that you are in love. Even say to yourself, “I am in love. Wow! Hey, I thought that happened long ago, but you know, I’m in love,” and it feels really good. If you can think of no other—and this is not true, because you will think of objects of love—think of me. I am in love with you, very truly in love with you.

    Two thousand years ago when we walked together there was great love, camaraderie, being companions, knowing the human condition and yet knowing there was more than that. Two thousand years ago you were in love with me. You followed me everywhere as often as you could to hear what I would share with you, to hear what was the newest joke on the block because, believe it or not, I collected funny stories, and there were many funny happenings.

    Now, beloved one, I want to speak of a broader view. We have been speaking about the geo-political happenings and the divisiveness and the choices that brothers and sisters are going to be making and about how the economics seem to be falling apart because it has been founded on confidence in the system, and the confidence now has been undermined.

    You have brought it to a certain place of manifestation where you are understanding the workings of the economy and the welfare—the physical welfare, not the spiritual welfare, because that always is okay—but the physical welfare of brothers and sisters and yourself as well. So you have had a chance to examine and look at how does it feel to perhaps not have a paycheck of golden coins coming in each month, or as you have had it reduced. How does it feel to be one of the people that you never thought you would be?

    “I never thought I would be unemployed. I have a lot to offer. Why did I get the pink slip? Why did my company have to ‘downsize’? Why has this happened to me? I’ve always done my best.” It has happened to you because you are manifesting change, and you have asked to see how things look from a different perspective. That is all that it is about, is to have a different view, a different perspective, and you will be able to find your way out of it, even if it feels very, very dark some nights when you toss and turn and worry and wonder what is going to be happening.

    “How can I deal with it?” I would suggest unto you that you deal with the Now. Where are you right now? You are right here, reading my words. You are breathing. You have had something to eat. You have raiment to wear. It may not be the designer clothes, but you do not really need designer clothes. You have what you need and truly more.

    Now I wish to speak of a broader view that you will become aware of more and more as the months go by. You have many who watch how the starseeds—who are you—are working together or not. You have many that you would call the extraterrestrials, embodied or not, who watch and take note of how you are evolving.

    In the next six to nine months, even twelve months, you are going to be aware more and more of the vastness of your reality; not just what is in front of your nose, not just what the news media brings you to chew on like a dog will chew on a bone, not just what you have seen in your physical world, but you are going to become aware of an energy that is vast, part of the cosmos.

    You are going to become aware of a loving energy that wishes you well; this has been true since the beginning of this seeding, where the starseeds—you—have been seeded on holy Mother Earth. There is a loving energy that you will feel more and more, and you are going to know yourself to be the spiritual brother and sister of ones that, because your focus has been for generations upon the physical, you have not been aware of them, but they have been aware of you and they are aware of you now as you go through some of these upheavals, as you go through some of the choices that you make. They are aware of you, and they are very much open to your communication.

    You are going to feel a new energy, a loving energy, a supportive energy that is going to sometimes do small miracles of changing time for you, of changing other circumstances; not because they are doing a magic that you cannot do, because truly you are doing it, but you are going to be feeling more of the expansive You.

    This is important, because some of the roller coaster that you are going to be riding in the next year of your timing is going to be a bit bouncy, and if you can see yourself to be the energy that is vast -- as you truly are -- it is going to help you over some of the bumps of the roller coaster. It is going to help you hold on and enjoy the ride.

    In some cases, because you feel the energy so strongly, you are going to actually see for a moment or so or longer an entity, a loving entity; not as your science fiction and your early stories of the ETs have portrayed as something to be feared; not as something that has been put out there as a story that your government has been in cooperation with some of the ETs and have allowed some of the population to be used as experimental.

    The energy that is coming into your reality, your awareness, is loving energy. Now, I know that you yet live in a reality of duality. There is a belief in duality; therefore, there is going to be a voice that is going to be speaking of duality. But I say unto you, you do not have to listen to that voice any more than you would listen to an old nag who was telling you a story that you did not want to hear.

    The fearsome stories which will pop up because of the belief in duality are going to be there as well, but they are not true—lower case “t”—in your reality. Hear that well, because you have a choice. You are going to be hearing all kinds of stories about how you could be prey for them to work on you, to abduct you, to take you somewhere, etc. You have had those stories already. That is not going to be your reality.

    The energy that you are going to feel, because you have asked for it, is a loving energy that allows you to know your vastness; not just tied to the focus of the physicality—hear that well—it is going to be a loving energy that allows you to feel the vastness of you that is not tied to the focus of physicality. So you are going to feel a shift, and it will come some morning, some afternoon when it is least expected probably, and you are going to feel that something is different.

    “Something has shifted and I don’t know what it is, but I don’t feel alone any longer.” Enough lifetimes you have walked in a reality of your own making where you felt alone. You felt that you had to defend yourself, your belongings, the family, the dwelling place, and you felt alone and you wondered, you questioned if you were going to be able to defend and keep that which was important to you.

    Long enough you have walked in a reality of aloneness. No longer do you have to walk in that space of feeling alone and vulnerable. You are not vulnerable and you are not alone. You are vast spiritual energy that you bring into a physical manifestation. You are vast spiritual energy that you bring into the physical and manifest the physical reality.

    So what I am speaking to you now goes beyond what we have said previously when we were focusing upon the physical stories. Now it is time to shift your awareness, and you are the only one who can do it, but I send out the suggestion very strongly to focus upon the vastness that you are and the loving energy that you are, and as you focus on that, it is as a magnet that draws the loving energy to you; in other words, you will become aware of it. It is always there, and as you focus upon it and you are as the magnet that draws it to you, you are going to awaken and you are going to say, “Hey, you know, I really feel like I’m being taken care of.”

    And it is true. You are being taken care of. Every time you lift your foot, physically and spiritually, you have energy that guides you as to where you can put the foot down. Every step you take; every physical step, every choice that you make, every spiritual move forward you are being guided by the vastness of you, the loving energy that you are.

    You can listen to the stories that have a lot of fear in them. They are fun to listen to. They are fun to play with, the drama of it. It is great drama. It makes for great movies. Ones do make these movies, and the stories do come forth and ones fear, “Look at what might happen to me.” Well, that is one outlook, but in your reality it is not true, because you are going to choose anew.

    You have the power of choice. You have built that into your reality and you are awakening to it. You have always had the power of choice, but a lot of times you have chosen to say, “I don’t have power of choice. All these things happen to me, and I’m not powerful enough to deal with them.” Now you have a choice to say, “I am the vastness of the cosmos and I draw unto me the loving energy that I am.”

    Then you will feel yourself in a new space which is part of the shift that is going to be

    happening; not just a shift that seems to be on holy Mother Earth, but a shift that ripples out into the cosmos and attracts to itself the loving energy that you are, and it comes back to you as the waves. They recede and then they come back to shore and they bring you that which you have sent out.

    So be aware of your thoughts. Be aware of your words, because the words indicate what your thoughts are and what your belief is. Be positive. Speak positive. Yes, you can ask questions. “Is this true?” In fact, it is very good to question everything and see what resonates with you as the loving energy that you are.

    You have heard me say that you are the holy Child come forth into this reality to express and experience the love of the Creator. What do you think those words mean? Are they just empty words that sound good? I would not waste your time saying something that is not true. I know that you need repetition for it to sink in. It is true now as it was two thousand years ago. My message two thousand years ago I gave over and over in different ways, over and over and over about the love of the Father.

    Now you can call it the Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is because, you see, you have expanded your awareness of the Isness of you. So I come and I speak to you over and over the same Truth, that you are loved, so loved that you have chosen to come into an incarnation that does not believe in loving energy. I come in order to bring you love, laughter, Light, to be here amongst the brothers and sisters to laugh, to find the goodness of life, the nectar of life, and to live in that space and allow it to spread out from you.

    Always you have the power of choice. If something comes up and says, “This could be…oh, my goodness, it could be bad,” breathe, be aware of where your thoughts are taking you, and choose anew. At that point, allow yourself to expand into the love of something or somebody that you love dearly and then feel the loving energy around you, the vastness of the loving energy of the cosmos, because you are much more than the body; you are much more than the personality. You are much more than any of your achievements—believe it or not.

    You are the vastness of the cosmos which has chosen to be incarnate one more time to express the Truth of your being. You are love. You are the power of the Christ. You are the living, walking essence of the Christ upon holy Mother Earth and beyond. The vastness of the cosmos is you.

    Study some of your photographs of the cosmos and the birthing of new stars. Feel the energy of manifestation. Allow yourself to get into it and know that you are the manifestation of that new star that is being birthed. It would not be happening without you. Live in the vastness of the space of loving energy, always manifesting, always renewing, and you will find me there.

    So be it.

    • Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)

    in expression through Judith

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