How Do You Know When a Pisces Man Likes You?

  • I'm hoping to get some advice from those Pisces men out there 🙂 This is the first time Ive ever encountered a Pisces man and I know little about their traits.

    So I'm a Libra and I have this job where I model for a Pisces photographer. When I first met him I was taken back by how gorgeous he was. But I ignored my attraction because I wanted to remain professional.

    The first time modeling was fine. He seemed a bit nervous after the session when he had to pay me. As a social Libra I tried to be friendly to ease his nervousness. The second time modeling I chatted with him while he did his work. He offered me a drink and I said no. Then he offered me to stay and hang out while he went to go do something. I said no again. (It didn't seem professional.) So the third time modeling I happened to mention my shoulder hurt. He asked if I wanted a massage. I said no yet again. (I didn't want to break the artist/model barrier.) Then during my last modeling session he wanted to pose me himself, so I let him. He took careful pleasure in holding me and moving me into position. I secretly enjoyed it and didn't reveal it. But then he asked how my shoulder was. I said it was soar. Then somehow he got to massaging my back. I was submissive and let him, (He's the artist after-all!) It was the most amazing thing ever because he was so gentle. And then he paid me but this time he gave me a hug.

    So does this Pisces like me? or is he just fulfilling some temporary fantasy of his by seducing a model? I feel like he might just be interested because I'm the unattainable muse. so in a way he is just using me and trying to see how much he can get away with. I want to keep modeling for him but its hard when I am attracted to him and I don't know if thats a good way to start a relationship.

    Advice? I'm very protective of my emotions and don't want to get hurt.

  • He is definitely attracted to you and lusts after you. It's not love - not yet. Continue being just friends to him, and learn a lot more about him before you go any further.

  • Yah, it definitely feels that way. So, I'm kind of waiting to see if he'll invite me out somewhere outside the studio, but he hasn't yet. I would prefer to get to know him out in the real world to see if we'd be compatible. Maybe Ill try asking him...:)

  • But make it clear that sex is only an option, not a definite prospect. Explain that you want to get to know him better first. If he cannot wait, then it's only lust and not like.

  • From what I've noticed about Pisces men, if they like you they have no problem showing it. They are very confident and bold when interested in a woman. They call, text, return calls, keep promises etc. If he talks about his family with you that's another sign. If he wants to bring you around them an dhis friends that's another sign. If he talks about his future and includes you he's definitely interested in more than just a fling. I'm no psychic or anything i've just dated pisces guys and I've noticed this. However, I'm always concerned that they may have some type of addiction to something. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling etc. Just something to keep an eye out for if you are serious about them. I'm not saying this is true for all Pisces so pisces please do not get offended.

  • They can also get addicted to people as they have a need to be needed. So watch for signs of dependence (on something or someone).

  • well I'm not a stranger to men with addictions, I just got done dating a Gemini guy and he was always indulging in some vice to calm his crazy mind. 🙂

    The Pisces guy hasn't called me in awhile, I guess he's not interested anymore. I guess maybe it was too good to be true? When we talked before he didn't mention his family or friends. He just joked a lot and made me laugh.

  • Yeah, sounds like he didn't want to get in to deep. Pity, because they can be pretty romantic when they want to be.

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