Help with reading -What Relationship Would Be Like

  • I don't know how I'm feeling. I mean, logically I should give up. And maybe normally I would have, but I think I've been reading too many of these cancer threads. A lot of success stories are women holding on in the face of all this and eventually getting their cancer. A lot of talk about half of what they say being a 'test'. Now, I didn't get the impression he was testing me. But...well, I don't know. I don't know what's wrong with me. It's like...I wasn't as hurt as I thought I would be, after all that.

    Maybe because he pretty much proved he'd put some significant thought into the two of us together. I actually asked him what he liked about me, and he answered right away that he liked my positive attitude, my zeal for life and the way I live it the most that I can. At one point, after we talked back and forth, he said "..but....we wouldn't be good together." and I said. "Really? Because I think we'd be great together." I feel like a lot of this has to do with the impatience I've shown up until now. If I am that impatient, then we can't be together. But i've really improved so much with that. And I guess I want to show him. I think I want him to see more of my personality. I want him to see how flexible and understanding I can be, not just me being girly and spazzing out. Maybe that's why I'm not...devastated. Because I almost feel like I wanna give it another shot. How insane is that, lol. And I feel like I might have a good idea of how to do it. My god, it's like I'm MORE up for this now then ever before. I have issues. I have serious, serious issues!!!

    As for you and I hate men sometimes. 'Yes'. How romantic, lol. I completely agree on you being a little distant with him. If he's being so uncommunicative, I don't think there's much you can do. So thinking about it will make you feel bad for no reason. It seems like he's in a Man Funk. I don't get why he doesn't want to tell you more about it, but maybe he just doesn't want to discuss it. He wants to deal with it on his own. That's very man of him, lol. I'm glad you at least have work to distract you. Being alone at home....ugh, the mind wanders. It's not healthy, lol. Just hang in there, I guess. And I'm proud, you aren't going into cancer freak out mode!

    The cards are interesting. Lots of movement. He does want things to change, and by the 6 of wands and 9 of pents he definitely wants them to get better. He probably feels unstable and like he's part of a losing battle. He's got a hell of a lot to think about. I guess I don't blame him for being in a funk, it's just unfair how it affects you. But men never think of these things.

    I want to show you something. I did a reading, I asked; How did J feel after our talk on sunday? and I got: Judgment, The Sun, 6 of Wands. When I got home that day, I was seriously curious to see how the talk affected him, and asked the deck how he felt about me and pulled the King of Cups. So...well, I don't know why I thought there might be hard feelings. But there aren't. I think those are strong cards. Judgment I always think of an awakening. Which I guess makes a lot of sense. The sun...truth, but also happiness. Like, great joy. 6 of wands, victory after a battle. Maybe he was just happy that he got all that off his chest successfully? Maybe he was happy to get the truth out of me? I don't know.

  • Ok, so last night I was writing an e-mail to "R", nothing special just telling him about my first week of work and stuff, was just about to send when he popped on the IM. I said "hi" told him I just sent an e-mail, but that I had to go because I wanted to spend time with my kids since they will be at their dad's all week now. I think that was the first time EVER that I put him off for anything. Maybe it was about time, because an hour later he called. SHOCK!!! Wanted to come see me, said it "had been too long". Sure as hell has been too long, but, I had the kids here so reluctantly, I had to say "no". About an hour later, my phone rang again...yeah, guess who? This time he wanted to know if the kids were in bed yet. I said, "yes" and he said, "I'm coming over, I gotta see you". I could tell that he was on his cell in the car so I said, "where are you?" He said, "about ten minutes away".

    Omg...I didn't and probably still don't know what to think. He was hel-bound to see me last night that was for sure. Anyway, sure enough, about ten minutes later there he was. I snuck him in the house like a 16-year-old, lol, and hid him in my room. It was hilarious actually. But I knew better to ask anything about why he was here or what was on his mind. It was around midnight at that point, all I knew was that he needed to be with me pretty bad right then, and I just let things be. It all kind of broke my heart are so right Maria, the man is carrying quite an emotional load right now. I don't even think it's worth speculating at this time where I fit into things, other than he's obviously seeking me out for some shelter from the storm. There's just too much going on with him right now. It didn't feel at all like it was about the sx last night, it felt more like a hurt that needed to be tended to. I think it was the man version of, "I just need a hug", lol.

    Oh what to do, what to do....nothing of course...which seems to have worked wonders here now that I've quit thinking about things so much. We both know that's an emotional state that may not last, but maybe it's like the message of the Hanged-Man - sometimes when you just let it all go, in the end you get what you wanted. So if I can just stay in this "place" a little longer and let things just unfold - see what happens....

    The cards have been amazingly consistent (still seeing a lot of the Fool in general concerning him.) Did a reading tonight and got- Death and 2 of Wands just past (transformation and planning in the works) the Chariot and Knight of Cups speak to his emotionalism and wrecklessness last night, and coming into being: Queen of Pents, of course, lol, with the 6 of swords (I know I'm always so negative, but I hope that doesn't indicate him moving away from me). The Emperor is the 7th card. Shadow is the 3 of Cups...I know, don't even say it, it's three people - I get the message, lol. I did pull one card to clarify the 6 of Swords and I got the Sun. Still not sure how to take that. I worry about him moving away to get away from his whole situation. His father did that when he was a child; abandoned his family and his responsibilities. i warned him that repeating the mistakes of his father was going to create a whole new set of problems. Still, when emotions rule, anything is possible.

    As for you, I think it's fine that you are making a decision to persist for a while. You'll know when you've finally had enough and you'll move on. Right now, there still seems to be something keeping you connected - so it doesn't sound like you are quite there yet.

    I'll talk to you soon, I am absolutely beat tonight.

  • hey there, am sorrry if i am disturbing u! it is my first 10 min on this site... if u do readings, can u please open the cards for me?? my name is maria and i really like to know about my love life... i am a virgo that met a cancer man a while ago... i liked him soo much... the thing is he got into his shelllll n he is not calling nor smsing for no reason.. n when i said what is wrong n r u pushing me away, he said he has no problem to say if this was the case.. he just needs to take things a bit slow.... i am not feeling ok.... i sooo miss him and i am afraid by caring n telling him i miss him i will be pushing him away at this point... plz can u help me read my cards... thank u

  • Hi Virgo99 - Welcome! (Oh my gosh, did you actually read through all of this thread? Lol.) Can you tell us something more about him? Is his life busy with children or work? I am a Cancer so I have some insight on "our" motives. I will do a general reading for you, and MariaRia can probably add her interpretation on what she sees as well. (Okay Maria?) Let us know if the reading makes sense as well given your situation. Will follow up here with the reading.

  • For MariaRia's benefit here is the spread (Celtic cross positions are numbered) I asked the general question: What is the status of Maria's relationship with Cancer man?:

    1 Covered by the Queen of Wands

    2 Crossed by the 10 of Wands

    3 Foundation of the matter Knight of Pents

    4 Just passing away 4 of Pents

    5 Crowned by The Moon

    6 Near future 7 of Pents

    7 How you feel about the issue 6 of Cups

    8 Outside influences The Lovers

    9 Hopes/fears/the unexpected King of Wands

    10 Outcome The World

    Shadow Card 8 of Cups

    It looks to me like you both see something in this relationship that you want to keep going. The Queen of Wands is a decisive, warm, fun-loving Queen. You obviously enjoy each other. On the other hand it could mean that there is another woman at the heart of this matter. Is there another significant woman in his life? There are other signs here in the cards that this could be the case. I will ignore that possibility for the time being. But there are obstacles to you two getting together. Some kind of burdens that are getting in the way. These could be physical burdens such as work and responsibilities or emotional burdens. There appears to be no rush to take the relationship forward at this time as indicated by the Knight of Pentacles, or perhaps you just need to know that there won't be any quick developments in this matter - it will need to play out over time. It looks like one or both of you have been hanging on to some old issues that are now finally fading into the past. Things that caused you to avoid change and hang onto the past. And it looks like there are fears or confusion about the future, things need to be thought through, not moving quickly into a new relationship - you want to weigh things out carefully and make a good decision before you put your heart into it.

    You both want a warm, caring, easy relationship, without any struggles and it looks like that's what you find in each other. You get along and connect very well. Seeing the Lovers card again makes me wonder if he, or perhaps you, have another relationship that isn't really resolved and it's affecting your ability to really put yourselves into this relationship. This card is about making choices between two people. The King of Wands suggests that you do both want to make an effort here, there is enthusiasm about the relationship and that is a good sign that you have some sort of future together. Followed by The World card, you will reach some sort of understanding that is acceptable to both of you. This is a very good card that suggests that whatever issues you have between you will be cleared up and there will be happiness between you. The 8 of cups also suggests moving to a new level between you, letting go of past issues and moving on.

    My personal opinion is for you to be patient here. Think about what might be going on in his life that is simply getting in the way of giving you more attention at this time, and that he is not necessarily pushing you away. I think that it is fine that you let him know you care (we Cancers can't get enough assurances that someone really cares for us) and look to outside issues for the reason that he's not entirely there for you right now. I think that he really would tell you if he didn't want to be involved with you, it's just that right now there's too much going on in some area of his life or he hasn't resolved something from a past relationship - but all signs are that he will, but it's going to take a little more time.

    Let me know if this makes sense to you. (MariaRia - if you have anything to add just jump in there!)

  • Hi Jen and Maria - I feel like I know you after reading all 17 pages of this thread - lol! I have my own opinions about both of your relationships but my observations are not from the tarot cards, only from my own intuitive perception from the information that has been related in this thread. I have recently begun doing readings for myself and by no means am I at the point where I am confident about my ability to interpret what I see in the cards correctly. I've only been going on instinct so far...

    That said, would either or both of you be willing to do a relationship reading for me? I feel I may be too close to my situation to see it clearly and I am so curious to know what both of your insights would be. I know you are busy with new jobs and such, but it might help take your mind off J and R... for awhile anyway - lol!

    Here's the scoop - I've been involved for 2 years with a man, I am a Capricorn (almost Sag cusp), he's a Scorpio - I could supply more info if you like, but I wonder without it what you might see in regards to our soul mate status and current love or relationship potential. (or anything else you might pick up on)

    If you're up for it; I thank you, thank you!!


  • Hey, Jen!

    Sorry for the long wait, I was out of town and busy with birthdays and all that jazz.

    Wow! So, that was pretty intense. And yah, I sensed he was going through that, just judging by how turbulent his life must be at the moment. But, if he can sneak out and see you that one time, he can do it any time. Not that often, because then it might get obvious, but it just goes to show that he CAN make the time for you when he wants to. So, no more excuses. Though, if he's this emotional, it's going to be hard for him to make time for anyone but himself. It's going to be cave overdrive. Though he will need you for support.

    I think the sun clarifying the 6 of swords makes sense. 6 of swords can be moving away from turbulence, and the sun is a card of truth. So, maybe he's finally realizing something that is allowing him to move ahead in life and not stay in a situation where he's unhappy, physically or mentally.


    As for the reading....I have to add I get the sense of another woman, too. Crossed by the QofW and outside influence being The Lovers? Did he have some kind of relationship that went sour in the past and he's being a typical cancer and not getting over her?


    Jen....would you mind doing a reading for me, too? Like, I've done a few small ones just to see how our talk influenced him. And it actually seems very positive. Like, ive been getting the Star card a lot. I asked: how has our talk influenced J? And got: Justice, King of Pent, Star. The king of pents is a little tricky to read for me, but interestingly that hard has come up a lot for our 'situation', so I just see it as him really thinking about our relationship, but I see it in a positive way because of the presence of the star.

    So...yah. I've never gotten anyone emotionally detached to do a reading for us, so I'd really, really appreciate it if you could do one. Thanks, Jen 🙂

  • Ok MariaRia (now that we have 2 Maria's here, I'll have to get specific). I will do a reading for you if you'll do one for me. I'm not angsting here, I swear I am not, but as I think I said, I was really at a point of just figuring R and I were going different directions and here he plunks himself right back in my life. But then on the IM the other night he seemed a little snippy, maybe I misread it because his son was in the room and perhaps he couldn't talk. But my instincts are in overdrive again, and I feel like he's up to something, and while it is nothing I can do anything about, I am worried about him believe it or not. I mean I wasn't wrong when my gut told me things were getting seriously intense in his life, I don't really want to be right about what my gut is telling me this time. What it is telling me is that he IS contemplating doing something drastic, such as just running.

    Then I keep getting the Fool in readings. I mean A LOT along with the Star. A friend of mine pulled one card asking about my relationship in general with him and even she pulled the Fool. Yikes!! Is it a beginning or an ending between us? I so worry that he's going to run away from everything - this is reinforced by our risky little rendezvous this past week. Almost like he doesn't care one way or the other what the consequences of his actions are at this point. Maybe he has gone completely mad and I should stay away from him? Lol. I sent him an e-mail following up on our conversation about him seriously thinking about divorce (a conversation we had on IM last week). Just telling him what to expect if he goes down that path, the practical considerations, the costs, etc. But I did go out on a limb and talk about the impact of any decision he makes on his kids, particularly a decision to run off and simply alienate them. Warned him again that they are not likely to forgive him, nor respect him for not behaving like a grown-up. Yep, I used the word "grown-up", that will probably irk him but I don't care, this is a serious matter and if his atttitude is for real, then he NEEDS to grow up and handle things like an adult for the sake of his children "unless you don't care that the example you set now will encourage them to grow up and behave the same way someday". I also told him that if he runs off then he's giving all his power to his wife. "She wins. She took your self-esteem, your children and your money and left you empty. Stand up for yourself and she will create her own pain because she won't be in control anymore - you will drive her nuts". Oh there was lots more, as I say, all of it sure to get me in trouble probably, lol, but if I don't hold a mirror up for him who will? Maybe it's not my place to say, but in my opinion he can't go on like this, he needs to find some focus and make a responsible plan. I see him as being really emotionally unstable right now.

    Anyway, I could use a reading on "what's R feeling about us?" I just want to know what my place is in all of this at this point. What does he want from me??? I feel like an observer to a big drama that I really never belonged in right from the start anyhow. Is my "work" done here? We simply crossed paths so I could help him through a tough time, or does he actually see me as part of his future? I know, lol, too many questions, just stick with the basic one and the answers to the others may be revealed. Thanks Maria. Ok, I'm posting this and moving on to your reading. This should be

  • Oh, and High Tide, I'm not ignoring you, I'll do one for you too.

  • Oh and Virgo99, is the "99" your birthday by any chance? 9-9 is "R's" birthday. I was just thinking how uncanny that would be for a Virgo to show up on this thread with the exact same birthday as him.

  • Oh MariaRia, what a mess, I hate spreads like this. Ok, question was simply "tell me about Maria's relationship with J" , Celtic Cross as follows:

    Covered by the 10 of Swords

    Crossed by The Wheel of Fortune

    Foundation of the matter is 7 of swords

    Just passing away 4 of swords

    Crowned by the 6 of Cups

    Near future is Page of Cups

    How you feel about the relationship 3 of Swords

    Outside influences/environment King of Pents

    Hopes/fears 2 of swords

    Outcome Queen of Swords

    Shadow card is the Tower

    It's like you're both victims of Fate here? There are hidden matters that are at the root of the situation. Wow, it seems like you know him pretty well, but there may just be one big whomping issue that he's never talked about? You've been away from each other for some time here and you're both feeling the separation from each other, it pains him as well. You obviously have some fun, friendly, caring interactions coming up. I don't understand the King of Pents in this position other than my usual association with business matters, that he is concerned about his position in life and finding success, or perhaps there is pressure on him to do that? Hmm, that could be. How old is he? Is it possible that his family gives him a hard time about getting his act together? Two of swords...indecision, taking a blind eye, stagnation. Your situation is stuck on hold for the time being. But look at the outcome...something is about to be revealed, some new truth will come to light. With the Tower in the shadows it's going to surprise you for either good or bad. I'd like to think for good because of the page of Cups. Oh wait, holy cow, don't tell me that he has a kid out there somewhere? That 6 of cups...something from the past, followed by the page of Cups? Well okay, call me nuts Maria, but you have to see how that would tie in with the whole spread. The sneaky 7 of swords, the vicitim of Fate thing, the need for more income. LOL. Sorry, I hope that I am wrong...but it's an interesting analysis isn't it?

    Ok, so honestly I don't know what else to do with this spread. i can't even tell if he really cares about you, or what's on his mind. It just seems like there is a situation here that needs to come out, some truth that needs to be revealed, and perhaps that is what's blocking your whole ability to form a relationship with this man. But it looks like it will come out, maybe the Queen of Swords suggests that somehow you will get it out of him, or that you will finally have a clearer understanding of the situation between you two.

    God, I am absolutely no help whatsoever. Maybe you see something here that you can relate to? Let me know. This is NOT what I expected at all and I am so curious now what it all means.

  • Ok, I just posted a reading for hightide and something went goofy here. If it's lost I'm going to be so peeeved!

  • Holy Swords! At least the page of cups is coming up :S. LOL and don't worry, I'm pretty sure he doesnt have a baby. He's 25, so he's pretty young. But he seems very responsible and appreciative of his freedom. I always get the impression he isn't telling me something...or, rather, lots of things. He always has so many hidden aspects to his personality that he slowly lets me see. The 7 of swords makes a lot of sense. He never seems to be straight forward. It's always a test, or he's dodging me. He won't completely let me in. The most honest I ever get him is when he has alcohol in him. That's when he lets a lot of his shell down and he starts telling me things. The king of pents doesn't surprise me, I ALWAYS get that card as the 'situation'. I'm getting the impression it stands for how he likes to live at the moment; enjoying luxury, making money, being his own boss. That kind of thing. He likes to go out with his friends and shmooze. Though, it may also represent him trying to get a real job and finally make his place in his career. Maybe he's afraid that if he's in a relationship with me i'll take away a lot of his current lifestyle.

    Just passing as 4 of swords makes so much sense. For a while nothing was happening, and then all of a sudden we both kind of opened up a bit more and i've been hanging out with him again (always with other people, though).

    I don't know...I hope I learn more about him. If he needed security to open up to me, I hope our conversation I told you about did it. I want him to know i'll accept him for who he is. What is the 'crowned by' position? past influences? may be other relationships that have screwed him up. He has been cheated on, and once he told me he broke up with someone and it broke his heart to do it. He said he lost days of sleep. Of course, sober, he denied that. But I believe drunk, vulnerable J, LOL. So....maybe he's terrified of trying and failing again?

    Thank you for your's very intense. Here is yours. Hang on i'll post this first so it doesnt dissappear, LOL

  • Well I AM so peeved. I'm sorry Hightide but it appears to have vanished. Since you know a bit about the cards I will post the reading, but don't respond until I've given you my interpretation, which will have to come tomorrow because I have to get to bed. I did a Celtic Cross asking about "Hightide's relationship with Scorp":

    1 Covered by Page of Pentacles

    2 Crossed by the Sun

    3 Foundation of the matter is the Star

    4 Just passing away 3 of Wands

    5 What may come into being or an influence on the outcome is Justice

    6 Near future is King of Swords

    7 How you feel about the relationship is The Lovers

    8 Outside influences/atmosphere is the High Priestess

    9 Hopes/fears is the Queen of Wands

    10 Outcome is the King of cups

    Shadow card is the Hanged Man

    I will respond tomorrow with my interpretation. Thanks so much for your patience....yawn

  • Hurry up MariaRia, I'm dying of curiousity here! LOL

  • Interesting....

    1. Present: 8 of cups

    2. Covers you: 4 wands

    3.goals, aims, destiny: 10 swords from the past that influence you: Queen of Swords

    5. Events from the past relating to current situation: 6 of Swords

    6. Events in near future: Queen of Wands

    7. Present attitudes and perspectives: Magician

    8. Influences: Knight of Pent

    9. Inner emotions, fears, hopes, desires: The Sun

    10. Outcome: Knight of Cups

    Hokay.....interesting. So, I asked your question so this is all from 'R's' perspective.

    Present makes sense. He's definitely packing his bags emotionally and is looking for more stability and affections. Looks like he's ready to leave his old relationship. the 4 of wands as immediate influences also makes sense -he's looking for happiness, stability. Everything he does now is him trying to get his life back on track and for him to feel fulfilled again. So, that would be the basic influence for your entire relationship, I would think. 10 of swords as his goal I think is a change in your current relationship. I think he'd like to be with you more. I don't see this as him ending it completely. I see him feeling torn and hopeless and needing your relationship to support him.

    I don't know where all these queens are coming from...maybe you being upfront with him made him decide to finally bite the bullet and go ahead with the divorce? 6 of swords is more him trying to leave all his worries behind and go to a safer place, which is what you represent to him. Your relationship seems like a safe haven. All his sorrow seems to be influencing your relationship. You always get these sad swords cards under past influences affecting you now.

    Maybe the queen of wands, again, represents you really giving it to him. I remember you did a reading once and you got two different queens that bothered you. I remember thinking then it looked a lot like how your attitude changed, and now it looks like the same thing. I don't know if this is another woman, but I don't think so. There's that magician again....thats his present attitude towards your relationship, so this could be him taking more initiative, or maybe him playing more games and being manipulative. But, with the 10 and 6 of swords, I don't think so....I think he just wants to put more effort into you.

    Environmental factors knight of pents....ummm....maybe this has to do with him trying to slow down and find some stability? Thats definitely affecting your relationship. Again, hopefully he sees you as the one solid thing in his life atm. His inner emotions are the, that's a happy card to get in regards to your relationship. Maybe he really appreciates having you around and is realizing that your important to him. And outcome as the knight of cups is definitely good....your going to get some emotion your way, that's for sure. total, his present situation is affecting your relationship. Obviously, LOL. But....I dont see him getting rid of you or anything like that. The first half of the reading looks scary, but I think that's just because he's so miserable. All the cards are about leaving bad situations and moving onto good ones. The outcome as the knight of cups doesnt suggest that you are the situation he's leaving, LOL. So I guess you'll just have to be supportive and wait it out.

    What do you think about both those queens? Do you think im right about them representing actual events and not someone who is a threat to you?

  • Wow, some very familiar cards there. The Queen of Wands is me somehow. It's come up many times in single cards draws in answer to what's he feeling about me. I confess, I can be outspoken and I definitely just go after the things I want/need in life. I always assume this means that he thinks I have my sh*t together. He's said as much so I feel pretty confident in saying that. You may be right, perhaps I will have more of a role as an "anchor" for him if he's really getting worked up here. The Queen of Swords is easy, that's my constant harping on him about "living in truth". I totally believe that if people live their lives true to themselves, then everything else in life just falls into place. He actually told me that I've had a lot to do with him thinking about truth in his life and evaluating what he's doing with his life.

    I like your interpretation of the 8 of cups, I always freak out and think he's leaving me when I see that card, and again, it's one I've seen a lot of lately. The 10 of Swords, argh, almost every reading lately, often along with the 9 of swords. He's seems to be caught between feeling like he's cruel and feeling like he's the victim. I tend to think it's something to do with not wanting to hurt me, but he's so trapped by his situation right now. I think these two swords cards coming up over and over is what has me so concerned about him though. Just hate thinking that he's in pain and losing sleep over what to do. A reading I did earlier had the 9, 10 and 3 of swords. Can it get any worse? I'd rather see the Death or Tower cards than that load of swords. The Death card is very popular right now as well. But see I can't discern whether it's his situation that's about to transform or our situation, or both.

    I've decided that the knight of pents with him is about his resolve. He is very single minded about decisions he makes. Once he's made it, it's a done deal and he won't budge. Whatever is happening around him right now, this tells me he is being stubborn plain and simple. He knows where he wants to go, or at the very least he will make the decision for himself, and he won't be influenced by others.

    That's good to see that he wants happiness but is it happiness between us, or just a general hope for a happy outcome for himself? (I know, so Cancer of me, I have to question the happiest card in the deck..."yeah, but are you sure it's about me?" Lol.) I don't trust the Knight of cups, to me it can mean emotional extremes, like maybe he's worried that I'm going to get emotional or behave erratically. On the flip side it also might suggest that he feels safe with me emotionally and believes that I can deal with his emotional extremes. It would be nice for him to open up with me and unload some of his pain and confusion.

    Now since he's got the Magician in mind, it suggests that he wants to continue to create something between us. I think? Or maybe I have inspired him to take some real action to change his situation, either by changing his attitude or his actual situation. He' s ready to make some "magic" in his life. Maybe somewhere in all of this is the emotional support he's looking for to formulate what he wants to do next. I have no doubt that there is still an element of "hiding" things from me. In some ways I think he doesn't want to draw me too far into his drama, wants to keep "us" outside of it. Just sort of "give me love when I need it and don't make me talk about the rest of it". Maybe he even sees it as sort of a "protective" thing towards me and doesn't want to drag me into his unhappiness.

    4 of Wands is what I always call the "freedom card" - free to be happy.

    Well thanks so much for the reading. It's a relief and a bit confusing at the same time. I'll have to think about it some more tomorrow when I'm not so tired. Oh, I'm gonna be dying at work tomorrow. Gotta go.

    Hey, if you're not busy interpret, Hightide's spread that i did for her. I'll still post my interpretation tomorrow. I'd be curious what you see there.

  • Thanks Jen!... and Maria!

    I'll check back soon : )

  • Well, HighTide. Since you know so much about our situations, why not give us a little outside introspection, hmmm?

    Your reading looks pretty good to me. Your present situation is one of growth and new beginnings. Bulding a solid foundation -pentacles isn't wishy washy, its practical and secure. I guess your influence right now is to find out the truth, which makes sense with you asking for this reading. The fact that your relationship is based on the star is pretty good. I never see any negative in that card -optimism, hope for the future. It seems like you guys passed some kind of point in your relationship and your now considering where to take it. It looks like one or both of you are going to be honest with each other, which is probably how the outcome is going to be the king of cups. You feel like this man could be the one -the lovers is a strong card. That, or you haven't actually decided how you feel yet. But since your doing the reading im going to side with the first option. There are things that are still hidden in the relationship that you hope will be brought to the surface -you want honesty and straight forwardness like the Queen of Wands.

    So, I see lots of hope and a willingness to work things through in this reading. Doesn't look bad to me.

  • Hello HighTide - Sorry for the delay, it's been a long day. It was so disappointing to lose my interpretation last night. Going forward I think I'd better hit "copy" before I post. Now, realize that this is a tough one for me having so little information to go on, but that's okay, that makes things interesting to see if the cards come anywhere close to what's happening with you. I will also tell you that I have no psychic abilities whatsoever that I know of, lol, I just read the cards pretty much based on their standard interpretations.

    Ok, so your relationship appears to be fun and trusting - you both feel very secure with each other and are good at building the relationship and you know that you can count on each other. A good physical connection is indicated too, if you know what I mean (if you don't, then you can expect that it would be if the relationship were to turn physical). The page of pentacles is also tied in with some form of learning, study or training - finding ways to assure material success and self-betterment. An educational setting may be indicated.

    The Sun tells me that happiness prevails in your relationship. A very good card, as you probably know, indicating happiness in all areas of life. The Star speaks to the optimism you have about the relationship, or perhaps you have had some struggles that you have overcome and there is now "light at the end of the tunnel". But remember, hope doesn't make things happen, don't take your relationship for granted, be generous with you feelings and don't let fear and doubt cloud things if you have recently overcome some difficulties. Stay positive.

    It looks like you two have already laid some kind of foundation for the future, whether that is through business, the relationship or some other enterprise together. It will take some time, but you expect to see results of your "investment" in the future.

    Now things start to get a little messy here for me. When I see Justice followed by the King of Swords my immediate reaction is "a Judge" - legal matters - and a man of authority entering the picture. It may just indicate that balance is needed in the relationship or that there is some sort of decision that needs to be made to bring balance between you. I always associate the King of Swords with Scorpio men, so this may simply confirm that Scorp man is a part of your near future. The Lovers also suggests to me that there is some sort of decision to be made - somthing here that either involves a choice between two loves or questions about moral or ethical behavior.

    The High Priestess refelcts a strong spiritual and intuitive connection. Personally, I don't believe in just one soul-mate in our lives, I think there are many people who touch us on a soul-level. I do see that you two have that sort of connection though. That Queen of Wands is warm, confident, enthusiastic and gets things done and she may reflect the optimism and enthusiasm that you both have for your relationship, or, in it's negative it could actually indicate that there's a woman who stands in your way, one who is an obstacle to your progress - she is bold, outspoken, and determined to get her way. However, the King of Cups suggests a very happy outcome as he represents peacefulness, patience, love and understanding between you. Then along comes the Hanged Man to throw a bit of a wrench in things - something must be let go, released or sacrificed.

    You know, overall the spread has such a good, happy vibe to it, but it's like there's some glitch here. Some situation or relationship hanging out there that needs to be resolved before you can really come together with this man. Decisions that need to be made, that may even involve some form of sacrifice in order for you two to be fully together. But it looks like you two are in a great place emotionally, you really have something good together. If there is some price to be paid perhaps it would be worth it.

    Well let me know if any of this makes sense, okay. Again, my apologies for getting back to you so late...I did try...just a few technical flukes to this site that need to be tweaked I think.

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