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  • GOOD FOR YOU!!! On getting a date, it'll be a refreshing change, being around with someone you don't have to second guess yourself with.... good luck let us know how it goes got my fingers crossed for you girl

  • Jenn - Well, that sounds awesome. And, even if you do see R again the future, hopefully he'll be divorced or over this wifey mess, and T will be a nice distraction in the meantime. Honestly, from what you've told me on this forum, he has definitely not been putting in the effort he could have. That's not your fault. So, go be happy with T, and let R handle himself. If we wants to stop you, he can. If not, whatever. If you were meant to be, you'll see him later.

    And, yes, I will tell you about it 😄 It's nice to have a distraction from J, especially since things can't really go anywhere at the moment. Though, the cards tell me they will, soon.

    SexyGem -Thanks, LOL. I will. You know...i got the craziest reading today. It said that J is at a level with me now where he feels completely comfortable. Like he could tell me anything and it would be okay....and that really scares him. He feels like he's lost control, or i'll use that comfort to hurt him somehow. Like, it seems like it's okay, but no, if he says what he wants to say to me he'll get hurt. Thats so sad...I really hope he gets over that.

  • Hi there, im new to this whole forum thing, so i hope im posting this in the right place. I've read a couple of older posts mainly from Jenever and mariaria and boy were they helpful. I am a tarot reader myself but when it comes to doing self reading, it gets a bit foggy. I would appreciate some feedback from you guys. Okay here's my story. Me and 'A' met accidently thru my cousin who had come to visit shortly and we became good friends. Long story short, after about a year we started dating. He is cappy man and is 28 and I'm leo and im 23. Ive never ever felt so strongly about someone before and I always wanted this to work out. Well, last year october, we informed our folks that we wanted to get married (we're both Indian, so it gets a bit dodgy when it reaches the 'informing the parents' stage.). My folks were cool about it, but as soon as he informed his folks, they flipped and told him that they want him to check out the girls that they had in mind for him. Oh btw, his family is superflippin' rich so they basically want him to get married to another superflippin' rich girl they find for him (arranged marriages are still common amongst Indians). Anyway, each time they'd try to break us up, 'A' would get discouraged and end it and I would motivate him and get him to talk to his parents again. Well, finally, he broke up with me on jan 15th and its been 2 months that we've not spoken. I did not beg, plead or throw any tantrums, I simply told him that if he himself wasn't motivated enough to hold on to this relationship and make this work, whats really left. He said this was too much stress. Well, I was very very upset obviously, but did not call him again. I mean afterall, I had motivated him so many times before and this time, I needed to see it from him. So now the situation is that I still do love him, and Its been so effin hard to let go, and believe me i have tried!! I have sulked for weeks, but I knew I needed to take care of myself, so I hung out with friends, read books, applied for jobs, and even got one and its an awesome job. I love where my life is right now, and I'm even applying for my Postgraduate studies, so things are going on good, but i miss him loads and I do the card pretty regularly to check.

    My past present future spread is a little different. its 4 2 5

    6 1 7

    8 3 9


    the left line is Past, center is present and last line would be future. The 10th is the final outcome. This reading helps me intuit well and gives me a general outlook of the entire scenario.

    Basically, I'm waiting and hoping he gets back (he has emailed me asking me to remain friends with him, n that he misses me but his parents wud never allow us to happen. I responded back saying Ive done alot for him and I wudnt want to be friends). I want him to stand up and fight for us, and Im hoping one of you could do a reading for me.

    This is what Ive gotten for myself. I asked, will we get married, so following my spread, i got

    Past: 9 of cups, 5 of cups, knight of wands.

    Present: Temperance, Queen of pents, 9 of swords

    Future: 6 of cups, Fool, 4 of wands

    Final outcome: 7 of swords.

    (this is one of manyyyy readings ive done).

    Please can someone throw light. Id really appreciate it. Its been soo veryy stressful for me in the past 2 months.

    Thanks so mch.

  • the spread came out weird. its

    4 2 5

    6 1 7

    8 3 9


  • Hi Leo105 - Some thoughts about your reading and I did a quick 3-card spread for an overview.

    Past – You excite him, you make him happy, you are the woman he wants but as you know the 5 of cups is all of the negative issues that surround your relationship. There is much between you but he is forced to turn away from you. There is great disappointment in this, but he refuses to face what you offer.

    Present – Temperance – clearly you are keeping a good frame of mind about things, thinking about what is important for you. There is steadiness and friendliness between you two.

    Future – Two people drawn together by the past, a “foolish” leap or new beginnings, and reason to celebrate. Sounds like you two will hang on to something together but what? Or will you let go of the past and start fresh?

    Outcome – This card bothers me as an outcome. If you’re familiar with my story then you know I’ve dealt with infidelity. This card is very familiar to me and I do view it as a sneaky card. Something that has to be hidden or someone trying to get away with something. My worry is that he will continue to love you or keep you lured in while he ends up with someone else “selected” by his family. On the other hand, in view of the future cards, perhaps it suggests that he will throw caution to the wind and follow his heart. The four of wands means freedom to me and finding great happiness. Maybe the 7 of Swords means he will run away from his family values in order to be with you. Hard to imagine a Cappy doing that, with their attachment to tradition and family values, but I suppose it’s possible.

    So I pulled three cards, past, present and future – just an overview of the relationship.

    Past: 4 of Pents – there’s a solid foundation between you but is it love or something else? Perhaps holding on for selfish reasons, think about what it is you really love about him. There’s little emotion in this card and lots of materialism. Maybe it’s a reflection of how the “flippinrich” aspect plays into your relationship. The part that he can’t let go of, and that is also apparently a part of your cultural understanding as well. The status-quo is part of both of your backgrounds.

    Present: 3 The Empress – A loving, nurturing card to be sure. You are both bringing out a good side of each other at this time. You are supportive. You do care deeply about each other. I think you are both must be thinking about the long-term, about marriage.

    Future: 3 of Swords – But then along comes the three of swords. A separation. A continued separation or a permanent one – I think it is too soon to say. But don’t expect any quick results. This is reinforced by the “shadow card” which is the World. This is going to take some time, it will have to play itself out to a natural conclusion, but whether you are together or end up apart, unlike some other cards that might signal an ending or a resolution to a matter, this World tells you that it will be a good and sound resolution and anything that ends will be the start of a new and better beginning.

    Again, I have no sense right now whether that will mean you and he will be together or you move apart into a different type of relationship or different paths in life. In the meantime it sounds like you are doing an incredible job of keeping yourself moving in a positive direction and not caving in emotionally. Keep it up, bide your time and simply let events unfold a bit here. Maybe the fool in your reading really symbolizes new people or situations that will come into your life and set you free into new experiences away from this man. Maybe you will put him in the past and the 7 of swords in your reading is you going off on your own.

    Anyway, hope that gives you some things to think about. I'm short on time tonight so apologize for being brief and to the point. Hopefully Maria will show up with some thoughts too. I so enjoy her interpretations because she always puts her special intuitive twist on things.

  • Hi Jenever7, Thank you so very much for your time and your reading, i really appreciate it! I loved how you described my spread. Yes, the sneaky 7 of swords is a card Im not fond of as well, but the problem is that it keeps popping up alot in my readings. Since this is also a card of 'betrayal' of some sort, I can easily say that I did feel very betrayed by the man whom I cared for so much, afterall he did not stand up for us. U kno whats funny, is that his parents live in a different country and they both have such a formal relationship with A. Its so weird, because they sort of have always dictated to A and hardly ever wanted to hear what he wants, feels, fears, wishes. The most annoying part was when he actually broke up with me because of them.

    Yes, I have been doing my level best to get him out of my mind, but I cannot. The memories are way too strong, and instead of running away from them, I've just let them flow naturally. So whenever I miss him, I go online and do some 'tarot' surfing, it helps me deal with my emotions. I know its weird, but it does help me. You really have no idea how I have held myself back from contacting him. Being a cappy he can be very cold, and this time, I want him to try to make our relationship work (if it does work out at all). We have dated for almost 2 years, and thruout this period, I have always been there for him, encouraged him, motivated him, I guess Ive 'mothered' him in so many ways and now he's just gone, and all I have left is my patience, inner strength and lots of prayers to help pave a new path. (Being a leo, you know how hard it is to be patient!).

    Yesterday evening, I did a past/prst/fture spread on 'will he contact me soon'. I got the knight of swords, queen of pents and 7 of swords in the present. Well, the knight of swords means someone delivering a swifty message to you. Anyway, much after that, I started missing him again, and unblocked him on IM for a bit (we both have blocked each other, but whenever i miss him I unblock him for a little while). So when I unblocked him, I saw him online! I didn't say anything, but left it like that for a bit and got back to my other work. Then a msg popped up from him saying, "i dont know what to do when I see you online. How come you've not blocked me"....after a while I replied "I hardly come on chat these days, so I havent changed anything on here". He replied "Okay, hope your okay man...Bye I guess"...(pops offline).....aftr about 10 mins...(pops online. 2 seconds....pops offline)

    One quick knight of swords here...but I did get excited seeing his msg...and i did feel 'let down' after his quick "bye i guess"...sigh...(Im having too much temperance)...

    Jenever, thank you for your 3 card reading...i had 2 questions though. Does the 3 of swords indicate a 'final' end with that person, or is there still some sort of hope? And 2ndly, what does the 'shadow' card mean? I mean you said you had picked out The World. (so this was after picking out the 3 of swords right?), and how does the shadow card help/what does it represent?

    Your answer was not brief so plz dont apologise, infact you're really good with the finest details..and I love that! Plz dont hesitate to ask me for doing a reading for u...

    Regarding thr 4 of pents, I definitely was not with him for his money..and he knows that as welll.being a cappy he hardly spends..and funnily I was the 'spender' in the relationshp. But yes, his folks told him that they'd 'disown' him (and cut him out of their legacy) if he'd consider marrying me..(sheesh). (so cud it be that because of this that he decided to cut off?) ...Btw, Im not sure if you're familiar with astrology..his natal chart has Pluto in the 4th house, so thats like alot of intense drama at his family/relatives area. Anyhoo, I'm rambling quite alot, so Im gonna stop and thank you once again Jenever 🙂 Looking fwd for your reply...

  • Hi Leo, yes that 4 of Pents really does seem to reflect that relationship with his family. Fours indicate a foundation and the material aspects of the card, whether viewed as positive or negative, are a part of who he is and his situation. Maybe that 7 of Swords simply continues to mean that he is "getting away with something" with his involvement with you, because he knows that your relationship is in defiance of his family. It's very difficult for me to appreciate how rigid your culture is on this matter and I hope I don't offend you with that statement. But under any circumstances it is hard to go against the feelings of one's family, even in our "free" American culture. There are certainly cases where I would think twice about a man if I knew up front it would cause conflicts with my family. So difficult for you, I am so sorry that you face such issues. i think your man's Cappy traits are more about the tradition in this matter rather than his attachment to money, based on what you have said.

    The 3 of Swords does not mean an ending. I've seen this all too often as well with my relationship readings, but what it always seems to mean is the deepest of heart-aches and being cut off from one that you love. Another definition of it that is more positive is that it is a cleansing of the heart. The tears wash the heart clean so that one can heal. The worst is over and the separation is a time to recover. Any way you look at it, I hate this card. Hurt is certain, but again, is it you that will be hurting Leo, or will it be your friend? That is uncertain. You can remain in each other's lives, but there may always be an element of hurt, at least at this time. I have this very same card hovering over my relationship with my Virgo. Neither of us can have what we want at this time - or even for years to come - so there is always an element of pain if we are going to continue to stay in contact. Hurts to stay in it with him, hurts to go. easy answer sometimes.

    The shadow card is the card on the bottom of the deck after you cut the cards. I shuffle the cards and cut the deck once. Then I draw cards for the reading. I like to save the shadow card for last to shed a light on what I think I see in the reading. The shadow card is just that - underlying issues at play in the overall reading. In your case of the World it shows that this is a significant event in your life. A cylce that will be coming to a conclusion. As I say, the World card being what it is - that conclusion may not be the one you think you want, but it will be the right conclusion for you. You advance to the next level so to speak and a different cycle in life. Again, in my relationship with my Virgo, I kept getting the World and the Fool. Over and over. Even I don't know if that means we have a future together or if we are ending our relationship as it stands and creating something different. We don't want to lose each other, but it seems more and more unlikely that we can have the relationship we want...unless wreckless, potentially foolish decisions are made. In my case the Fool may be a warning to end the cycle and don't do anything foolish, use the wisdom I've gained and move in a new direction. So I've decided that I just need to have faith that conclusions will reveal themselves...all in good time. My "temperance" isn't so good for the most part either, lol, and this is a challenge.

    I'm familiar with the characteristics of people of different astrological signs, but I don't know much more than that. The positions of moons and planets is beyond me and how it affects anything. Something I'll learn more about someday maybe.

  • hey maria I just wanted to let you know you are thought of and I hope you have a wonderful time on your date this weekend... do tell.

  • Hi Jenever, I'm assuming the virgo guy in your life is 'R', correct? I just thought I'd add something here about virgos. I'm not sure if you're aware that 2008 and a huge chunk of 2009 had Saturn transitting in Virgo. Saturn is the taskmaster, rather the 'karma' planet and it stays in the 1st house (of personality and self) for about 2 years (staying time differs for each sign). This is the period of changes, uncertainity, confusion, all of which are out of our own control. Alot of people fear Saturn transits since it sort of shakes up our world, and especially if it is transitting our 1st house in the chart. Now, virgos can be very fussy people and those who dislike change, so they can be quite confused during this period. Things do not go according to what they've planned. The only good thing is that virgoes are quite meticulous hard workers, and Saturn likes this, so I guess this energy meshes well. What I'm trying to say is that your virgo man was confused and had alot of inner struggle going on. I'm surprised though that he did not have the 'guts' to finish off with his empty marriage (he's the same one right?). During this transit, we clear out whats not working for us in our lives and as Saturn leaves our 1st house, we have pretty much started on a clean slate. If his marriage is really not a good one, there is a probability of him ending it during Saturn transitting his 2nd house (because it is stil continues to be important - the Saturn 7 and a half year cycle. - Saturn in 2nd house is the last bit of this cycle). So lets see. But if this doesnt happen, then he'll probably take another gazillion years to do so. I suggest you do not hurt your self any longer. Let him deal with his own life his own way and instead of thinking about him you can use this time to develop yourself. I mean why do we want to over complicate our lives right? If you want I can do a reading for you, let me know.

    Thanks for explaining the 'shadow' card. I actually call it the 'base' card. U know, its interesting how the base/shadow card is always so relevant to the question we have in our mind.

    Also, now that you mentioned the world card, I'll add here that I had visited someone I knew, a tarot reader, and when she did a celtic cross for me and him separately, she told me that the energies at this point are not good, and there is alot of tension in the air regarding the relationshp so it will not work out. She also got the 9 of pents revrsd for A and lovers, and she said that he was very lonely here and I was still on his mind, but he is just not willing to budge and do anything at this point, so in short, she said its not going to work out. But then after that, she decided to do a 3 card spread, a simple, "will they eventually get married"...and this is what she got: 7 of wands, 2 of wands (reversed), The World. Now she was quite suprised to get this reading and she said that the 2 of wands rx was a temporary separation and the world was great. I want to know what you think of this..

    You had also mentioned about being there in each others lives but not together, I kind of find that very impossible for myself atleast. I personally do not believe in keeping in touch with my ex's, and the thing is A knew this himself. When he broke up with me, he was very cold and there was hardly any closure and that hurt me alot. I mean the least he could do was express himself and why he couldnt hold on any longer, etc. But he just ended it so coldly and cracked some lame, dry joke and said bye. He obviously regrets this since he's contacted me 3-4 times after that via email..he acknowledged how he hurt me, and that saying sorry wasnt good enough since that cant remove the pain, but his parents felt very strongly about this. U know, the problem is that how can I remain friends with someone whom I still care deeply about. Its really impossible..and if I'd agreed to this, it would again make me easily 'available' to him (like Ive always been). This time, Im really hoping he awakens and realizes and does something about it - himself!

    Okay, how about I do a few spreads and post it on here again. Lets see what the cards tell me today.

  • Okay:

    1. Will A contact me soon?

    Past: Sun, Knight of Pents, King of Cups

    Present: 8 of pents, Moon, Strength

    Future: Lovers, Fool, 5 of swords

    F.Outcome: Emperor

    Loads of major arcanas...btw, Id like to add that I dont normally believe in reversals, nevertheless, this entire spread had no reversals either. 8 of pents in the present could mean he's too occupied/busy to even think about us?

    2. Will we eventually get back together?

    Past: Page of pents, 8 of cups, 5 of wands

    Present: 5 of cups, 3 of cups, kinight of wands

    Future: 9 of swords, Fool, Ace of pents

    F.Outcome: 8 of pents

    This reading is a bit confusing to me. Sigh :(. I wonder why I see 3 of cups in the present tho. There's nothing 'merry' about the present situation..weird. Mr. Fool doesn't want to leave me either. Are these 2 readings indicating moving on, or starting afresh?

  • sexygem - Aww, thanks! And my date is, NEXT weekend. LOL. We're both busy, apparently. But I did some readings on him, and apparently he's no good. Go figure. And actually, I got a reading done for 2010 and it said some guy would come in who seemed cool, but watch out for him cause he's just in it for the 'game' playing aspect. And thats pretty much what my reading said about him. So, needless to say, not so much looking forward to it. Still gonna go on it, but not really putting many eggs in that basket.

    And, sorry, I dont have time to review all those readings, maybe tomorrow.

  • how disappointing.... well I hope you give yourself a chance to have fun and be pursued you deserve a break.

  • hey maria just got back in town went up to catch the last bit of snow in lake tahoe and reno.... soooooooo.... how did the date go? I hope you had fun.

  • I didn't go on it yet, LOL. It's supposed to be this weekend...but I dunno. I'm considering cancelling it, honestly. I don't think I'm interested. The only reason I wanna go is so I can at least feel like im dating....usually those are where the awkward, bad dates come from. I'm sure if I try I can meet someone else.

    I had a great weekend with 'J' though. It was my birthday so we went out with a bunch of work friends. I got druuunk, LOL. Then he invited me back to his place, and we had some more wine, chatted, and then I proceeded to molest him LOL!! Oh boy...he was very resistant because of the whole 'manager' thing, but Drunk Me pays no attention to that...but the next morning was nice cause we cuddled a lot.

  • Interesting.... what about the other girl, she wasn't there? O well sucks to be her. Anyway, don't cancel your date even if it is just so you can be out and about... I'm sure J will be back feeling uncomfortable before your head can spin and it helps to have other friends....

    P.S. I am sooo happy for you that J thought enough of your friendship to spend your b-day with you (happy birthday)..... good luck in the future, and keep those options open.... it does help when your lonely and ......... let's him know that he could loose a good thang.

  • just thought about your cituation a bit more....

    Thats f-ing awsome that you got to enjoy your birthday with the man you reallly wanted to be with.... I am over-estatic for you.... I am sure you are OVER the moon!!!!!! Oh happy happy joy joy. He really must care for you. I also want to wish you a (late) Happy Birthday.... you deserve it.

  • Awww, thanks lady! You know, I just thought about it, but i've spent my last two birthdays with him. Last year we hung out the entire weekend. He really doted on me last year, too....ugh it just makes this whole thing more frustrating.

    And your right, he's being confusing again. I'm just trying not to notice it. And yeah, I think I will keep the date...I just dont know when the hell we're supposed to go out, I work every weekend x.x So I asked him if he's available during the week....we'll see. And at least now I wont feel like im sadly waiting around for him, LOL.

    And no, she wasnt there. She happened to be away traveling that weekend. What luck, eh? Well....not that she would have come, we dont talk, LOL.

    But thanks for your support!! How are things with you?

  • pretty good... can't complain. Now that things have stabilized between us, I (almost) miss the excitement and thrill of the chase.... have "fun" and keep it cool... he'll be back for more soon enough.

  • why don't you have boo #2 pick you up after work.... let #1 know you aint loosin no sleep or cryin no tears.... just a thought.

  • I'm terrified to do that....mostly of what he can do to retaliate. So, it's like "oh, really? Okay." and then he can easily just show up to work and leave work with a girl as many times as he feels he needs to prove his point and I won't be able to handle it.

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