Help with reading -What Relationship Would Be Like

  • Hey,

    So this Cancer guy has been driving me nuts, so I decided to ask the Tarot that if we dated, what our relationship would be like.

    I pulled these cards, no positions:

    Eight of Cups

    The Fool

    Three of Swords

    Knight of Swords

    Eight of Swords

    King of Cups. first glance it looks awful. The only decent card is the Fool, really. I guess the Knight of Cups is okay. ..but thats the card that usually represents him. What do you guys think??

  • Maria, I haven't followed your thread lately, just jumping in here on this last post. So, without even knowing what I am talking about as far as putting this in context of your latest situation, I see a desire to release a situation or to mentally/emotionally move to a new place, you are weary of the situation - burned out, the Fool is all about new beginnings and taking chances, whether planned or simply making a wreckless move (given several negative cards here, I'm more inclined to think making a change and taking the chance on unknown outcomes would be better than attempting to stick with this guy). The three of swords is what it is - a "knife through your heart" (whenever I get this card, intense heartache is sure to exist or will be coming soon). Kinight of swords in the positive is about logic, truth, and reason, in it's negative it is rude, overbearing and intolerant, the Eight of Swords means you feel trapped, confused or powerless in this situation...but you can choose to release yourself at any time. I'm going to go with your thought that the King of Cups is an affirmation that this is about him, since you say that's usually his card. (I see this all the time when I have certain cards that represent particular people. I always see it as an indication to pay attention - the cards are being very specific about the person in question - heed the advice well.)

    As I say Maria, I haven't had time to read this whole thread (it got a bit overwhelming at some point), so just putting in my two cents here. I see your gut wanting to move on, but you're locked into this for the time being, it looks to me like it's just going to keep causing you pain and only you can make the call about when to let it go and take your chances on finding something/someone new. The knight of swords suggests you know the truth of the situation, or you are at a place to accept the truth and use logic to bring yourself out of the confusion. I might be willing to think things had more potential for an optimistic outcome with this man if it weren't for the three of swords. There is pain here, or the pain that results from separation, and no indication of it getting resolved in any direction. Sounds like it falls on you to make the call on this one, but if you decide to date him, expect it to be a difficult situation - if he's already driving you nuts...expect more of the same. I wouldn't call that an "awful" reading necessarily, more like, "you have been warned", lol.

  • Thanks for responding! Yaaah....I totally agree with you. I'm slowly trying to peel myself away, but it's hard when I've already invested so much time and emotion into him. It's hard to believe it won't go anywhere when I've seen progress, but also when I feel like we get along so well and have so many similar interests. But, like you said, I am so tired of the situation and the thought of it going on much longer makes me want to cry, LOL! In the back of my head I think 'if I do this different, and this different, maybe he'll come around'. But his attitude so far makes me wonder what a relationship would be like with him, and also like you said, I realize its most likely to be more of the same, and I don't want that.

    sigh I've been trying to get over him by willing someone else to come, someone who's much better. I did a reading on where I'd meet him but I can't figure it out....i'm gonna post it but feel free to ignore if you dont feel like interpreting two in one thread.

    7 of cups ( i asked to clarify and got the knight of cups)

    6 of cups

    knight of wands

    For some reason I was thinking camping or a beach...I don't know. Ugh.

  • Maria, quick note on the previous reading, the 8 of cups can indicate exactly what you said, it can be about turning your back on or giving up on something that you've made a great emotional investment in.

    Ok, just quick impressions on your second reading here (sorry short on time right now). Seven of cups suggest that you have several options for potential love interests coming your way, you may not know who to pick! (reinforced byt the knight of cups). The six of cups suggests someone from your past who comes back into your life, or perhaps a former love interest that is renewed. Be wary of the knight of wands, he will be one who can completely capture your attention with his energy, intelligence and passion, but he may turn out to be someone who is very full of himself, or one who is here today - gone tomorrow. Not saying it has to be that way, but the potential is there. The question of "where you'll meet" has me stumped - although that may make sense with the Seven of Cups - representing no particular sense of "order" about things - and I'd say that you should just be open to the idea that you may find your next romantic interests anywhere. (I know how unhelpful of me, lol!) You certainly can look forward to being able to pick and choose a bit here though, don't feel like to have to settle on any one man right off the bat.

  • LOL wow, that's promising! Except the prospect of it being someone I know is actually daunting. Don't really know anyone I would date ATM except for the boy mentioned above, which clearly ain't happening.

    You have been amazingly helpful, so....pleasedontkillme! I couldn't help it and asked if he had feelings for me...this is the spread I got:

    Ace of Pentacles

    Four of Swords

    Page of Pentacles.

    This really surprised me. To me it looks like there's just an idea, maybe a possibility...but through some kind of period of thought, maybe following the advice of my other cards and leaving him to himself, it'll develop further?? That's backwards....

    I'm so sorry to throw three bloody spreads at you. I shouldn't have even asked the question, seeing as im supposed to be moving on. But....there it is. I promise this is the last one. If you were infront of me i'd pinky swear you.

  • Maria, lol, it's no problem. I do this to myself all the time, kind of a nice diversion to assist someone else for a change. I should send a couple of my readings your way....ok, I think I will.

    Here's my latest reading with regards to the question: "where does he see things going between us" (a general past, present, future + a fouth card to see if I could glean more insight on the future cared - then I pulled one more card to see what direction "Judgment" might take. I'm clear on the past and can see that it has him introspecting on the present, just nothing solid to me on the future unless you see something here. He's obviously feeling defensive and ready to make some kind of decision...or maybe not...the 4 of cups is pretty vague) Let me know what you think:

    3 Swords


    9 Wands


    4 Cups

    Anyway, back to yours. Hmm, yeah that Ace definitely signals some kind of possibility to work at something together, but I rarely associate the Pentacles with a romantic partnership (although I know if you want to split hairs it can be there). A period of retreat or rest with a time of gathering information or gaining new knowledge. I don't know what to make of it Maria, since there's no indication of where this beginning will go, but we can't overlook the fact that things still seem to be moving in a direction - nothing has come to an end, just a lull in the action. Perhaps do another reading asking where things are headed with this spread in mind. Might give some clarification on whether this movement is in an emotional realm or a more practical direction.

    Sorry to be so long in replying. I wasn't thinking to look for a reply from you and I will be more attentive here until we have this one resolved.

  • Hum, so past is 3 of swords, present is hermit, future is 9 of wands and then judgment is also the future? And then 4 of cups clarifies judgment?

    Well, it looks like your guy is still kind of reeling from the hurt in the past. The present is the hermit, and with the future as the 9 of wands is still doesn't look like he's going to be moving. I see judgment, but then I see the four of, I don't see him actually DOING anything. All I see is him thinking things over. Maybe the four of cups ties in with judgment in that it's trying to show you that he sees a period of distance between you two, while he (and maybe you?) tries to figure out the right thing to do. I always have trouble between judgment and justice.

    Wait...or, we could look at it like this. The future is the 9 of wands -so, the conclusion is that he's going to be stubborn and stay on his guard. Why? Judgment...possibly, he'll come to a conclusion, and that is that whatever it was that happened, he hasn't gotten over it, and he thinks that distancing himself from the relationship, or maybe you, is the best answer (4 of cups).

    I feel like that probably confused the hell out of you. Give me feedback and we'll toss some idea's around. But from the cards I see, there is a general theme of 'insight by himself.' Also, of defensiveness.

    PHEW. As for me, I see what your saying. I used to think that about pentacles, too. But after having a discussion about them on another tarot website, i've come to love them with relationships. It feels like a solid foundation, where love can grow.

    I did another spread...I asked 'In regards to my relationship with J, what is the best course of action?"

    Two of Wands

    Ace of Cups

    Nine of Cups

    Five of Pentacles

    Six of Wands

    Shadow Card: Ace of Wands

    So, confused by the general....goodness? I feel like it's trying to tell me to either decide between what I feel and what I want? Or, control my emotions to get my wish...? And, therefore, turn my sorrow into victory? I put the other two separate, because I feel like 5 cards are too many to pull with no positions. So you can choose to ignore them if you wish.

    This is kinda fun!

  • Yes...maybe stubborn is the word...the three of swords may be a bit of hurt in this case, but in combination with a situtation that keeps us separated. We did have quite an argument last week with me laying out some cold, hard truths. I haven't spoken to him since and left it in his hands to connect with me when he's ready. While I'd like to think he's feeling pain over my absense, lol, I may have just hurt his feelings with my bluntness, and maybe he's on the defensive as a result. "Yes" I left him much to mull over, not the least of which is the idea of letting go of the relationship. On one hand I'm glad of the affirmation that he probably is digging deep to figure out what he really wants to do, but that stupid 4 of cups has me stumped coming right after Judgement. I see Judgement as a big "awakening", as card 20, it's a card of completion of a grand cycle...and yet all it does is bring him back to a place of reclusiveness and discontent? Maybe he is going to let our relationship go and just go back to his ho-hum life? How incredibly disappointing for both of us! Or maybe he just realizes that we're to a point where a big decision seems necessary, things are stagnant, and yet due to circumstances, he really can't make the change necessary so no matter what happens he will continue to sulk in his discontent for the time being. I think I'll copy you on your "course of action" question and see what I get. I'll pull those cards at the end for you to review.

    Ok, Holy Cow on that second reading. It's almost like, "if you just hold on a bit, stay loving and supportive you will get your wish". That five of pentacles throws a wrench in things though. Perhaps some lonliness while you wait...but followed by victory and better yet, the Ace of Wands, the growth of something new. Think very specifically about the question you asked. Just because you might have J in mind, your personal course of action may not actually involve him. Yeesh, all those Aces! New beginnings...perhaps unseen right now...but on the way. Is it possible that as you ride this wave of "goodness" that you think is directed towards your issue with J, you will in fact attract other admirers that could bring you real happiness? How often do we find love when we are least looking for it. So go ahead and think happy thoughts about J but don't be surprised if your general happy demeanor doesn't draw some new interest your way. I'm not entirely convinced, obviously, that J is the real source of your future happiness.

    Ok, I think I'll ask my question a bit differently after reviewing your results. I'm going to ask it as "what can I do to benefit R while he is introspecting on our situation". I like timelines because it puts things in a nice context. My birthday is 7/7 so this is one of my favorite readings (since uses 7 cards). I'm pulling 7 cards total, two represent the past (or foundation of the situation) two for the present and two for what is evolving in future. The seventh card gives the overview or summary:

    Ace Pentacles

    3 Pentacles

    The Magician

    The Hermit

    The Star

    Ten of Wands (Argh! I get that one a lot with this man)

    7th Card Two of Wands

    Hmmm, I know how I want to read this, but I know that I'm only going to see the positives. I'm going to let you evaluate it without any input from me - that way I'll get a cleaner picture of things.

    I agree, this is fun, I'm enjoying it immensely, and thank you for your time! I started reading cards when I was 23 (I'm 49 now) after a palm-reader said that I had real potential if I ever would choose to explore it. I've been reading for myself ever since, but this forum is my first opportunity to share. Let's just keep it going Maria until we have all of our issues sorted out (like THAT'S ever gonna happen, lololol!)

  • Ok, Maria I couldn't stop myself, I did the same 7-card spread asking "what exactly is R contemplating about us" and got the following:

    6 Cups

    7 Wands

    Queen of Swords

    The World

    10 Swords

    Page of Wands

    7th Card The Magician

    Can't wait to see what you come up with on this one! Send me another one of yours and we'll be even, lol.

  • Ugh.......that's all I can say. Ugh.

    I guess you were right about J. Last night, I was as pleasant as possible, but it didn't really matter because he ended up staying at work late talking alone with one of our coworkers. They've been spending a lot of time together lately, and while he maaaay not necessarily end up with her (although that's what it looks like) it made me realize he doesn't want me. So, you may be right about what my last reading was really trying to say. At least, I sincerely hope so. I can't imagine it was just.....wrong. Though I did do a quick reading for that night, just a general one, and the reading looked very pleasant compared to what I actually went through.

    So...back to you.

    Ahaaa, see, this goes back to what I was saying before with pentacles being good, solid foundations for relationships (though we see it didnt work so much for me...). You have the Ace and 3 of pentacles in our past, both good solid base cards. The three for me usually means building a solid foundation, so I guess the cards are telling you that that is what you've done for him in the past. For the present, it confuses me slightly that the magician and hermit are together. Perhaps its telling you to change things within yourself, by yourself while he does the same. If it was just the Magician by himself, I might have said that maybe you need to take charge a little in the direction of the relationship. Maybe a small text to inquire about his day...but the hermit kinda dampers that a bit. Unless it's telling you to help him morph out of his hermit-like phase with the powers of the magician, so coax him on a bit. When is the last time you spoke to him...??

    So, the future, the star is a very good card to get! I can't see it any other way then there's hope. And next to the ten of wands, maybe it means there's hope in lifting the burdens that he's feeling with whatever he's going through, which in turn will get things moving again.

    Two of wands as a summery....well, that makes sense. It can be about decisions, or about reaching a certain stage and heading onto the next one. Usually when I see this card, I see someone who is preparing for an adventure. It seems like it's telling you to buckle down and decide what you want to do, and whats best for you. But it kind of has a bit of success in itself, so I think you'll figure things out.

    I really hope that was helpful, cause it's early in the morning x.x and unfortunately I gotta go to work, so I'll give you a quickie on the second reading and then come back and finish up when I get home.

    The past he seems to be thinking about either your past relationship or other relationships he's had, and how he's had to struggle or compete to get them or keep them. Have you guys had a smooth past or has it been rocky getting together? Maybe this has happened to him before....?

    Present...ummm.....Queen of swords and the world. Maybe he sees you as the Queen of swords, which makes sense because whenever things were rocky between me and J i'd always come up as a swords card. Maybe he's trying to think if him and the Queen are 'IT' for each other, symbolized by the world. The world can also be a card of completion, so if things are completed, he might be thinking about whether there's anything left to continue with. I guess that would make sense, considering you told him to think about the relationship.

    Future....10 of swords is the end of something, COULD be the end of the relationship that he decides, and as the page of wands goes by himself off on his own. Or, it could be the end of the awkwardness between you guys and the page is him kind of starting things anew, with the passion of the wands. Though, not gonna lie, I don't like the page of wands. I don't like any wands court cards except the King and Queen. The Page and Knight to me represent men with no thoughts of commitment. So...with the 10 of swords, that's a scary combo.

    And the it likes to show you this one. Whenever I see this card, I thing of manipulation (not always bad) of fixing things, of choosing your own path....So, perhaps as a summery of what he's contemplating, he's thinking about what exactly to do to remedy the situation. It is a much, muuuuch stronger card then the 4 of cups, in that it shows the potential for some actual action rather then just sitting there kind of ignoring things. So, he is thinking about taking control in some way...positive or negative? Gah, no way of knowing, unless you pull another card.

    Maybe do a reading asking the outcome? I think that would help a lot more. Sorry, gotta go to work, gimmy feedback!

  • Waaaa! I pulled another card as you suggested asking "what is the outcome of R's contemplation" and got...2 of swords. Stagnation, indecision. Ok, so now I'm wondering if letting him stew any longer on his own is really worthwhile, or perhaps you are right, maybe I need to say "hello" and break the silence. I haven't talked to him since last Wednesday. Not a very long time in the grand scheme of things. He's a Virgo and I'm used to his version of contact being much more sporadic than the average person's. I also recognize that when Virgo's need time off, they really NEED time off, so I'm trying to respect that and give him plenty of space to think. On the other hand, there's that deep seated Virgo insecurity. I have left him in the position of carrying the load on what happens next between us. Perhaps that was a mistake and he needs a little confirmation that I'm still "around".

    I often think of the 10 of swords as the "oh woa is me" card - self-pity as opposed to real disaster, a false sense of being a victim, imagined oppression. Given how I asked the question, I wonder if I were the "page" and just said "hello" if that might relieve that sense of "doom" he's feeling. I mean, maybe I've left him in a place that's really more than he can handle on his own? Maybe he's now built things up in his mind that my absense suggests that I'm ready to just let things go, that I'm indifferent and now he doesn't know what move to make?

    All right, I've just pulled my 7 cards again asking in general, "my relationship with R", just getting an overview in the hopes of gaining more clarity. (I hestitate to ask about outcome because I think that's still very much subject to change especially given the recurring Magician in all of this). I'm looking at the following:

    The Fool

    7 Cups

    King of Cups

    6 of Cups (lots of reflection on the past here, lol)

    The Tower

    Page of Swords

    The Chariot

    Then, unrelated to this spread, I pulled one definitive card asking, "what does R really need from me right now": got 3 of Wands.

    I'm very sorry to hear about the status of things with J on your end. What was the reading you did last night? What was the question? I still think you are in a much better position than you realize for finding a new and better guy for you. (Perhaps I could say the same about myself if I would actually release things with R, lol. I have been dating other men, but all it comes back to is, "he's nice but he's not R" and I let them go after one date. Sigh....) But as you say about the Ace of Pentacles, maybe there's something between you and J that is a solid foundation for something else down the road. As we found in one of your previous readings, he's not really out of the picture, there is some direction here, although maybe it's just that because you work together that is more just a statement of fact than a suggestion of things moving in any particular direction. You obviously have to maintain some kind of a relationship because you work together?

    Very IMPRESSIVE analysis on my readings, btw, for being "quickie" over your morning coffee! So very helpful as well. Do me a favor and do a reading asking about your love life in general and let's see what you get. Do you do Celtic cross readings? I find the Celtic cross a good one for getting a good overview and sense of trends and influences. I guess I'm still strongly feeling that you're not seeing the forest for the trees (J).

  • Ok, you're gonna laugh. I was literally composing an e-mail to send to R when up pops the IM and all he says is, "I'm free on Wednesday or Friday and would love to see you". Omg, I nearly fell out of my chair in surprise (That may explain the Tower in that last reading, lol, a shock, but in this case a good one - I know that the Tower isn't always a bad card.) So, barring any last minute work that might come up (he runs his own business) it looks like I'll be seeing him soon, apparently "all's forgiven", and he's come to some kind of decision...even though I'm pretty confident that he won't detail that decision, I suppose I should just leave well enough alone...for now. Although I have to say, it probably didn't hurt that I left him alone until he made up his own mind (the Hermit). Now I'm thinking that the Chariot suggests that not only has he made up his mind about things, he also may even have some real goal or direction in mind. Looking back on the readings, with so many cards focused on him thinking and introspecting, I guess it's reasonable that he might.

    Ok, now here's another laugh for you, I was so excited about this turn of events that I'm here telling you about it before I even told my best friend. Haha! I guess I'd better update her now.

    Looking forward to your next post!

  • I find it messed up that you pulled the two of swords, and then he IMed you o.O

    BUT! Your last reading makes much more sense. Especially the tower with the page of swords!! That's hilarious! A shock with a card about communication, haha. I think your right when you say he wont detail the decision, or HELL, maybe he didn't actually come to one and that's what the 2 of swords means. Maybe he wants to see you, because as you mentioned before, he may be feeling like he has no idea what to do because he is now uncertain of how you feel. Seeing you would probably help him with that, right? Knowing your side may make the two of swords evaporate into the chariot.

    Him needing the three of wands...that makes a lot of sense. To me, this is the 'ships coming in' card, so a completion of a stage, or a goal. I think he really does want to settle things, wants some clarity, or stability.

    And I agree, the chariot means things will definitely be going somewhere. I guess him needing the three of wands, is you meeting him there half way. I'm very interested in what he has to say. It's interesting how the cards have changed so much in such a small amount of time. He's definitely done a lot of thinking.

    I'll give you the reading I did about how my night at work was supposed to go:

    8 of wands, 10 wands, king of pent, temperance

    I guess the 10 of wands isn't the happiest card, but it doesn't even come close to describing what I felt. I would have expected nothing less then the 3 of swords.

    But, this is the craziest part. I did a spread about him around a week was confusing, because it has both positive and negative elements:

    How he feels about the relationship: 7 of cups

    Where he wants it to go: 4 of wands

    How he will do this: 2 of cups

    What he wants to get from relationship: 3 of wands

    Something you should know: 8 of pents

    Advice: hierophant

    Possible Outcome: Knight of Wands

    So, the outcome as the knight of wands now makes sense. But as what he wants, and what he wants to get...those are pretty good cards, at least I thought so. And the two of cups? Ugh...

    I asked someone to do a future relationship reading for me (actually two people) and they both said I'd have plenty of options coming up. One, though, said I wouldn't find anyone for a bit until I learned a new lesson, and the other saw the 9 of cups in the future which means I'd get my wish. So....who knows?

    Lemme know whats up!!

  • Oh, and I love your idea that the cards are just telling me we HAVE a relationship, but a working one. That would explain why the cards are pentacles.

  • Just came across this post, I can't believe people do the same things that I have been doing, trying to analyse their own situations through cards. I do this all the time, at least i'm not the only one. I like a Cancer guy as well and I have for a long time, it just drives me crazy to know that I can't get any answers from him so I end up having to read my cards, just to try and make some clarity out of the whole situation. I always get the same card that represents him, but its interesting as in my dec of cards it actually looks a bit like him, so whenever I see that card its definetly him. Although I can also understand about the whole moving on thing, whenever I go for readings, its always positive and then I feel like i'm back at square one. I try to move on and I try to keep myself busy. Going out with other people doesn't help because I know that I have strong feelings for the Cancer guy that just won't go away, I don't so much get involved with anyone else as in go out for dates etc because I have been in two long term relationships since I split up with the Cancer guy and it never works out because he always seems to be there, its always him in my mind, like I can't let go, and the worst thing is that he hasn't moved on either. So if I go anywhere with a guy then I tell them that we are just meeting up and going out as friends, because nobody gets hurt that way. So even if a guy is interested in me, I know that I can't get involved right now and if there are lessons that I am meant to be learning from this, then they have gone on for a very long time and all i'm getting is a lot of hurt and pain from it. I'm also not doing myself any financial favours either, getting readings, which just all usually tell me the same thing.

    Sorry for rambling. 🐵

  • Hi Sky80-

    a correct reading should give you insight on things you do not know- into your unconsciousness. I wonder- have you been doing these readings alone?

    If you try not to concentrate so much on your desired outcome and let your mind free to pick up any vibes you may be able to get more out of your readings.

    .. I understand your devotion for the cancer man, however I still think you should not stop dating. Just because you tried and it did not work out it does not mean it cannot happen. When you will find the right man for you, your cancer man will dissapear out of your memory.

    Why dont you think what is best for you? That will change your perspective on things.. and make you reconsider your feelings for him.

    best for you.

    I run a blog- I have a couple articles there on how to do cards and especially on what not to do.. because I used to do a lot of those mistakes too.

    you can take a look

  • Oh, don't worry HighP09, I'm not going to stop dating. I have every intention of moving on. Thank you for the advice and the link! I'll check it out.

    Oh, and Jenever, wanna see something depressing?

    How he feels for her:

    Three of Cups, Knight of Swords, 4 of Wands

    How he feels for me:

    Knight of Wands, Ace of Wands, High Priestess, Hangman.

    Yaaaay! 😄 Yes, moving right along. At least I think thats what they were....I did it last night and didnt write them down x.x

    Oh, andsky80 -Jeeze....that sucks. And it sucks the most for you. Get some closure with this guy so you can move on!! You dont deserve that.

  • Ok about your night at work: You wanted something to happen, you wanted some kind of result, generally you had an expectation of what you wanted from him? What you got was just him being his regular, normal self and just…well…working at his job, not paying attention to you maybe? You brought about your own burden because of your impatience and that left you feeling down? I don’t see the 10 of Wands as an unhappy card, just that you are weighed down in some way, perhaps even taking on unnecessary burdens. To me the theme here is impatience and the message is to slow down and you’ll lighten your emotional load.

    The reading from a week ago: He has options, he is enjoying being free right now, he knows he could have you if he wants you and that all he would have to do is make a move. He is looking for someone responsible and who knows the value of hard work, virtuous and with a sense of vision about the future, not someone impetuous and with a sense of a traditional relationship (how VERY Cancer – ALL of it). The Knight of Wands to me is a “flighty” card, someone not ready to settle down – here and gone, back and forth. I think he knows what he’s looking for….someday…but not quite ready to settle down. Remind me, how long have you known him? My sense is that he’s got his eye on you, he probably sees you as real relationship material (the kind of gal he’d take home to meet Mom) but he just doesn’t appear to be ready to go the long haul right now.

    Now back up on that “how he feels about her” issue: that’s a real mixed bag there. He’s not stuck on her by any means, 3 of Cups means he’s still wide open for other options, along with that 4 of Wands – it’s all about freedom in many different forms, and frankly, the Knight of Swords suggests that he may even find her a bit bossy and overbearing. Even it’s a case that he admires her for her intelligence and confidence, there’s nothing here that says he’s settled on her at all. So don’t be depressed!

    As for his feelings about you: well, like I said he’s back and forth, he sees real potential for you to have something together, you may even be his ideal woman as suggested by the High Priestess, I’m thinking that you have a lot of shared values and beliefs, BUT, you see, he would have to give something up to have you (i.e. all those other options and freedom) and he’s just not there yet. I’m not surprised by this really, I think a Cancer man and Taurus woman would make a terrific combination (I should have married my college sweetheart of 4 years, a Taurus, we were perfect together, but I felt that I was soo young to marry. Stubborn Taurus that he was, he wanted what he wanted and when he didn’t get it things fell apart . Uh, no offense intended to you MariaRia, my special Taurus friend, lol.) But anyway, as for your Cancer guy, he’s just not settling down for right now.

    This is reminding me of my brother, a Cancer. Omg, he could go through women at an astounding rate, but boy oh boy, when he found the right gal, he was in it heart and soul. But I can easily picture my brother as a Knight of Wands until he decides to settle on one. He got divorced two years ago, did what I just described, and now has a girlfriend that he’s completely devoted to. I suppose, if I’m honest, I’m just as bad being a Cancer woman. I’ve dated three guys in the past two weeks, dropped them after the first date. I KNOW what I’m looking for and KNOW it when I find it, unfortunately for me, I found it in my mostly unavailable “R” and I’m feeling very much like Sky80 after reading her post. Once you’ve found you’re ideal it’s very hard to settle.

    As for your thoughts on the 2 of Swords in my reading, you may be right. I just did a quick reading on façade about his feelings about me today and it’s looking like he’s still in a defensive mode, perhaps even fearing that I’m going to end things or that I’m more in it for the physical, rather than emotional aspects – maybe he remains unsure whether my heart is really in the relationship (Devil in “hopes, fears” position). He knows that I have other options and perhaps even temptations..and yet, he wants to hang on to what we have (4 Pentacles in near future) and the outcome card is Strength. Big time Swords with the Page, Knight and Ace. I think that he/we are potentially on the verge of “cutting” through some issues that have caused us problems in the past. I hope so….lol. The crux of his thoughts are the 7 Cups and Tower. Sort of “will she stay or will she go” perhaps? I suppose I’d better send him a little note telling him how much I’m looking forward to seeing him, lol. Virgo’s are such worriers.

  • Sky80 - Hi, nice to see you here. I don't have to read any cards to know that you're feelings for your Cancer aren't going away any time soon, no matter what pain it's causing you. As long as you believe in your heart that no other man has a chance right now...well, that is exactly what you will get. I'm not going to try to talk you out of that, I've been there before and sometimes we just have to go with it until we ourselves grow weary and decide to make a change.

    Until then, might I suggest that you get yourself a Tarot deck and try reading for yourself? The cards have helped me through some challenging times simply because the readings allow me to meditate on different aspects of an issue (let's face it, you're thinking about it a lot as it is, might as well have somewhere to focus your thoughts, lol).

    I have noted that several people on the forum insist that one should never do their own readings, but I disagree. In general I think you can detach yourself enough to get the intended message. In cases when I know in my heart I don't want to face the message, well, that's when I am willing to pay for a reading to force me to face the truth of a matter. You'll know the difference. Anyway, I hope you'll think about it. I started with the Rider-Waite deck and it remains my favorite. I recommend it for beginners because starting out you would also find that most books and websites use it as a standard as well. This would be less confusing for you. Later, there are many other decks available if you should find one that better "speaks" to you. If you decide to give it a try, post a reading on here and we'll help you through it. I've so enjoyed having MariaRia here to give me added perspectives on my readings. Immensely helpful.

    Otherwise, I wish you well during a trying time. :{

  • I'm not surprised about the last reading you did. I read somewhere that if you ever give a man an ultimatum, or say "I'd totally understand if you wanted to break up, it's fine with me." he takes that as "i dont want to be with you" and assumes you want him to leave. So, maybe that's what he's feeling, with the way the question was put? And maybe thats why he's confused about how you feel, or maybe why the decision is taking him so long.

    Women and, we think so differently, it's really hard to tell how to act or what to take offensively. I like your idea of telling him how much you want to see him, though. Give him a little hint of the direction YOU want things to go in. I see the 7 of cups and the tower as him thinking about all his options and wondering if he should knock the tower down or give it another go. He obviously has a lot on his mind and is scared of the outcome. But the outcome as strength makes me feel like the outcome will be good. Strength is about taking control, but I see it as a good kind of control. From the chariot from your other reading, things will obviously come to a conclusion, maybe when you see him next. Maybe he will finally take charge?

    If you dont mind me asking....what was wrong with the relationship in the first place?

    As for me, everything you said struck home like you wouldn't believe. We do have very, VERY similar value systems. And as for being 'not there yet', man, I believe you there, too. But he seems to be getting better. At one point he didnt even want to try to start his career, because it meant ending his totally free life. I think he's afraid of that 9 - 5 future he has to look forward to. He feels like all fun will end in his life. Freakin boys.

    I did a quickie on what the future of our relationship is....I didnt like how it looked: The World, 9 of Pents, 3 of Cups, 4 of Cups.

    So, while the world is generally good, I see it as just the conclusion of this whole thing. 9 of pentacles is a positive card, but not necessarily one for a relationship. Its kind of like....we'll be content, but still on our own. Not sure how to interpret the 3 and 4 together.

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