Help with reading -What Relationship Would Be Like

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  • Ok, so with all the thinking and apparent confusion and distress "R" has been engaged in, I decided to do one of my 7-card timelines to see what's evolving in that complicated mind of his. Question was simply; what is "R" feeling about me at this point?

    Just passing out:

    The Star

    Wheel of Fortune


    Ace of Cups

    Knight of Cups


    6 Swords


    7th Card - The High Priestess

    Now, knowing what a literal hair-splitter he really is, it occurred to me that what he feels about me may be entirely different from where he sees our relationship going at this point, so to get a better picture of what's on his mind I did the same thing for the question: what are "R's" thoughts about our relationship at this point?

    Recent past

    Queen of Cups



    King of Cups

    Queen of Wands


    10 of Wands

    Ace of Cups

    7th Card - The World

    Hmmm, don't know what to make of that at all. Who are all those women in there? Lol - not me!! Or do I assume those are qualities tied in with me simply based on the question. But the question was not specific to me, but his thoughts about where the relationship is going. Are there other women playing into this somehow? For what it's worth the shadow card is the Knight of Pents...when I get this with him I always think of him "taking his good sweet time'.

    You know he's been on and off the IM the last two nights as late as 2 a.m. (maybe later - I go to bed, lol). Last night I started to wonder who in the heck he's talking to so late. I thought well maybe he talks with friends at that hour, then I remembered that his mom just moved to the West Coast a couple weeks ago (2 a.m. here, only 11 p.m. there). Pulled a card and had to laugh, The Empress, the "mom" card, haha. Was hilarious to pull that after having that thought. What's also revealing is, knowing that he's on-line half the night - that means he's not in bed with his wife, lol. Seriously, he has always said he sleeps on the couch but you know...I was skeptical...why shouldn't I be, they are married afterall. Very ususual how "available" he's been on IM this week in general. He usually "hides out", and I know this, then he just pops on when he feels like talking to me. I'm not bugging him though. Just nice to see him there. Figure if he wants to talk with me he knows I'm there too. Such a long way from even two months ago when, if I saw him on-line I would immediately feel like I needed to talk to him right now, lol. Anymore if I have something I want to say, I just shoot off my IM or e-mail, know he got it, and let it go from there.

    But anyway, I'm all good with that first reading. I'm seeing that he is hopeful for me to have success, I love seeing all that love in the present as I take that as he feels supportive and isn't freaking out over any question about where he stands with me (although knights are always a little uncertain tho there's some emotionalism here). I think the future speaks to the possibility of changes and me bettering my situation. The High Priestess just sums it up that I need to reach my potential and there's a time of unknowns coming and waiting and just seeing how things go. The Wheel of Fortune was there all along after all, he knew that I was working at changing my "Fate" in life.

    That relationship view though...hmmm, I dunno...what do you think about that one?

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  • Oh man, I gotta run off out of town for like 4 days!! I'm so sorry I don't have time to give your reading a quick interpret :(!! All I have time to say is that for what he's feeling ,its lookin pretty good! Lots of affection, and hope for change and a more stable situation!

    For the second one, I think the women might represent the change in your attitude. So first you were all loving and support, then you were like "hey now, I dont like this. I still like you but I dont like this, fix it!" which is more QoW then QoC. The future looks like he knows theres gonna be a lot of work to be done, but he's gonna do it cause he cares. THe world is completion, another sign that things will change, or the cycle your going through now will end and a new (hopefully better, but probably a little more stressful) will begin.

  • Thanks for the quick run-down Maria ("whew" on that second reading - was making me nervous). Still getting that 10 of Swords when I do little one-card checks on 'R'. I wonder if he's feeling badly that he's so trapped in his situation. I don't know why, but my mind keeps going back to that notion. Maybe because as things start to potentially look brighter for my future, I'm sort of feeling sorry for him being stuck in one place like his is. I mean when I ask the question as: "What was the last thought 'R' had about me?" and the answer comes up 10 of Swords, something about thinking of me is making him feel bummed out at the same time. I don't believe it's me bacause other readings are so optimistic right now, but I seem to be stirring up something inside him that's unpleasant for him.

    Give me a shout when you come back. Hope you're off for four days of fun!!

  • Maria - randomness here - I just had a flash that you go off, get away from Cancer man for four days, and meet some exciting new guy, LOL! Just had to share this as it is making me laugh out loud.

  • Maria - Not random here, lol, I am in the midst of a power-outage at home since yesterday and it could be another two days until they get things put back together. I live along Lake Michigan and we had two fierce storms, one right after the other, last evening. Looks like a tornado ripped through some areas. Trees and debris all over the place. Anyway, I am in the next county right now, just taking an opportunity to charge my cell phone and check my e-mails. Was concerned that you might post and then wonder why I was ignoring you.

    I hope you have been well the past few days and look forward to hearing from you. I honestly missed you those first couple of days you were gone, I surprised myself with it. Guess you've been getting to be quite a part of my days lately! 🙂

  • Haaay!

    Oh, I totally know how you feel with the storms. I think they hit the entire mid-east ish side of north america. I was in New York this weekend, and we had a bit of it sunday night. But Canada got it bad in a bunch of cities all in the same area (just north :D) of the places it hit the states. Especially the cities near the Great Lakes.

    LOL, I did speak to a bunch of guys this weekend, but no fireworks, unfortunately. The sad thing is, every time I go away I really miss him. It honestly makes no sense, because sometimes I can go like....2 weeks without seeing him, and I don't get that feeling. But I just came back from Europe, and the entire first week I really missed him. And in NY, the first day I was there I had the urge to call him and let him know I got there safely, and I really wished he was there with me. Like...really now. I'm not his freakin' girlfriend. Ugh.

    Anyway, how are things going with your man? Maybe instead of asking what he thinks, asks the cards what he intends to do. It would be interesting to see that! Especially with the World in your last reading.

  • Hey welcome back! I had to laugh over your encounters with a "bunch of guys this weekend, but no fireworks". You know, I have the most adorable Sag man who is hot for me, he's intelligent, witty, reasonably good-looking, attentive - he'd call and IM me everyday if I wanted (actually he just called but I let it go to voicemail, lol), eight years younger than me (I am an unintentional cougar - I just never seem to attract men my own age...who's complaining!) I've told him all about "R" and he just insists, "I'm going to make you forget about these married men!" He's very persistent without being pushy. I just wish I felt something for him...sigh...but like you, if I can't have fireworks, I at least gotta have that little "spark".

    As far as "R" I feel pretty good about things right now. Don't know if I'll see him anytime soon, but I'm not worrying about it. If it starts to feel like it's been too long I'm feeling like I can just say, "hey, it feels like it's been too long, when are you going to come see me?" We chatted two different times yesterday, which I don't think has happened since...well, ever! No sign of him today, but no worries (oh scratch that, he just logged on IM). Not going to initiate chat though unless he wants to because I'm busy talking to you right now, lol. He's not going anywhere, haha.

    You know, I really think that I've brought on alot of my own grief on in our situation with all of my endless "pushing" the past couple of months. I mean, it couldn't be helped, I really needed to get my head around what we were doing together...this situation of being involved with a married man goes against EVERYTHING in me (well must just be "almost everything" since here I am in the middle of it, lol). But I just really needed him to be clear on where I stand, and that I'm making decisions here to be involved with him, that he's not charming me into anything and I'm not going to be some booty-call for him, and that he better be making thoughtful decisions about what he's doing with me as well.

    But with all of the "pushing" we were both getting to a place where the relationship was simply no fun anymore. Everything was "deep" always a discussion. I was weary from it, he was finding it "tiresome". He finally just said, "look you need to pay more attention to actions and not to words" followed by, "I listen to what people say with their hearts and not their minds, as long as you keep 'talking' from your mind, I'm not listening". I had to think on that one for a bit, but it made sense somehow. His point was to quit analyzing and just go with what I feel. I may have already mentioned that he conceded that he recognized that I have given him every opportunity to walk away and yet he's not going anywhere. Sooo, here we are then, just kinda being nice to each other for a change, instead of all intense, and it feels good.

    Naturally I still do my readings, lol, just to be sure. Did one earlier on Facade because when I pulled my one card for the day on him this morning it was 3 of Swords - ouch! Of course that made me nervous, but the reading on Facade was very nice. Celtic cross, he was covered by Death and 8 of wands (something changing and he's in a hurry about it), foundation 3 of wands (long range thinking), just past was the Hermit (I like to see him introspecting about me), Heirophant as possible outcome/influence (I never know what to make of that card but I don't think it's bad, maybe just a sign of status-quo for now), the Devil near future (this card doesn't scare me with us, it often just represents passion from what I can tell or perhaps he's obsessing over me - I like that!), his general demeanor is 2 of Cups (loving it), outside influences is 10 pents (life is good so I think he's feeling very balanced in his thinking), hopes/fears is Ace of Wands (he's still in a creative thinking mode - oh, btw, that Magician came up in two readings again the past couple days - if he's up to anything I don't think it's anything I need to worry about, just something he's working out) and finally....oh you're just gonna be so surprised by this.....Queen of Pentacles. Haha, maybe he's just thinking about coming to see me this week, haha!

    Now seriously, while I appreciate your idea to ask what he intends to do, is it maybe a little to early to ask that? I'm feeling like he and I just arrived at a new place anyhow. I don't know....maybe you should ask the question and only tell me if you get a really good answer. Don't burst my little "love bubble" I'm in right now, lol.

    I wonder what he was so "pained" about today? He hasn't said anything here and he's logged in. I sent him an IM earlier updating him on my situation following the storm so he knows I'm not ignoring him. Just pulled a card, teehee, "what was wrong with "R's" day?" Got Judgement. Like that's any help. Maybe he's feeling judged?

    When do you see Cancer man again? Are you back to work tomorrow? You know, if it's any help to you at all, you might want to observe that "R" - in spite of all the glaring negatives involved in our situation, is keeping my emotional, unpredictable and very often hidden, little Cancer heart involved and in check, with all of his apparent attempts at heartfelt honesty and gentle persistence. He's putting up with all my shit and still liking me anyway. I suppose there may be some lesson in there for you on how to get to a Cancer. I don't know, just food for thought.

  • Oh, and do you want me to give you a more in depth reading of your last two? I dont know how useful it would be, considering it's like 5 days old. I think you should do another one 😄

    I did a few readings and there's a strange trend popping up that I don't understand.

    First, I got the 8 of Pents several times, and I'm so freakin sick of seeing this card that I asked the deck flat out what it was trying to tell me. And it said:

    The High Priestess, Temperance, Strength, Knight of Cups.

    I'm having a really hard time figuring this one out. And I think it's strength and temperance together that's throwing me off. But there's a lot of majors so its important...

    I also got curious about that Tower card in my last spread, so I asked: Why did he feel 'the tower' about our current relationship? and got:

    5 of Pent, Strength, The Star.

    Then asked: What made him feel that way?

    High Priestess, 4 of Pents, Knight of Swords

    So....the only thing I could get from this was that he felt he lacked the strength or resources to stay inspired...? I don't really get it. I'm trying to think of what I did that day...or maybe he overcame his feeling of insecurity and suddenly was thinking things were looking hopeful? As for what made him feel that way, either he saw potential in something but kept his feelings to himself out of fear and didn't get the information he wanted, or maybe something that was hidden was revealed so he doesnt have to hold onto the truth anymore...? Ahhh...that sounds wrong. I don't know.

    The funny thing about that second reading, is I asked the tarot why he's so distant with me when we take out recycling together (we could be talking the whole night, then we go outside together and he stops talking and wont look at me.) and got 5 of Pents, 3 of Wands, Wheel of Fortune, The Star. So I'm starting to see repeats in 5 of pents, high priestess and the star.

  • YAY overlapping posts again!! I'll do a reading for you tomorrow...Im off to bed. I got 14 hours of sleep the last 4 days.

    Well, I'm glad you can relax, and you should. And he's kind of right....women have a tendency to freak out for no reason constantly, and to over analyze. And it drives men nuts, hahaha. Your celtic cross does look pretty good. It's funny that your being stalked by the Q of P...its happening to my friend, too. She keeps pulling that card. Like...a scary amount of times. To me, I always think of security. Like, laying in your moms arms and feeling like nothing can get you. I guess thats how you are for him.

    As for my Cancer, I will hopefully see him on saturday. I hope. You know, I hope he notices that I still like him even with all the bullcrap he's put me through, LOL! Though I feel like a total moron. If I did what your R suggested and went with what I feel instead of what I think, I'd keep going. I can't shake how upset he looks when guys flirt with me, or how he won't flirt with women when I'm around, or the looks he gives me. I just wish he'd open up.

  • 8 of pents is all about focus, learning, diligence, staying with a project - sticking with it. If it is in response to questions specific to you I'd say that he has not given up his interest in you but he's "working on something", either more focused on actual work than you (this is not a card of introspection, but of material, external matters) or he is simply taking time getting to know more about you, or just generally taking care of business and not feeling particularly emotionally driven about anything.

    The 5 of pents - again, for some reason I'm getting a sense of a lack of motivation on his part, he's got a lot on his mind and maybe just not enthusiastic about going in any particular direction right now. Just caught up in his own little world and not reaching out to anyone for anything really. There's a lot of potential meanings to this card, but I'm simply "feeling" this about him at this point. I suppose reinforced by the High Priestess and her implication of waiting and going within oneself for a time, letting your intuition take over, or simply a place of non-action.

    Meanwhile he has Strength, Wheel of Fortune and the shortage of hoping for a different future in many directions, or a change in fate, but he is in a lull, unmotivated or feeling a bit down about it. I think his withdrawl when you two take out the recycling is just that one-on- one thing is making him nervous, that he is more "vulnerable" when you two are alone, doesn't really want to reveal himself, hiding in his Cancer shell because of all this other stuff on his mind. Maybe you even intimidate him a little bit. I don't mean that to sound bad, it's just that we have seen in other readings that he sees you as someone who is motivated, getting where you need to go in life, and succeeding, so maybe that's making him clam up a bit when you're alone together. That knight of swords may be his reluctance to want to deal with the truth right now. He's in a bit of a "hermit" space here, but not a space of introspection (as I say 8 of pents is more "daily grind" kind of stuff) and maybe just doesn't want to get "deep" with you, or anyone, right now. Just getting through the day......

  • Ah sorry, just saw your post from last night. Now I realize how frustrating you may find his inability to open up, but the mere fact that he is reacting to you (as demonstrated by his reactions when you are around) is very much a reason for optimism. If he weren't interested, trust me, you wouldn't see any of that.

    I'll do a timeline reading and see where R's at right now. Between the 3 Swords and that Judgement card last night I'm betting there's some tension in him somewhere. Can't imagine it's me causing it as I've been nothing but charming, but still doesn't mean it might not be affecting how he's feeling about me. Kind of wish I knew if I'd be seeing him this week, but if his life's full of drama (as so often it is) or a heavy workload, then I already know I'm on the sidelines, lol. Sometimes his personal life puts him in a period of withdrawl and sometimes the stress of it sends him running to me - always impossible to know which way he will go.

    Just passing away

    4 of Cups

    The Sun


    King of Swords

    4 of Pents

    Near Future

    3 of Swords

    Ace of Wands

    7th card - 3 of Cups

    Shadow card - 8 of Swords (seeing this alot with him lately - maybe I've misjudged his new sense of "openess" with me and it's turned and making him feel restricted now? Like he's feeling too accountable to me?)

    So he is just coming from a place of general dissastifaction with his environment and what's going on around him, but he was/is happy with me, suddenly he's gone authoritarian on me, taking care of business and self-involved or dealing with other people's selfishness (that is a theme of his in his world and it seriously grates on his psyche when people push him for their own interests - although I have not asked him for anything or even to see him this week, so again perhaps he's just overwhelmed with other things and it's going to affect me)...but what's with the 3 of swords and Ace of Wands? Going to be some kind of hurt tied in with moving in a different direction? Ugh, help me with that one Maria. I don't like 3 of Cups in relation to me, because I don't see it as including me, see it more as hanging with a group. Do you have other feelings about this card? It is one that confuses me.

    Yeah, I'm thinking he's caught up in his world for right now and I'm just out here....I dunno, am I being too negative here? The single card I pulled for him today was the Fool, maybe he's just flying by the seat of his pants this week with a lot going on? I just aksed "will I see "R" this week and got The World. I think it's time to stop and ask again later, or tomorrow, lol. I'm getting confused. Your thoughts?

  • Hum, I find it interesting that his present is two cards that refuse to show emotion, and right now he's being distant. I'm confused about the question, though. Is this what he is thinking in regards to your relationship? it kind of looks like, in the past, he was too caught up in what was going on with his life to really acknowledge your support -which is kind of what he was doing. He wasn't ignoring you by any means, just kind of taking you for granted. Not on purpose -guys tend to go into "Their Caves" when they have issues they need to solve, and dont want to talk to anyone until they figure it out. Seeing as you've been initiating most of your conversations, that might be what that means.

    Present, like I said, he's trying to be analytical and keep his emotions at bay. Again, probably due to the amount of issues he has to deal with. Cave time!

    The future....looks like he's going to suffer and it's going to encourage him to try something new. I see the ace as inspiration, drive, it looks like whatever's hurting him is going to be good motivation.

    Maybe the 3 of cups is you, him and his wife? Everything going on in this reading might have something to do with the three of you. Or maybe he's going to be dealing with a bunch of people all the time and you guys wont get much time alone.

    As for the world, maybe you'll see him and you'll discuss something important that will answer some questions you've had. I try really hard not to ask yes or no questions, because I find them almost impossible to answer. The Fool, he's finally gonna take some risks? I hope so!

    I don't see this as a bad reading at all. Actually, from what you've told me, it accurately states whats going on with him right now. I really get a sense of that 'Cave' theory playing in this. The future is interesting....I really wonder what made that 3 of swords pop up. I'm not worried about it though, when followed by the ace of wands.

    You know what's messed? I asked my friend to do a general romance reading for me, and I got the '8 of Pentacles' as what actions you should take, the outcome was 'The Two of Cups', and it's impact on me was 'The Tower'. Man, I'm nervous!! I'm also sick of the 8 of pents.

    Your readings make sense. I wonder how long I'm gonna have to wait...I feel like I've been waiting forever. I just don't want to wait for no reason, as I'm sure you understand. But like, stuff like what I told you is what messes me up. Like, if I come into a room and he's hugging someone I dont know (who is female, obviously lol) he'll stop right away and move away from her. We went to a bar a week ago, and he was friends with this blond girl who served us a week before. And when I noticed him talking to her I kept watching them (i tried to look away but physically could not. It was weird) and when he saw me he kept his eyes on me and kind of hurridly finished his conversation with her and left. I remember, months ago, he'd flirt with girls in front of me all the time. I wonder what made him stop.

  • I like your analysis, it calmed me down. I was actually getting a little keyed up over it all. You know I got so used to him "being there", available on IM, the past few days that when there was no sign of him whatsoever yesterday I went and took it personally. I know that makes no sense, and most likely his is just wrapped up in his day, but still....I guess that's part of my nature unfortunately. I get a little defensive and go negative too easily. Your thoughts probably kept me from sending him a damaging e-mail whining about "what's wrong?" Lol. To which he would rightly reply, "I JUST talked to you yesterday, TWICE!!" LOL. Ugh, it's so hard to be a hyper-sensitive so grateful you are not Maria!

    I'll probably do another reading sometime later today. Just not feeling "in the groove" right now.

    Oh, and I think that your guy just likes you, duh! That's why he behaves the way he does. He doesn't want you to think he's a player. What ever happened to that one gal that he was seeing when we first started talking? Or am I mixing you up with someone else? Didn't he have some other interest? Update me on that if I am correct.


  • Ok, I lied, I wanted to know the trend for the week, "What's "R" thinking about us getting together this week?"

    Just passing

    2 of pents

    3 of pents (Ok, kinda boring there, he's just taking care of business - as we suspected)

    Present (Two card came out together so I figured that meant there was additional info to be considered. Strange mix though.)

    The Fool

    Knight of Wands

    The Moon (Beginning, movement/action, but uncertainty - doesn't know what's going on- lacks direction? Chaos, lol!)



    7 of Wands (Defensive and withdrawn?)

    7th card - The World

    Looks to me like he's going to stay in his cave - and defend his right to do so, lol. The World though...why??? Shadow card is the Emperor. I suppose even if we don't get together he's okay with that, feels in control of things? If he's having a crazy week, this might be important to him - can't fit one more thing in, but confident that we're in a good place? As I mentioned he gets very emotional about stuff getting crazy at home and seeks "escape". Still doubting that "escape" will be me this week.

    See, this is a week I don't have my kids, next week I do so we wouldn't get together at all. That's also why I have a cycle of getting overly-anxious about seeing him on these weeks and I often bring unwelcome conflict into the relationship because I push to see him. He, on the other hand, takes a more long-range view on things and thinks I should just "go with the flow" - knowing I WILL see him again. Patience is not one of my virtues, I think that you and I relate very well on that one, lol! And part of the problem, I admit, is that I simply have too much time to think about things and he doesn't. When I eventually get working full-time (I keep trying to find a bigger job - so hard in the local economy) I expect I'll get a more balanced view, being busier myself, and appreciate more what it takes for him/us to get together. Being on this thread has done wonders for me "occupying" my over-analysis of a situtation that probably doesn't really require more than an ounce of the thought I put into it, lol. But I have the mental space right now, and that is what mind wanders. Haha.

  • I love how you're rationalizing spending time with him. I used to do the same thing, and I'd get so mad when J wouldn't seem to think about things the way I did. Like...we'd better see each other now, because I'm LEAVING in a week for 3 weeks! Or, why not now, seeing as the restaurant isnt going to be busy the next two weeks so for sure I won't see him. He didn't seem to feel the same urgency. I just assumed this was because he didn't care. It may just be a man thing, LOL. Sometimes I think it's a cruel joke the way men and women are so different. I don't think we're meant to ever understand each other.

    I agree with your past, for the present of your reading it seems like he doesnt have intentions of seeing you. I think maybe he's stressed and wants some free time. But he doesn't seem like he's sure if this is what he wants. Or maybe he wants these things because he's so confused. Or perhaps the knight of wands symbolizes a booty call ;). In any case, its not very romantic but it's not negative. I just get the feeling of 'freedom', and if he's been stressed lately he might need some time to cool down.

    The future looks like yes, more cave time. Still thinking and battling things through. But the world seems like its saying he will get over them. I dont know if he will this week, but he will. So that's a good sign.

    I don't have anything serious to throw at you, since I havent seen J, so I asked a fun little question 😄

    What does J find attractive about me?

    8 of wands, 4 of wands, empress, temperance

    So, 8 of wands im assuming means he likes that I'm progressing? I'm the kind of person who takes action? I dont sit around and twiddle my fingers, if I want someone, something, some job, I go get it? I dont get 4 of wands, though. Maybe I'm positive? I'd see the Star card for that, though. Empress, there's that nurturing thing again. Its still messing me up how I can get the same card for things he likes and doesnt like. Okay, and what about temperance? I'm well balanced?

  • I think you called your reading on all fronts. I also think of the 8 of wands as being high energy - the wands after all are on the move - they haven't landed yet. Another definition of them (not that it applies here, but just for information) is that they ARE going to land, suggesting that a conclusion or even an ending of some sort is at hand. Temperence is a boring card isn't it, all I ever think of is patience and sort of going with the flow. Reminds me a bit of the 10 of wands with it's sense of the passing of time and no control over outcomes or anything else for that matter for a while. I suppose I hate getting it because I AM so impaitent and I sure wouldn't be doing a reading if I wanted to just sit around and wait for something...I want to know what's happening and make something happen NOW! Lol.

    That Empress is so funny, coming up all the time. He must view you as real mom/marriage material, hahaha. But I like your definition of "nurturing" too!

    I've done some quick one card reads on "R" today, crazy that the World keeps coming up and that 3 of swords. I'm actually feeling bad for him here, realizing that something must be going on that really has him pushed to the edge. Oh well, if he needs my support, he knows where to find me. He certainly has much that he's going to have to suffer and think through alone given the way he is running his emotional life right now. Another theme is the 7 of Wands both in general and in regards to me. For instance I just did a three card draw to detail how his thoughts are running about me.

    Ace of Cups (Awwww, lol)

    Queen of Swords (Counting on me to be practical right now and not go "Queen of Cups" on him, lol.)

    7 of Wands (Feeling defensive? In battle? Worried maybe that I'm going to be mad if I don't see him this week, or perhaps in conflict with himself over how to make it work, or fed up with fighting at home, lol. Feeling pulled in all directions maybe? Defending his involvement with me while he's in his Hermit cave? He's agitated in any case though, isn't he.) I sent him an IM before I left for work earlier today because of that stupid recurring 3 of swords. Just told him I was thinking of him, hoping he was having a good day. Didn't ask for anything or mention seeing him. No point really, he knows I always want to see him. Maybe the Ace of Cups tells me that the message was well-received. 🙂

    Ok, two cards that I struggle with: that 7 of wands - what does that one say to you? And one that always stumps me is the dreaded 5 of swords. It came up for "R" too today when I just asked "how's his day going" (if it weren't for the World today, his cards are absolutely dismal. Only thing missing is the 9 and 10 of swords. Got Death for him too, which i don't consider such a bad card, but certainly it indicates some struggles in my mind. Big changes are rarely easy.)

    Would be curious on how you read the 5 Swords and 7 Wands cards in general - unrelated to anything to do with "R" in this case. Just what do they tell you?

  • Ugh I dont like the Queen of Swords. Everytime I see her it's like you can guarantee people are going to hold back and not say what needs to be said, or even act the way they want to act. And I hate that x.x So its kind of interesting that you got the ace of cups and then the queen....emotion which he's controlling because of inner conflict? I always have a hard time separating the 5 of wands and 7 of wands. One of them is more conflict and the other is an actual battle to stay ontop, or keep fighting. So I think he's just really feeling the struggle of your situation.

    5 of swords...i've always had problems with this card. Usually the imagery isnt very're either like, the wicked hero or the loser. Like, there's just a bad undertone to the whole thing. But sometimes I find it hard to see it in a bad light. Like, defeating your enemies can't always be bad. But then I'd think you'd just get the 6 of wands. I think the difference is the 5 of swords, you've actually defeated someone. But the 6 of wands almost feels more like boasting, or maybe celebrating victory in a general sense, where the 5 of swords has a feeling of just kicking someone into the dirt. Or...being kicked into the dirt. It's hard to tell which one it is.

    I dont know...LOL. The 7 of wands is fighting, actively trying to keep your position ontop, wherever you are or whatever it is. You feel like you have competition you need to stay ahead of.

    I actually really like Temperance. It's such a sweet card. Like, 2 become 1. The ultimate romantic notion!

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