Scorpio Woman driving me mad!

  • I don't know if she's playing games with me or if she really just isn't interested in me. We have been talking for about 4 months and in that time I have also been getting out of a long-term relationship. I've been totally upfront about everything from my sex life (or lack thereof) to my personal affairs. We used to talk about everything under the sun for hours. Anyhow, she was totally coming onto me strong but I wasn't interested at first, but no big deal she flirted and I protested. She started becoming more distant and playing hot/cold games with me. Eventually I started getting feelings for her and I told her, to which she tells me I shouldn't or she only wants to be friends or she can't understand why I would like a girl like her. I disregard it because after all, I am still trying to get away from my ex. But since that, she's been playing those same games worse; even completely ignoring me for days at a time, still flirty but she keeps our conversations short and almost leaves me hanging mid sentence. She still criticizes me about little things and says that there's someone out there that I will like better than her, or just be friends and she can't understand why I am so infatuated with her.

    What I can't figure out is, is she really not interested, or is it some game? I'm honest about everything that's going on with me, and don't push to get into her personal space because I can't ask someone to open up to me while I've got my ex issue pressing. Any suggestions?

    Me: Sun-Taurus, Mercury-Taurus, Moon-Cancer, Mars-Capricorn, Venus-Gemini

    Her: Sun-Scorpio, Mercury-Scorpio, Moon-Leo, Mars-Sagittarius, Venus Sagittarius

  • Well, if you look at it from her point of view, you are still in a relationship, even if you say you are getting out of it. To her, it probably looks like you are still a part of a couple and she wants to be sure of your 'freedom' as a single before she trusts you enough to let you get closer. She's being self-protective, which is only reasonable. You have to deal with your current relationship completely before setting up a new one. It's the only fair thing to do.

  • Also your Venus placements are significant.

    You with your Gemini Venus will always have two people involved with you, even when one is leaving the picture, or be in two minds about love. You may not be able to be tied down too tightly. You have a need for a variety of experiences, and romantic encounters may be many and brief before you finally settle down. You are easily bored and it is hard to capture your attention for long periods of time. Change and excitement is the spice of your love life, and a partner who doesn't understand this won't be around long. If you marry too young or settle for someone who is possessive, you may have serious problems.

    With a Sadge Venus, there is a strong love of personal freedom in her nature that makes it a little hard for her to settle down to a restrictive sort of relationship. She feels more comfortable in a relationship when things go slowly, and where her partner doesn't get too serious too fast. Threats to her freedom make her very nervous. It's hard for her to take her eye off possible escape routes when things seem to be heating up, and she feels herself being hemmed in. The key to her romantic nature is friendship.

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