3 Little goals...so why the hassles

  • I had 4 simple goals for this year

    1. Change job

    2. Get out of debt to enable me to go for a trip to visit a friend overseas

    3. That my 2 adult kids find a job each

    4. Lose weight and get fit - Well I've lost 34kg, just a bit more to go 😃

    The issues I'm having is that every time I try to move forward I get kicked to the dirt again and again, it is really getting ridiculous. I have tried to pay off the debt and even had a saving plan going - then bills, university fees x 2, more bills and illness. My kids have applied for every local job available within their fields (and outside). I tried to get o/s in July then November and now it looks like February isn't going to happen.

    Can somebody please give me some insight into why I am getting blocked/kicked/punished (whatever it is) every way I turn. I am truly ready to just crawl into a corner and give up.

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