Cancer Man playing games?

  • I will try and make this short. I meet this Cancer man about a year and a half ago. We had taken a class together and began chatting by email, that lasted for about 2 months, and we stopped chatting. 6 months later I was leaving a class and he comes running down the stairs yelling my name, I stop and we chat for a little bit and exchange emails again. About a week later I got an email from him and the chatting was back on. I also started to see him on Thursday nights at school. 3 1/2 - 4 months later things take a turn and it no longer two people friendly chatting. The next Friday we meet for lunch. Later the very night he calls and we talking and he informs me he has a wife. At that point I tell him that this does not need to go anywhere. We stop talking and 3 months later he sends me an email, short and sweet, telling me he missed me. Knowing better I replied. We chat again for about a week, and he just disappears. He asked me what time I was getting off from work and I replied, and i never hear from him again. That is until last week. Yes, another 3 months. He sends me an email that said he was sorry for the long silence, I found myself so into you that it was hard for me to function. I was scared and ran. I hope you can forgive me. I waited a few days and replied, then I run into him at school. We talked for about 20 mins. or so, and asked me to call him after class. Well, not sure why, but I did. So we talked about what was going on the next day and that we might see each other. Mid morning, I sent a message saying hey wanted to touch base with you, by early evening I got a message back saying that he would try and contact me later and maybe see me. I never hear from him. So the next morning I sent him a message saying that I see that you in inter conflict with yourself about our situation. I don't want to be the reason for your conflict. So, I am waving my white flag. (Now, let me add, that 2 weeks that we were talking, chatting, whatever you want to call it was awesome, and it about killed me to find out he was married. I have never felt so compelled to tell someone how i felt as I do with him. The attraction is like no other I have experienced, I am intrigued, and for the life me don't understand what it is about this guy. Very few people can hold my attention because I get board so easily.)

    So, my question is, will I hear from him again? or is he gone this time? I know that I should want nothing to do with him, but wow! I can't believe how hard it is to let this guy go.

    I am a Gemini

  • Well you will still hear from him and then arouse your feeling and then Mia and repeatedly

    Using you when he bored.

  • Nitenday, do you usually find yourself attracted to unattainable men? I ask this because I have a gemini friend that does this consistently. It could be a pattern that you may not have recognized. Somehow being attracted to the unattainable excited my gemini friend. The people that are into him usually does nothing for him. Maybe you can ask yourself if you are afraid of really giving your whole heart to someone? Maybe you fear being hurt? If you like the emotionally unavailable it will give u that butterflies in your feeling and excitement that love can bring. Yet you will never really let your guard down enough to ever be hurt if it turns for the worse? You may be nothing like my friend, but I was just curious. To answer the simple question of if he will hear from him again, I think you will. Cancer men in my opinion have a tendency to appear and disappear.

  • @ Mizgator, No, I don't usually find myself attracted to unattainable men. I was married for 8 yrs. Got divorced about 5 years ago. I haven't dated at all really, for several reasons. One is that I went back to school, so between working full time, going to school full time and being a full time mom and dad I don't have much time. Another reason is that I am not really attracted to many people. Very few get my attention, but when they do they got it!

    Update I did hear from him again. I thought he was gone, but not the case. At the 1st of March He contacted me by email, I didn't reply, He sent a text, I didn't reply. So, then he called. I answered, I knew I shouldn't but did anyway. A good three weeks went by and we chatted several times a week. One day we were chatting and I had class that night, He sent me a text asking me to call him b/4 I left. I was walking out to the car and about to call him when I see that he is leaning on my drivers door. I walk over said excuse me and push him out of the way got in the car and closed the door. He looked at me and walked around the car and got in the other side. Now, keep in mind, I have not seen him in over 3 months. We have only chatted, never hugged, kissed nothing. He is married! We chatted a for a min or so and then he reached over and kissed me, not much happened a little touchy feeling stuff, all clothing stayed on. I tell him I have to go and I leave. He asked me to call him when I go home, I did. I asked him if he was ok he said yes, but a little wired for him, i ask how? He reponded with " I am used to my wife, but I am ok". I don't understand that at all, but whatever. That was 2 weeks ago, and I have not heard from him. I am hoping that he stays gone! What do you guys think? I have to be honest, On one hand I never want to hear from him again because he is married, I have told him twice that I can't do this. On the other hand there is something about this man that I can't seem to let go of even though I know how wrong that is... Please tell me he is gone.

  • most importantly, it is not right ot cheat with a married man. think of how much you are hurting the spouse. think of how much you would be hurting if someone did that to you. he is acting like a scoundrel. unless he is single you need to tell him to go to his wife and figure things out with her first., before he uses other women for his own pleasure. good luck!

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