Cancer Woman and Virgo Man

  • I was looking at some of the psychics they have Bluemoon, Watergirl & Shuabby

    You can start a topic and say BLUEMOON,WATERGIRL& SHUABBY NEED READING PLS.

    Good luck

  • Maqickal: Thanks a lot. I did this! I know already that it can not be emotional, long, etc. I sent him an email that I just want to talk and see how he is doing and if he can contact me. On the phone, I will sound OK, I can do this for a short time. it also worked when he told me that we are over, I brake 2 hours later but he will not see this.That is cool I think. I will ask for a reading of course!

    Another thing happened: 1 week ago I was at my University and I met a guy, I just gave him my first name and he found me on Facebook. That is very nice, he is a Cancer. I kind off knew because he was so funny, later I checked his Facebook and saw that I was right. Anyway he asked me out for a drink, I will go although I really love my Virgo. I can't imagine myself being with another person... I will keep it friendly and he made me feel better about myself because he made such effort to find me. That is totally in contrary with my Virgo.

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  • Dear CancerGirl, I am so sorry to hear of your emotional suffering. Been there and when he saw me crying so hard and wanting to talk to resolve matters, he treated me like crap. He later called my tears "Crocodile tears!" Those type of Virgo males (note, I said males, not man) are heartless and have no conscience or emotions. I did everything I could hoping to get some answers and NEVER got any. Then left him alone....He now starts the texting and I respond short and brief. Nothing emotional or interesting. I am sorry to have to tell you that the answers you so desperately seek may never be given to you. They are cowards and expect you to figure things out from their behaviors. In my case, I said to **** with it and that I am more worthy than he can ever try to bring down. His loss, not mine because I knew well what I have contributed to his well-being (financially and emotionally). So I filed for divorce 2 months into this. Don't have time or energy to deal with their mind games. If I or you are worthy for these Virgo males, then they need to do some work to have us. This is another way to look at yourself. I am definitely worth it and I am not backing off the divorce I filed. Even if after the fact he comes back, and assuming I am not with someone else who has shown me what I need to see, it will be on the basis of a new start and YES, I will have my stipulations....he can take it or leave. The world is full of other women that may be better equipped to handle such Virgos. Then may be, just may be, they will realize how good they had it.

    Hang in there and with time, things will start to get easier on you, and particularly if you meet someone who is genuinely interested in you and you start hanging out for fun. If you like him, then you can show Virgo that as far as you are concerned, he is good riddance. You will be okay, I promise. Just try to hang in there and have NO expectations for they shall provide you with nothing!!!

  • Rosiethe Crab, thanks for this answer! Interesting. Well mine started to cry like I baby if he saw only 1 tear in my eyes! He cried even more than me then and I stopped and comforted him at the end. If he sees that I am crying, tries to help me but if I am away (my country), he ignores my SMS, emails now. He only replied to some stuff. I asked him to call me from the office on Monday (Tomorrow) to resolve this and to get some answers. Like you said, I think I will get none. He never answers my question, he keeps quiet! I actually don't know if we are really on a brake or he just says so and we are actually over or does he actually know?! Most important thing, I don't know why we got here anyway?! I want to know where my errors were to make it better, to try to change my bad habits. From his behaviour I would read:" Leave me alone, I am the superior one. I will call you IF I will change my mind. You can wait for me and think what you want just don't ask me anything!"

    I asked for a reading, no one replied 😞

    Is your ex sorry now? He ever calls you? Are you over him? Like, how do you feel?

  • CancerGirl, I think they can be very pretentious but in actuality, deep down, they really care about no one but themselves. Mine has given no answers and doesn't plan to. Actually, he still lives in MY house and the only time he contacts me is when he needs money! So yes, it is all about them and no one else matters. Due to his actions and inactions, he has basically made it much much easier for me to come to reality with the thing I thought I loved so should be a two-way street but I have realized now that it has been from my end all along. I was just a matter of convenience. Is he sorry? Oh no....he feels no remorse and never will. Why should he? His pride will not let him or else he would have tried to at least show a tiny bit of interest to see if this is resolvable by any means. So no, I do not think he is sorry, never will be!!!

    Dear, at this point, if I were you, cut off ALL communications with him. Let him wonder whether you have just moved on, or what, particularly since you live in a different country. Even if he tries to send you a text like how are you? Respond: Better than you can ever imagine! Those idiots feel good to know that someone is suffering emotional for them. Cut the guy loose and seriously, start looking at your options. Do some self reflections, start the healing process the best way that fits you and be done. Now, if he comes to your country to genuinely try to get you back, then, that may be worth something. Otherwise, do for yourself as they sure do for themselves! That is really how I am handling my situation and at this point, just waiting to know when he plans to leave my property! May be I will need to hire a pest removal service! LOL

    Good luck and believe me, sooner than later, you will start feeling very okay and better! You don't need this, now or in the future. Find someone who really appreciates and knows your worth!!!


  • Interesting. They really are selfish! he also said it to me when he told me it was over. But he justifies his decision with this... So pathetic! When he told me that we are over, I was calm and didn't cry. he did! He was surprised how calm I took it. Also yesterday I was happy and I am sending him normal emails, regarding stuff that are going on. he actually responded to my SMS with a funny line 🙂 It really made my day. I see that I must be positive, confident and pretend that everything is OK. He also wrote that he is happy that I am happy. Tomorrow he will maybe call me from the office. Maybe I shouldn't even mention us and ask how long will this "break" last and just talk about random stuff and sound very cheerful. I can fake that very well! If I ask him why he doesn't write to me, since we are not broken up but on a brake is also wrong I guess? After the call, I will have the feeling where I am. I will hear the voice, tone, enthusiasm, length of the call... it will give me something without even asking those questions. After that I will cut off ALL communications with him and follow your advice. Today he also asked me to send him all documentation that he has to file in his job by himself. Last week he bailed on me and I didn't mention it again. It is a lot of work with this and he will do it. But maybe is just because he has to in a way. That doesn't prove anything... He still doesn't respond to my SMS; emails, only some... Rarely. Before always answered on every one of them. Talking to you really helps.I would give you my email but can't write it here because if he types my email in Google, he will find this blog and of course understand it was me and then I am doomed!


  • Cancergirl

    i feel your pain.... I agree with the Captain,,,, virgos are really tough nuts to crack and mine told me point blank in the beginningn I will never get to know him and that he is a difficult person to get to know.. at first I thought it was mysterious and I wanted to crack his case open but eventually it is becoming too exhausting trying to figure him out and interpret his actions. Mind you he was very attentive and demonstrative in the beginning of this year and made me feel very special,,,, but when the hot/cold behaviour came on and the mixed signals.... I cant handle anymore of this and after almost one year I intend to dump him in the new year... might sound harsh.... but I can't go on like you in a realtionship where there are walls no communication no texting no calling .....On the one hand, he can be so attentive and giving but also very selfish, independent and closed to probing.

    so he controls the pace of the relationship and he knows how I feel and think about this by the way....

    so girl good luck and hang in there... maybe if we ignore them they will run back to us!!!

    take care


  • Caribchic: Thanks for your post. I am being like this and don't give up because this time I really feel that he is the one for me and know that we have a deep connection. I started to act friendly, always happy towards him in the emails and he started to slowly react to this. Now he sent me an email 2 days in a row, saying that he can't call me today but he will try every day. He doesn't lie, I know he can't because of people in the office, work... After we are on a break, he started to work even more. My happy energy is starting to work, even on long distance.

    I met this Cancer male, we went out yesterday. It was fun, he really likes me but I really love my Virgo so I will keep myself distracted and of course eventually tell the Cancer that I am not ready for something more than coffee yet.

    Maybe if I leave my Virgo alone, he will come back to me...

  • Sigh .... we can only hope/......I've started to treat mine more like a buddy now than a bf....... i 'll keep u posted too .... 🙂 enjoy your holidays

    merry christmas 🙂

  • Yeah... I am waiting and... I think it will take a while. I treat him like a buddy yeah 🙂

    Merry X-Mas 🙂

  • Girls, my sincere advice to you is don't waste your precious time on somebody who will never be able to fully be with you. All these leaving him alone strategies can work like a charm for a while, but only until the next time he gets cold feet. Do you really want to spend your life time in a yoyo relationship ? That's what you are heading towards with Virgo men - I've been there, have lost 10 years of my life. Run, ladies, while you can.

  • You are right! There is no point at all... I met a Cancer man and I am in heaven! 😉

  • a scorpio girl. Being a water sign, a LOT of my friends are cancerians..and.. to put it bluntly, I can relate well. There's a virgo guy who I hoped things could work out with, but you know what? Their intensity of emotion is not enough. Or at least not enough to communicate with an open heart. If they have love, where is it when you need it? Someone with true love would not let his loved one be in pain..he would rush forth and try to bring comfort. You need to be strong here. And intelligent. The longer you associate with him, the stronger will be the attachment..and more the pain. You should move on.

    To break off from this virgo guy, I plan not to wish him on this New Years'. In the unlikely event that he wishes me first, I will not reply. With a small weight on my heart, but with a lot of faith in doing the right thing, I shall say-The sooner, the better.

  • My water friends.......

    Sounds like your virgos are the immature type. The ones who haven't come to the realization that if they truly desire love they need to be receptive and open up and be vulnerable. They need to let down their barriers.

    Excuses...that is what they all gave you and some psychotic spitefulness to make you hurt on purpose bc they we angry and thats how they expressed it, through being saddistic. They are being nasty to hurt you, they need to learn to express and you cannot teach them this, they need to lose and feel hurt that they are willing t make the change within themselves. They need to be taught a lesson.

    I would first let them know how you feel about them, then ignore them. Because if they do not act appropriately in sync with your action they must lose the pleasure of you. Tey need to understand they are not acting within the parameters of a healthy man in a healthy relationship. Teir spiteful ways are nit helping them in the long run.

    They will do this lack of communicating with you and not learn their lesson.

    I too have been that way, as a female Virgo, when I was younger and immature about my emotions, not able to understand our emotions and feel them and express them.

    But After being alone and having poor relationship after another when I was ready, then i found only the type of man that did not respond well emotionally.

    Finally, I understand what i have to do to make something work. And i need the right man to be receptive like me.

    I used to come off cold, when that is NOT what I felt inside. I just didn't know how to show that warmth immediately. My cancer man who oddly enough became cold, showed me how, then took it away from me acting like your Virgo man.

    Immaturity and nasty. Mine is an alcoholic. These men must have some mental instability and addiction to be behaving the way they are.

    My behavior was because I was still learning about relationships and how to open up. My experiences with abusive water signs ( Scorpio and cancer signs) showed me the way. I had to go through a lot of pain to learn what I needed to bring to the table to have the very thing I An in order to get love and hood onto it, you need to treat it with love and understanding, from both parties.

    Lopsided love is just a false empty hope.

  • Typo.....hold onto it....not hood. 🙂

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