Confused about a Celtic Cross Reading

  • Hi there!

    I made a reading about my future love life (I'm a single 27 male) and I've got some promising cards, but in the end I've got the Tower and get confused.

    The cards were like this (without reverse):

    1. V of Swords (I come from a disappointing short relationship with some girl with whom we do not end on a good terms)

    2. VIII of Pentacles

    3. V of Pentacles (this is again showing my unconscious grief after this short relationship but I'm ready to move on).

    4. Ace of Pentacles

    5. The Empress (I've read that some guy interpret this card as an Illusion of ours - what we expect but not what will necessary come out).

    6. The Sun (This card is very promising for future love)

    7. The Fool (this shows me and my readiness for New beginnings)

    8. Ace of Swords (This shows that my surroundings are also promising)

    9. Page of Wands

    10. The Tower.

    Now the 5th, 6th and 10th (all future oriented) are showing different things.

    I've read that the Tower is not good for relationship and love reading because it shows Brakes. But because I'm not yet in relationship maybe shows to me that the whole situation with the previous girl led me to awakening, to self-transformation..(and I'm ready for new starts?!)

    Or maybe is showing that I will meet some girl, fall in love (the Sun) but in the end we will brake up?

    I don;t know, this Tower card is confusing me. Is here anyone who is more familiar with how to read the Tower in the 10th place?

    Thank you 🙂

  • I'm sorry,

    1. is 5 of swords


    3. is 5 of pentacles.

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