My cheating pices husband

  • Im a straight up taurus and my husband seems not to have a heart and I love him to death I just feel as if he is leading me down a road going nowhere but Im just so soft at heart what should I do

  • Are you too stubborn to let go of this relationship despite knowing that your husband is hurting you? Be brave, let go and move forward.

  • my dearest stubborn Taurus girl don't use your stubbornness on him be stubborn for your self and your values say no.... no no no no no no I DO NOT TAKE ANY CHEATING ABSOLUTELY NOT!! And go on codependent meetings and suggest that he goes to SLA meetings (sex and love addicts) stubborn is good when used in building up up UP 🙂

  • @Sugah...

    How about pinning ur 'hard to pin down' piscean hubby for once and ask him to open up a bit about what HE wants...!! If he says, YOU, I dont think giving him a last chance'd be that hard. Whereas an evasive but still negative NO would help u decide ur future course. Pisceans CAN be loyal to a fault for they idealize their mates. I wonder what has caused him to wander away though!!

    P.S.- This comes from a piscean herself 🙂

  • I was with a Taurus for 14 years, in the end we grew apart as we wanted different things in life - My Taurus gave me structure to my life but in the end it was too structured and all the fun was drained out of it as we could not do those things untill all the things we 'had' to do were done. It turns out you can never finish the list before it was time to go back to work. I took my rose coloured specs off and just woke up after 6 years of trying to get her to see my point of view.

    Taureans and Pisces will make lovely homes but if the Pisces does not get his dream fulfilled at least some of the time then he will wake up.........

  • Hi, My experience w/cheaters is that they'll do it again. I think it's a personality inclination. Don't look at it as your problem unless you decide to stay w/him. There's a hundred different reasons why. So, you know. So, what is his reason, or have you confronted him. I could probably tell you more if I heard his reasoning. I think you should get out. My trust would b e out the door.

  • Hello Sweetie,

    I was with a pisces man for 18 yrs. Was married to him for 13 yrs. I loved him very much and would of done anything in the world for him. We got together when I was just 15... High School Sweet Hearts and Married after school. I had all I could ever want.... We had 2 kids together. Life was great he was my man and I was his women.... I let him lie to me one day I'm not even sure when it happend but it did.. He started changing little by little... Jobs he always had a hard time keeping them but now he didn't even care about getting one.... Drugs was his thing now and me or the boys weren't enough to stop... I still hung in there for 4 more years... hoping, praying, going to family members, put him though 3 drug rehabs... I finally stopped and looked at my kids and myself nobody was happy in our home except my husband cause drugs... I had to love myself more than I loved him... That was very hard for me... I paid 100% for the divorce. That was back in 2007. Do I still love him??? I will always love him once you give your heart to someone you don't get it back... Point is once I let him lie to me I lost the man I married and the father he once was.. I got alot of poor me... and nothing was ever his fault... I can't talk about your guy but you should always love yourself more than any man is what I have learned out of my thing. I am happy and I am engaged with a ct. rock on my hand to a man who shows me more love than My ex ever showed me... and he's even better with my kids... What I did was made a list of things I would accept out of a man and things I wouldn't accept. and I was very open and told him about them on our first date. He accepted and we have been together ever since. Do I love him... Yes!!! I believe our hearts grow as we learn and move forward ... Good Luck to you... But love yourself more and try the list thing and stick to it... If you expect it you will get it... What ever it is... sending you a hug..

  • Loved what lifes2short had to say about the whole matter!! Apt and straight from heart.

  • I agree.... Well said lifes2short.

    The most important thing is to love yourself first!

  • I fell hard for a Pisces guy a year ago(I'm a Cancer). He was so sweet and kind, and always gave me compliments. He was the sweetest guy I'd ever met, and we hung out all summer. Then, I found out about his girlfriend he conviniently forgot to inform me of. I was crushed. Turns out, everyone knew but me. I've given up on Pisces guys. Sweetness can't counteract lies.

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