ALL Psychics, Tarot Readers, Please HELP ME

  • Please help me. I was dating a Gemini man whom I met in September, when this past weekend, this exploded. Things started off great, and for the past few months, were fine. The weekn of Thanksgivingm things changed, and he became distant. When I questioned this, he said I was accusing him of cheating and being insecure for no reason. Now Adrian had me feeling as though I was insecure and pushing him away with my unfounded in securites about him. He swore up and down he wasn't seeing anyone else, and I actually started feeling guity for doubting him. He said he wanted to work things out, yet his behavior still indicated to me that something was wrong.

    Well, Friday. I'd had enough, and I asked God to show me what I needed to see tonight so I could get the answers I needed. Long story short, I drove to his home and found he had been on a date with another woman. Mind you, he had been texting me up to the moment he left with this woman, saying he could not see me that night as he was "busy" . When he returend from his date, I drove up as he was sitting in the car with the woman. He looked at me like a deer caught in headlights and told the woman not to open the care window. I yelled at him that all I wanted was to look him in his face after all the lies and games. I drove away feeling numb, and haven't contacted him since.

    How could he be so cold and play such childinsh games? I've heard that Geminis are ruthless and can turn off their emotions in an instant but tihs is astounding to me. This is the very man who pursued me for a committed relationship and wooed me like I was a princess. He was just here a few weeks ago taking me grocery shopping, buying the groceries, opening my care door and putting me in the car, then loading the grceries in the trunk, driving me home, then putting the groceries away! HOW DO YOU GO GRO ALL IN TO ALL OUT JUST LIKE THAT?? I opened my heart to this man after swearing never to again, and this is how he has treated me.

    I suspect he will treat this woman the same way eventually. But I can't understand why he just didn't tell me he didn't want to be with me when I asked him point blank up to the second this happened Friday. Was he just going to string us both along?

    I know its best I forget all abot Adrian and MOVE ON. As a Pisces, that is not the easiest thing to do. I wish there was a was for me to just turn off emotionally as he is able to. He is the first Gemini (and last) I've dated, so I have no idea what to expect. WIll he contact me out of the blue as if nothing happened? Do you think he will apologize or try to explain himself at some point?

    Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't get back with him regardless. I just need help understanding what he was doing/thinking/ whatever..

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  • I am getting that you had signs of this all along but were ignoring them or just were not "tuned in" to your instincts. As a Pisces, you will always need to be aware that when it comes to love you will have a tendency to fall too hard too fast - that initial rush of excitement carries you away into a fantasy. Slow down and listen to your intuition. Your intuition is in your GUT, not your heart. The intuitive voice is void of emotion and feels like it has come out of nowhere. If what you think is your inner voice brings up an emotional attachment, desire, or even feelings of elation, then it is not your intuitive voice it is your ego. The good news is that you did, in the end, finally listen. Take what you can from this situation and learn from it. His motives don't really matter as this was a relationship that was meant to teach you something about yourself. Take some time to heal and absorb what you learned.

  • Thanks for "signs", they were there. I guess I made excuses for them or I allowed him to explain them away. I re-read your Halloween reading and pondered what "lesson" I am to learn from this. I really didn't go head-over-heels with him. I played it cool and slow-and HE pestured me for a commitment. Maybe once that came, I let my guard down and allowed things to speed out of control. I am definitely taking the time to assess what it is I am to take from this....patience was something that was a common theme, so I agree that it has to do with me learning patience. Thank you for responding!

  • It came through to me as learning to hear and trust your intuitive voice. When he was giving you excuses or explaining things away you most likely had a "gut" reaction to this that you allowed your ego to override. Use that intuitive voice - your gut reactions - to align your head with your heart...

    Sorry you are hurting 😞 Lose yourself in the festivities of the holidays and enjoy your family and friends.

  • Jazzy, i just got out of a relationship with a Gemini. He also woo'ed me... pursued me, was the first to talk of strong emotions, ect. Sounds just like your Gemini. My details are a little different but also very much the same. Since I broke up with him due to him cheating (Maybe not fully cheating but he was trying to cheat) we had such drama and he got very mean. I had to let go of the need for answers because guess what? There are none. Last night I went to bed with the thought that when I wake in the morning, it IS over. No more thoughts, crying, ect. I deleted him from my phone, emails, messages on facebook, ect.

    I am siting here looking at a present I was going to give him. I think I am just going to throw it in the trash.

    And to be honest, not to bash all Gemini's but I will for sure stay clear of them.

    This evening, I am much more relaxed. It was a rough 3 weeks but I feel like I dug myself out of th e pits of hell.

    I wish you luck getting over this guy. I know you want answers but he probably doesn't even know why.

  • Miraculously, today I felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I spent Sunday night meditating and reading a few inspirational passages to remind myself that this too shall pass. I went to bed last night reminding myself that he did me a favor in removing himself from my life before I wasted more time with him. I stopped expecting answers on Sunday-48 hours after I caught him when he still hadn't contacted me. Regardless of his reason, the result is the same and I am better off without him.

    It came to me today what Adrian's purpose was in my life. I agree that his role was to expose something I needed to address within me in order to better prepare me for the RIGHT man. I am too trusting and need to learn patience-even if I thought I moved slowly with him compared to men in the past. At any rate, I no longer hurt and crave answers. I am suddenly at peace and honestly feel its HIS LOSS, as I was nothing but good to him.

    SweetGem, I am sorry you are going through such turmoil due to a man as well. I hope you find the peace to let him go knowing you deserve to be loved the RIGHT WAY, and learn to accept nothing less. That is what I am working on too.

    I can tell you one things I did to help get to a better place emotionally with my situation: Lie in bed once you get ready to go to sleep and breath deeply as relaxe. Say this in your head as you inhale and exhale slowly, "

    , I release you to the universe with exhale. Every breath I take in restores me and makes me whole." Imagine your feelings for him leaving your heart as you exhale and imagine the love, trust, and whatever you invested in him returning to you with every breath you take in.

    May sound corny, but it has helped me. Best of luck-

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