Capricorn male- pisces female, Help

  • my sister move into a new house. She had a house party and her house mate was there who is a capricorn male. anyway i was there and we had a great time ended up kissing and sleeping together, we didnt have sex just cuddled.

    the next morning we kissed,cluddled, he said really nice things to me and i actually thought that it could be something as it felt truly sincere. i had been saying that i wanted to move out from my mam's house, turns out that the house mate who was supposed to come cancelled. he said to me that he really wanted me to move in. i said no as i didnt have the money.someone else moved in.

    i called around a few days later knowing my sister wasnt going to be there and he answered the door. i said thanks i just need to run and get something, i went upstairs and he shouted to me are you up to much tonight, i said i was supposed to meet with a friend, he asked me to stay a watch a film. i did that and everything was played cool. i didnt understand this.

    time passed a eventually i moved in to share a room with my sister. he's in and out the whole time. sometimes we have really nice conversations and think that something is there or like the other day he'll just walk by me and did not speak and then said bye and left.

    one night i decided to get dressed up and go out with the girls and i looked really good and he was in the kitchen he asked me where was i going. then he said i looked well which meant alot because i could tell he was nervous saying it. anyway he said he wasnt going out. then he walked by me and my friend didnt say anything went up to his room and my friend and i could hear banging. he came down with a shrit on and said he was going out. He's so hard to read i dont know what he's thinking and when he's silent like that i hate him. I've read alot about the capricorn male and i feel he is a full blowen one. i'm definatly a pisces. should i just forget about him and move on. What will i do???

  • He has lustful feelings for you only. He is looking for something else in a life partner, someone more practical and socially ambitious. He thinks about love with his brain, not his heart. Move on unless you want to have a meaningless affair that will go nowhere and leave you hurt.

  • Capricorns are very practical, and not very romantic. To my Capricorn, fixing my car and keeping it running smoothly is the equivalent of a dozen red roses, lol In fact, in the year and a half that we've been together, he's given me one single long stemmed red rose, but if my car breaks down, he drops everything he's doing to rescue me and fix my car before he does anything else. Taking care of me and making sure I'm safe, that's love to him, and I appreciate it. 🙂

    They also have a lot of inner strength, and their brains are definitely involved in a relationship as well as their hearts. They analyze the practicality of a relationship as much as how much it means to their hearts. It is not easy to be involved with a Capricorn. You have to be strong inside to be with them, otherwise you'll be run over emotionally and left hurt, like The Captain said.

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