Second Opinion would be greatly valued

  • A close friend has recently discovered that her boyfriend has been in contact with his ex. They split over her before so she asked me to do a reading for her. The cards I drew were in Celtic Cross.

    1 - My Centre - was the Wheel Of Fortune

    2 - Crossing - was the Ace of Cups

    3 - The Basis - was the 4 of Cups

    4 - The Recent Past - was the Magician

    5 - The Possible Outcome - was the Lovers

    6 - The Near Future - was the Ace of Swords

    7 - The Self - was Death

    8 - Environment - was the Chariot

    9 - Hopes/Fears - was the 10 of Pentacles

    10 - Outcome - was the 7 of Wands

    What threw me was the appearance of death in the reading. The Ace of Cups with the Ace of Swords made me think of renewed clarity and purpose in the relationship, while the Possible Outcome, the Lovers when together with the 7 of wands suggested success for her. I just can't see where Death fits in and this leads me to believe that my interpretation of the other cards may not be correct. If anyone could have a quick look at it and share their thoughts on it I'd really appreciate it xo

  • I'm not sure what the exact question was but from the looks of the reading (assuming the cards are all in the upright position), it looks like they may get back together. They definitely feel love for each other.

    Death can represent renewal

  • The exact question was for their future as a couple. That's great news. Yep they were all upright. Thanks a mil! 😄 xo

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