More medical tests needed - Any ideas, Captain?

  • Well it seems you are right again. My dr's office called and I need to get more tests done as my blood work showed some problems. I have to get an ultrasound of my gallbladder on Monday. So far my surgery is still on.

    Do you see anything seriously wrong? I worry about my liver and kidneys too. I know you said if errors were found they could be fixed. Do you see any new developments? I am trying to stay positive and remember you said my health will be better, but it's hard.


  • TRYING to stay positive is not BEING positive. Your anxiety is being reflected in your body's up-and-down condition. You want to believe everything will be all right but you come from a family of perpetual worriers and you have grown so used to being tense and negative that it's hard for you to stop. But you have to make a supreme effort if you want to get well. Get some relaxation or meditation tapes and listen to them.

  • You are right. Even when someone (you) tells me I will be ok, I still worry nyself sick. Its just hard.

    From day 1 you said all will be ok. I just need to relax and trust. That's hard for me. Now I can see why you said when my surgery is done I will feel somuch joy.

  • i know i will get my surgery even if it's postponed. the results for my connection were very good. it threw me for a loop when my liver readings were high, but they think it's from my gallbladder. he said he can remove it when he reversed my ileostomy. I am fine with that.

    I just worry that it could be something worse as the other drs let me get so sick with jaundis and sepsis. I look and feel great now.

    i know you said I will be healthy soon. im a worrier and now that I can't run, it makes it worse. i know deep down I will get re-connected and I will be fine. I just got scared when this came up and wondered if you saw anything new or changing.

    i really do appreciate your time and effort, I really do.

  • You can't judge every doctor by two bad ones.

    No matter what has happened to you in the past, you must start every day afresh with renewed hope and faith, not embitterment and fear. That is how to really put the past behind you and move on.

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