How to get rid of a Leo?

  • There is a few Leo people in my life who I am friendly with but , after one of them tried to manipulate me repeatedly, I have tried every tatic in the book to ditch this Leo! I've been blunt and this person won't leave me alone. What is a deal breaker to a Leo wanting you in their life because I can't seem to find it? I hate to be like this but this person is bring havoc to my life. They never listen to what I say.

  • Why wouldn't you tell him that you are in love with someone else ? Leo's pride wouldn't allow him to come second to anyone. Or am I wrong ?

  • Wrong. I have tried to hurt this Leo's pride. I've tried everything. I am at my wits end. I don't know what to do!

  • Leos are one of those signs that have common denominators like other signs, certain traits, but they are usually different and unique to themselves as well, no one is truly alike, there are some that are very dramatic, some are actually on the quiet side, theres plenty of other signs that have reputations for driving others crazy as well, the leo is usually a kind hearted person, but they don't always like to think they are wrong about anything, that may be one reason you can't shake the manipulator, they may be going out of their way to stick around so in their mind they don't have to admit they did anything so wrong that would warrant getting the boot. That would be hard for some of them to handle. Sounds like you have already made your deal breakers clear to them, they just need to respect that they lost your trust, you feel manipulated, and to you thats a dealbreaker. To us water signs, we tend to get a rep for being quick to push away anyone that interfers with our already empathetic sides, we often intuntively know when we are being taken for a ride, and it raises our stress levels, because like anyone else we like to be able to trust the people in our circles, picses tends to love their friends and takes it to heart when someone blatantly treats them like a fool. Creating more drama , or creating a deal breaker for them isn't usually enough to ward them off, depending on the leo they may be comfortable with that still, drama flare, ect, Explaining to them in a such a way that they don't feel you permantly hate them could be the best course, so that they stop trying so hard, (they hate the thought of loosing friends too unless it was their idea), letting them know you are two different people and for now you need a breather from what you feel was a real slight to you on their part could be the best route, let them see that you their actions are seen and felt as bringing havoc, and your not trying to me cruel but that you like anyone else like to have a certain order of peace to your life, and feel very threatend when that is disrupted.

  • VolySoply, your not wrong at all lol,

    thats usually true, they typically won't come second, but they might put on some fire works first to show "they were the better choice":)

  • How about asking him to get lost, then ? Not answering his calls ? Changing your phone number ? Immigrating ? 🙂

  • I mean emigrating. Or just changing the town. Another option is to start stalking him in return. Tell him that you are desperate to get married and have babies, and you like his genetic type. Call him every morning and ask whether he has already thought about the babies names ? Or get insanely jealous for no reason...Possibilities are endless.

  • But seriously, all you need to do is to be true to your word. No means no, that's all he needs to know. You don't have to explain yourself. The rest is his problem, not yours.

  • If someone doesn't listen to what you say, stop talking to them... Or better yet, tell them all is well, then gently ignore. The Leo is probably getting a weird ego stroking from getting a rise out of you. The harder you try to get them to understand, the more they will think you must really care about them, no matter what your saying (because they dont listen anyway right?). Try to become less interesting to them- shrug everything off and hopefully they will eventually get bored or someone else will come in to their life who can replace you. Good luck!

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