29Faith28 From Andrea Lightgiver

  • I am sorry it took so long to get back with you.

    Yor reading may be difficult but I will do my best to cover the whole situation. I must say my heart goes out to you.

    The cards read as follows:

    The main concern you are struggling with is about the children your and the new child

    You are a earthy person who puts others feelings before your own.

    But you are dissatisfied with the time it has taken for matters to be resolved

    The cards show the double relationship

    The time you are spending with him is surprizing to you

    It is unusual and you are happy

    It seems like he is offering you the family relationship you wanted from him in the past.

    The relationship you hope for your children

    But you are being warned against overconfidence

    He is still the person who hurt you and your children in the past

    This type of living will take its toll on you emotionally, physically and spiritually

    and things will change for the worse

    He will revert back to his old ways

    Promises will be broken

    Expected help will not be given by himzse

    You are advised to see an attorney to resolve your problems with your ex husband

    Although it will be difficult you have the strength of character to overcome all obstacles.

    You will meet a young man who will give you moral strength and courage through your difficult


    This new man, a resolute person who prefers not to argue, who believes the pen is mightier than a sword, will help you

    In the end you will be successful and realize your ambitions.

    I hope this will help you.

    Peace and Love...Andrea

  • Andrea I know you are busy, but do you want to exchange readings with me? I think you need some time and rest and get some insight into your own situation. I found that is very easy for me to do readings for others but I m not so successful at getting readings for my self.

    we can write under this topic or you can answer me creating a new topic- it does not matter to me.


  • Hi HighP09,

    I was wondering if you could do a reading for me. I wanted to know about my financial and love life?

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