Senses and intuitions/signs

  • I think I might have found the one but I am separated from him because of timing. I keep getting signs that I am going to run into him and dreams that tell his thoughts about getting together again. Just when I think that I am not going to run into him or that I am moving on I hear a song that he said reminds him of me. I heard that song once when we did meet alot before we ran into each other again... there are other signs too much to go into but how do you know how to trust your intuition...before making contact

  • the one that you think is real . . .is not. it is your fantasy deceiving you.

    If you are talking about a specific person that you already know, He will break your heart.

    I have a recurring dream about re-connecting with a long lost Love -- we meet again at a party in a huge mansion, it is Love all over again . . . we agree to get our coats and go to my place,

    Then we are swept apart by masses of drunken revelers . . . from room to room to room . . .

    she keeps screaming for me . . . I keep struggling to reach her . . .

    Then i wake up in a sweat . . . knowing that: "You Can't Go Home Again!"

    But if you are a real woman, I am a real man -- I am not a song, a memory, a hope, a delusion,

    I am just a New Yorker. Look me up. (Oh, I also have a most powerful Tarot deck, which I am not using yet, but discovering this website might cause me to dust off my venerable deck)

  • What you say is true, I have thought that too. I guess when you have so many coincidences and actual occurrences you begin to decipher what is real or a "delusion".

  • If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, then it doesn't.

    In the mean time, you need to move on-- maybe there's something from the time you were with him that you need to look at, sort of like figuring out what lessons you learned from it. I have dreams and all that about an ex of mine, and sometimes I miss them, but I sit back and think about what that might be telling me BESIDES "you should get back together".

    Less of a sign that you're meant to be, more of a sign that you still have some inner work to do.


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