An update on my dating life

  • Hey everyone!

    I just thought I would give a quick update on my dating life. I am seeing a Pisces and things have been going good so far. She has two children, who I have not met in person yet, so we'll have to see how that goes. I wasn't really looking for a women with kids but I am 34 so I need to be open to it. She is kind, compassionate, logical, and doesn't believe she is perfect (which is very refreshing in this day in age). People are so full of themselves these days. It makes me sick. Anyway, I'm enjoying my time with this women.

    I hope you are all doing well and I miss talking to you!

    Take Care!

  • Happy for you! The only people who has ever really got me is Cancers. Hang in through the rough patches and you will have something amazing. Cancers always connect with me on a spiritual level that no one else ever seems to.

  • Good for you Cancerman =^) We wish you the best!

  • YAY!!!! A woman with children is not a bad thing...;)

  • Thanks everyone!! Things are going pretty good but I've decided that her and I need to step back right not because we jumped into a physical relationship very quickly and we need to slow down so we don't get caught up in lust, which can complicate everything. I am not sure that I want to get serious with a mother right now, and in case you're wondering, I did let her know that going into this. I'm not into hurting people or playing head games so I have told her that we need to slow down so no one gets hurt.

    If any of you are having any luck in the dating world, spill the beans! It's always nice to hear about successful dating lives! 🙂

  • Cancerman ,glad to see your doing well, a pisces, hmmm. Is this the same pisces you had went on a date with that didnt go to well? Is it true what they say about the combination , did you feel the instant sparks, I've read so much about the pisces/cancer pair that it actually intimidated me, I was like geesh, how can I compete with that , I am just not that emotional, and maybe that was what my cancer friend needed , someone more like him on an emotional level. I dont know, you tell me , maybe its too soon to say, but please be honest , im extremely curious , which of the two do you think has the potential to fullfill our needs?

  • I meant fullfill "your" needs lol, (Im really hoping to hear that pisces woman holds no candle to your taurus ex.) wishful thinking....

  • my two cents, any Pisces I've ever known, there's been an instant attraction. Unexplainable instant attraction which if not acted upon, definitely smolders over time, never actually dying.

    Cancerman287, as a mother myself, this is so thoughtful of you to put on the brakes and take a step back to nurture the relationship. Instant families are so hard to handle, even if you are 100% willing to jump into one. And she's being a very good protective mom to not let just any man come around her most precious little ones. Don't be offended if she's not introduced you just yet. BIde your time and continue to get to know and enjoy her otherwise. Congratulations!!

  • earthangel2 This is a different Pisces than the one I went on a date with that didn't seem interested to be there. To be honest, I find her to be a lot more deep, and far more compassionate and understanding than my ex Overall my experience with a Pisces so far is that we are way more alike on a mental/spiritual level, but that is good and bad. We may be a little too much alike. lol

    clawswriter67 thanks for the advice!

  • Cancerman276-

    Congrats! I'm glad the both of you are taking it slow. Water signs do compliment each other very well. There is an instant connection, and an understanding on a deeper level. I heard that nothing needs to be explained between these two signs. I hope that everything works out for you. You seem like a great guy!

    Update on my Cancer friend...

    Right now, we're just friends on Facebook. I reached out to him and sincerely apologized for my actions and my treatment towards him in the past. Amazingly, he embraced the idea, thanked me, and seemed ecstatic and relieved. The opinions that I received on my last thread worked. I highly doubt that he will ever let me into his heart again, which is fair (I don't blame him). But I'm glad that him and I can at least be friends again.

    I will have to agree. A Pisces can understand a Cancer in a way that we Tauruses can't.

    Again...Good Luck to you.

  • @EarthAngel

    The instant connection Cancers have with Pisces....

    Is like the instant connection that Tauruses have with Virgos.

    With Taurus and Virgos, there is a natural understanding with one another.

    Both signs are direct and honest.

    Both signs crave stability.

    Both signs exercise caution.

    Both signs are not emotional.

    Both signs are family-oriented.

    Both signs are natural homebodies.

    Nothing needs to be said.

  • Yes, but is that enough?

  • Here is my observation on these two pairing( cancer & pisces) I feel like Cancer men are weak and it seems like they are more comfortable with a sign like pisces who are also weak emotionally , and it seems like this works because pisces seems to "go with the flow " of cancer men , so they seem to carry along just fine when in their moods, both in their fantasy worlds , living in their heads, its like a do it yourself type of marriage . Where me on the other hand , will question everything , I want to know where I stand , where we are headed , and this causes conflict for the Cancer man , because they dont like confrontation. Keep in mind this is based strictly on a couple of pisces and cancer marriages , both are over 20 years married and they seem content to be left alone to go about their business and not live in the reality that things are not ok. They sit and hope and wait...... Thats not me! I want to talk things over , bring 'em out to the surface .

    I hope this doesnt upset anyone, Its hard to judge when one doesnt live in their home , but like I said this is based on many years of knowing their habits and they both seem to live very seperate lives, I am just now beginning to see that maybe this is why cancers and taurus have the conflicts they do ,us Taurus woman are much too strong for these men and it plays into their insecurities . I can see why a pisces might be the perfect match for them

  • earthangel2

    I think what you wrote could be true. I will say that all my Cancer male friends are definitely a go with the flow type of people and that alone is enough scare away most Taureans lol! You Taureans need material security as much as we Cancer's need emotional security! I think the strong will of a Taurus keeps the Cancer from being the person he wants to be, and that is a provider and protector. And you Taureans are incredibly self sufficient which makes it hard for a Cancer to feel like they are needed and desired. From my experience with Taureans they are not very emotionally compatible with Cancer's and that is a big problem.

    Let me know your thoughts Taureans!

  • I hate to admit it , but I think you just nailed it, thats exactly what I see in cancer and pisces pairing , I see with pisces women I have come in contact with they definitely give off the damsel in distress vibe , like they are waiting to be rescued, and as we all know Cancers love to be the hero. lol, it allows them to feel "manly"

  • I am not in any shape or form bashing on Cancer men , its just the behavior I have observed from ones I know very closely, I absolutely adore them , but its the only way that helps me to remain strong to my decision, is to reflect on his negative traits , and to keep convincing myself that we were wrong for each other and that we are both better off with the partners we have now.

  • "And you Taureans are incredibly self sufficient which makes it hard for a Cancer to feel like they are needed and desired." (Posted by Cancerman276)

    This is very accurate! This is why I feel that Virgos have a more natural understanding of Taureans than Cancers do. Virgos like Taureans, seek financial security, and stability without the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it. Both signs live in reality! They do not see the world through rose-colored glasses. They understand that we're cautious. So they are extremely patient with us. Both signs will address issues. Virgos communicate, and Bulls charge! But despite this 'flaw' that Taureans have...a Cancer will hide in their shell, whereas a Virgo will take this in stride.

    Virgos like to feel needed and be respected. Remember, this is the 'Sign of Service.' But they're not opposed to being with someone who is strong and independent. They respect and admire those traits. A Taurean also lives to nurture and protect...anyone in our domain! A Virgo will gladly sit back and allow a Taurean woman to assume her role and responsibilities. A Cancer man will shell up and pull away.

    A Pisces woman will be in tuned with a Cancer man's emotions, mood swings and his need to take the lead.


  • Out of all the water signs...

    I think Taurus is the most compatible with Scorpions.

    They seem to be the srongest of all the water signs.

    Very blunt, honest, and realistic!

    Despite the power struggles or the personality clashes that takes place between these two signs...

    There always lies a great amount of mutual 'subtle' respect for one another.

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