Hi AstraAngel..... need your advice and a follow up reading, Please!

  • Hi Astra Angel,

    How are you doing? Hope all is well at your end 🙂

    Astra, you had given me a reading couple of weeks ago regarding a situation with my ex. Your reading really helped me get a perspective on the situation and renewed my faith that things will eventually work out with us.

    There haven't been any major developments since the reading. I have been following your advice and giving him the space he needs. The situation now is that though we are not communicating directly, however i get regular messages from him. He is on my contact list on Blackberry instant messaging and for almost a month he has been sending me forwarded messages (more like jokes) on blackberry. I responded to one/two initially and since there was no acknowledgement from his end i stopped responding as i was not sure what is it he want me to do.

    I am trying not read too much into the situation however its getting frustrating. Since here i am trying very hard to give him his space and go about my normal life and all of a sudden i get these messages from him. Part of me wants to reply back instantly while my head is asking me to not rush and let him come to me when he is ready.

    I did a reading last nite to get a sense of how he feels about me about me, got the following cards

    Nine of Swords/Three of Wands/Ace of Cup

    Even before i pulled out the cards i could sense that something is causing him pain and confusion. Astra, I really Love him and do not wish to cause him any pain. All i really want to do is hug him and make all that pain go away, only if he would let me:( There are times when i feels so much love for him; I only wish i could share it with him one day and hopefully soon!!

    I am not very experienced with Tarot, and my feelings tend to get in the way whenever i try and read for him/us. Would you be kind enough to do a quick reading on his feeling for me and whether you still see us reuniting in the future? would it be a good idea if i contacted him or he is not ready to hear from me yet?

    I am adding our birth details in case that helps you get a better understanding. Mine is 16th Feb 1984 and his is 11th Sept 1977. I was born at 7.12 P.M. while his birth time is 10 A.M.

    You have already given me a lot of hope and positivity. So Astra, you can take your time in reverting, there is absolutely no rush; i know you are really busy with so many people requesting your time.

    Thank you for your kindness and taking the time to read this post.

    Love & Blessings!!


    (P.S. I have been getting glimpses of three of swords every time i try to to read for myself/us)

  • Hey aquastar82

    I am doing fine, painting more so not able to be on this forum as much as I was. Nice to hear from you though. Okay, let's see...

    Well right off I drew the STAR card so that is nice sign of hope in this situation. So the Star angel is the higher energy right now over you and him.

    Two of Cups - pretty nice...

    Four of wands - Wow! All of this together is painting a very nice picture for the two of you. Keep hope alive, there is love here and it will turn our wonderful seems to be the message.

    The blackberry message thing sounds weird. I would just ignore them as you are doing, but that is off that he would be doing that.

    Two of Swords tells me that you are on the right track, and doing fine... keep watch over your own heart and be patient. This seems like a time where you are taking care of yourself.

    Queen of Cups - that is you... there is some sword energy over you right now which is helping you to discipline yourself so that you can protect your heart while you await developments. The queen of cups is romantic and very loving, and as you say you would love so much to hug him and "make all that pain go away" yet you have to wait for him to respond in his own way and time.

    Ten of Cups - ultimate out come looks wonderful according to these cards Aquastar82. A lot of lovely hope and two of the most wonderful Cups in the deck, and the victorious four of wands all looks on track for something blessed! Whatever it is that you are doing right now is working. Keep up the good work!

    love and light,


  • Hey Astraangel,

    Thank you so much for the reading. Wow!! I never really expected the reading to be so positive. What a relief it is to finally see some Cups in the reading :), you definitely made my day!! Last few days have been emotionally very draining and its really good to know that i am on the right track.

    You are right Astra that i am trying to protect my heart, its been 4 years since i have been going back and forth with this man and its been tough to say the least. Though i very much want to be with him I also want to ensure that I don't end up getting hurt in the process. I will continue to Hope and Pray for a better and brighter future for us. Hopefully heaven will bring him to me soon!!

    Astra, you truly are heaven sent for me!! Thank you for your guidance, support and words of encouragement. From, the bottom of my heart, loads of best wishes to you!! 🙂


    Aquastar 82

    (P.S. - I have seen some of the paintings that you have shared on the forum, they really are divine, filled with hope and positivity!!)

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