Scrop/cappy man

  • dated cappy man 25 years ago for a short time. we went our separate ways. I found him on facebook 6 months ago living in a different state and have been talking with him everyday. He even called me a few times too. He is single but I am married. I did tell him I was going to eventually file for divorce (and this was before I met him, I was already contemplating divoce) ...he said "get divorced" so we can be together, I won't have you any other way. So I filed for divorce. 2 months ago I flew out to see him.for a weekend. Came back everything was fine..he missed me, I missed him..talked about future together, I even told him that I love him...I have very deep feelings for this man. About 2 weeks ago everything began to change. Messaging became less and phone calls..kinda like he was avoiding me. I did ask him why he was avoiding me and he said he was not. I asked him again if everything was ok, he said yes, no problems that he was aware of. It seems he has become quite cold towards me. In the beginning he would talk very nice to me sometimes for hours on the computer and we found to have a lot of things in common . Is of now he seems to be pulling away...I don't want to lose this man as I have fallen hard for him.Why the pulling away and the coldness? Do I have a chance at all? Should I stop sending messages to him..What can I do to get him back?

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