Help interpreting?

  • I decided to do a reading to discern the relationship between myself and a childhood friend to try to find out if there is any romantic relationship at play. I chose two court cards that I felt represent us and our personalities and an unconventional circular spread since our friendship goes through difficulties but is always uninterrupted and cyclical almost. I normally use conventional spreads like the Celtic Cross and so on but I've always found that when I feel the need to deviate I get a deeper insight.

    I read up on the meanings of the cards and felt that there were indicators of something about to happen but I would like someone else's opinion please!! Thank you! ^_^

    (I have attached a diagram of the spread and the cards.)

  • The picture wouldn't upload:

    Court Cards: King of Pentacles

    Queen of Swords

    1- 9 of Pentacles (start of circle)

    2- 10 of Cups

    3- 3 of Cups

    4- XXI The World

    5- 9 of Wands

    6- Page of Pentacles

    7- 6 of Swords

    8- 2 of Cups (end of circle)

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